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    With such a "great" expertise you should write sw for your own modeling/profiling equipment, beat all competition and earn a lot of money. In fact I wonder why you didn't do it yet instead of wasting your time with Kemper fan club.

    This is what I would've suggested as well. ;)

    Where "the concept" say only first effect are used in an interface windows saying all is online ? On appelle ça un "KemperConcept" ?

    I worked on windows interfaces for longs years, but not for a fan club.
    Theyr is no warning on this sceen :

    ... Says the wrong-way driver to the other drivers.
    I've been on this forum for 9 years. And you're the only one ever complaining about this.

    Doesn’t this ring a bell?

    Das geht mit Morphing. Mach dich in der Bedienungsanleitung mal damit vertraut.

    Blinking annoying tempo :

    Kemper has really boring things, probably coming from prehistoric computer programming : all rigs have tempo, and I did not find how to remove ALL tempos in rigs :cursing: ???

    When working in browse mode: In the Rig Menu you need to uncheck TEMPO ENABLE (which can be set independently per rig).

    When working in performance mode: In the Rig Menu you need to uncheck TEMPO ENABLE (which can be set independently per rig, but you can also choose to use the performance tempo).

    This is yet another case of you failing to grasp the most basic concepts of user operation with the Profiler.

    Please RTFM and stop your childish rants.

    I got a pretty balanced (financially) list of in & out gear for 2020. ;)


    Marshall Studio Classic 20 H
    Morgan Dual 40
    Harley Benton G112 Vintage Cab
    Kemper Remote
    Seymour Duncan Powerstage 170
    Kemper Powerhead
    Rayzoon Paks (Drum Plugin)
    Guitar Pro 7
    Universal Audio Apollo Twin X Duo
    Line 6 Helix
    Dava Picks
    Fender Mustang III V2
    NI Komplete Kontrol A49

    Cymatic Audio uTrack-X32
    4 HE Rack
    iZotope Spire Studio
    3 LS cables
    Focusrite Saffire Pro 24 Interface
    Fenix D-50 Acoustic guitar
    Roland ED PC 180-A Keyboard
    Sim1 XT-1 (Guitar Modeling Device)
    6 HE Rack
    Kemper Cab

    Positive Grid Spark

    BIAB 2020 update

    EVABeat (Plugin)

    Mastering The Mix Software: Mixroom

    BluecatAudio ReHead (Plugin)

    Toontrack EZ Bass

    Unison Midi

    Suggester (Software)
    BIAB Xtra styles PAK 5-9
    Celemony Melodyne 5 update
    Bose Quiet Comfort Headphone Clams
    Harrison Mixbus V6 update
    UAD Oceanway Studios
    Presonus Studio One 5 update

    Toontrack Singer Songwriter Drumgrooves
    Apple Thunderbolt 3 Cable
    Boz Digital Labs Clap, Snap, Stomp (Software)

    Ok thanks I'll check it out but not quite sure why I would want to hear something different than the audience. The "speaker imprints " change the sound but not the sound the audience hears. Doesn't make much sense to me so I probably wont use it.

    Personally I find the sound of guitar speakers more inspiring than full range speakers.

    That's the beauty of the imprints.

    Hello... So I got my Kemper stage today and I played around with the factory rigs.. I ended up getting the 2020 pack from Michael Britts and replaced all the factory Rigs with those. The problem was that I accidentally erased everything in the presets folder in the Kemper.. Now I only have the presets that came in the new update (8.0.2) and the ones that came in that MB 2020 pack. Those that means I just erased everything else like the wha and other stuff?... is there a way to restore them?...


    In RigManager you'll find all the factory content.

    You can restore whatever you like back to your machine.

    Can't an unpowered Kemper send a main out signal with cab unlinked from the volume control to the board and Monitor out controlled by volume knob to powered speaker or amp/cab? I don't understand any disadvantages besides having to lug a power amp or heavier powered speaker around.