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    Wow, these are awesome! Especially the TB department is very well done. Can't believe how it cleans up like a good AC 30. And the Tweed section is right up to par, too.
    I will definitely use these!

    ]It's just my opinion, Doc: the way I see and feel it. I'm sorry you consider it cheap gossip, because I'm perhaps the strongest gossip-hater on the planet. And I've jumped in because of Lucky's post I responded to.

    I value your opinion, viabcroce, and I don't have any hard feelings for you. ;)

    ]TBH, I don't even think gossip is a proper term. I've made an analysis based on what Kemper showed.

    With all due respect again, you presented estimations of lost sales by what you call your analysis. All I asked for was the data on which your estimations were based. As you' re not able to present them your estimations are only, sorry again, gossip, as you're not able to back up your opinion/estimations in a proper way. If you do something like this in a world where a scientific structure of discussion is valued, be prepared to be criticized for not presenting data to back up your thesis.

    ]All: please stop calling pot-melter anyone not enthusiastic about the KPA or legitimately criticizing. We just come from discussing this regarding Hadley... I still remember him been attached because of lese-majesty.

    Who did this to you? Certainly not me. My days of being a fanboy are long gone and I've been known to be a voice of reason in internet forae for more than 10 years. I don't go after anybody criticizing a product or wanting features, never have, never will do.

    All in all I found your post a bit over exaggerating the topic and voiced my opinion accordingly, that's all.

    Let's move on, mate, and help me imrove my Italian a bit... :)
    Di dove sei, dove abiti?

    With all due respect, speaking of sales, time periods of being late and such: do you have any data to back up what you wrote?
    If not, it's only cheap gossip IMO, sorry.
    The perspective is that the KPA is a unique and one of a kind product that emphasizes on SOUND in the first place, contrary to other products that come with some gadges from the beginning (like the Line 6 HD series with the HD Editor editor).
    For the record: It also took Fractal years to come out with a working Axe-Edit.
    So what the fuss?
    The editor has been requested by users numerous times and has been confired by Kemper numerous times.
    It will come.
    There's no use in bringing up this topic every second thread.

    Just my 0,02 €.

    I recommend the stock AC Normal Drive, which is a profile of an AC 30 with a blend of two Mics (Royer R121 and SM57). It's one of my favourites, in fact similar to the 69 profile.

    Yes, I'm also excited, as I was the one with the 'jailbreak' analogy that Timo responded to.
    And I'm all for investigating this further, so thanks For the link with the event processor, Musicman.

    What I simply don't get OTOH is the Kemper paradigm to keep it simple and basic and not offering a simple Midi CC feature set at the same time where any Midi Controller in the world could be used ( in fact CK seemed in Fond of that possibility).

    All parameters are 14bit NRPNs.

    Delay Mix: #9475
    Reverb Mix: #9603
    Modulation Rate (Slots 1-4, X, MOD): #6420, #6548, #6676, #6804, #7188, #7444
    I will try to create a complete document. If you need something urgent, let me know or better, address Kemper Support.

    Thank you, Timo.
    I understand PC and CC, but this terminology is new to me, I still have no clue how to program my midi controller (in my case Pod HD 500 at the moment) to send anything of the above.
    It would be great if you could a bit elaborate on this as I'm sure it gets the attention of lots of users.