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    One thing I don't get is why the KPA can't deal with corrupted files without freezing/crashing... seriously, would it be so hard to automatically check and deny a corrupted profile before loading it?

    I believe it was already confired by support that it is being worked on to achieve exactly that.

    Another subject discussed yesterday at the Messe was the controllability of more parameters than we have now.
    I think the KPA is an excellent device but the list of controllable parameters coud be a lot more comprehensive IMO.
    The thing that I mostly and urgently need is the controllability of delay mix by pedal. I use it all the time and I need it all the time.
    The fact that it's not implemented yet means I'm using the delays of my HD 500 at the moment.

    CK stated that potentially all parameters could be exposed for realtime control but he was a bit reluctant to do so as he doesn't want unnecessary complexity in the KPA.
    While I understand this perfectly well I think that the KPA should have at least a controllable parameter set as the Pod HD 500 which isn't overly complex but well thought out and where I never have the impression to miss a parameter that I would rather control realtime and can not.

    What do you think?

    Yes, that's true but I'm not yet convinced that performance mode will be a real paradigm shift for me.
    According to the manual performance mode will allow me to group 5 rigs together for a song.
    Fair enough but it´s still rig switching then and I wouldn't want to switch a rig only to turn on/off a stomp box/FX.

    Yesterday at the Musikmesse I spoke with Christoph Kemper, Davide (guitarnet70) and Marcus (MarcPepper) about the Kemper Foot Controller and how it should be laid out.
    It was very clear from the beginning that CK wants a smart controller with a footprint as small as possible.
    When he asked me about how many instant access switches the controller I would want/need I said: "eight" (one for each FX slot). He laughed :P and stated that with inversion and such much less switches would be necessary.
    I strongly disagreed. 8)
    For example I hardly ever use compressor in conjunction with a distortion box, so I could imagine an inversion switch for compressor and distortion. BUT: What if I want to play my rig without compressor, without distortion? Not possible this way. So, while the inversion possibility is a smart thing it has too many inherent compromises for me.

    So he asked me to open up this thread where we, the users, can state what's important for us in the upcoming Kemper Foot Controller.
    CK can chime in as the discussion evolves and can tell us what's feasible or not and about alternatives we possibly haven't thought of yet.

    So I'll make a start here:
    1. For changing rigs I would want 4 switches in a row. 5 is not necessary IMO (CK initially talked about 5 rig switches). Here is why: I would want my amp at different settings of its possible gain structure, i.e. one for clean, crunch and overdrive, and one for a pre- programmed solo rig with higher volume. I could also live with 3 switches IF a second stomp on a switch brings me to an alternative rig.
    2. For changing FX I have to elaborate a bit: In my rigs I usually throw in a wah in slot one. I have Compressor in 2, Distortion in 3, Tremolo in 4, Vibrato in X, Mod, Delay and Reverb.
    I wouldn't need a switch for Slot 1 as the wah is switchable by the pedal. I also wouldn't need a switch for the delay IF delay mix is controllable by a pedal (controllability for more parameters as we have now will be another thread). Remain 6 switches that I need.
    3. Certain parameters that are controllable as of now should have an instant access as well: TAP, TUNER, ROTARY SPEAKER Slow/Fast.

    So in summary: 4 (at least 3) switches for rig change + 6 switches for FX on/off + 3 switches for other miscellaneous instant access. Plus 2 switches for bank up and down. Makes: 15 SWITCHES.

    Layout could be:
    - bottom row 4 rig switches + TAP (=5),
    - middle row 4 FX switches + BANK DOWN (=5),
    - top row 2 FX switches + Rotary Speaker (or miscellaneous instant access) + TUNER + BANK UP (=5 switches).

    Still a small footprint compared to the FAS MFC-101 which has 21 switches.

    That's my vote. Curious about yours. Keep the suggestions coming!

    I find all these assumptions way over the top really.
    Why should a smart company like Kemper shoot themselves in the foot with such a decision ( to leave the initial KPA owners in the cold that is). Think twice folks before fueling the rumor board with assumptions like these.

    CK promised very long product cycles and continuous support and he has a proven track record for this. He also explicitly stated there will be no Kemper II or Kemper HD.

    Well, I'm just back from the Messe.
    We had a small but nonetheless great little meeting of Kemper enthusiasts.
    It was nice to meet you, Davide and Markus.

    And of course it was a real pleasure to meet Christoph Kemper in person.
    I got the impression that the further development of the product line 'Kemper', incl. the footcontroller is very thoroughly laid out and thought about.

    Everybody is encouraged to say what you want/need in the Kemper. The man listens, really.

    I have over 20 amps, why would I make up my mind to have only one modeller/profiler/simulator?

    Well, as you are quoting me: in my case it became clear very quickly that the KPA was superior soundwise.
    I couldn't stand playing the Axe II any longer. But I kept my HD 500 for convenience reasons.
    Sometimes decisions are very easy to make.
    See here:…page=Thread&threadID=4017
    IMO, YMMV.

    The first amp I modeled was my GK-250 ML. I'd post it but want to give it another shot in a few weeks. Wish there was a way to profile the chorus/echo. I've never been able to mimic that sound with third party pedals. I'd even use one of my RL 250 as a donor to make such a pedal.

    Yeah, please do it.
    Miss my RL 250, too.
    Give it back to me!