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    Mine :
    Bogner Goldfinger
    Bogner XTC Blue with low gain, no boost, speaker on loose with various structure settings
    Cravin Legacy (this amp have some magic mids)
    Kerry King Marshall
    But i also would love to have profile done just with a load box (or the direct to console output), without cabinet. It sounds a litte better if you use it with a real guitare cab. Add a virtual cab under the kemper is simple to do.

    Someone who had the kemper since several month...
    I forgot, do you own an Axe FX II ? Have you both units on your desktop ? Did you try them on several amplification system ? I did and still have them... Like i did few profils of the amp i have at home.
    The guy who sold it as the product several month before us, the honeymoon was finished. The Kemper didn't match his needs (for the kind of latency i pointed). The Kemper can do metal tone, but isn't as good to play as a real amp in some area. When using it for reamping, it should not be a problem because it's a question of feeling (that create confusion) while playing.
    Someone on TGP wrote that the Kemper lack of soul... compared to the real amp (mesa) he was profiling... : it's not a perfect replica of the amp but it doesn't turn the Kemper into a bad product. Lack of doesn't mean "has no" .. just that a little something is missing.
    i'm not a fanboy, i take what's good in each product. it's like having several amps.. Why one unit should be the best ? in all situation ?

    Yes, the sparkles are here, i loved the Bad Cat sample and it's one of the one that maid me wait even more the Kemper (i've ordered it before the sample was released). But if you play booth machine, side by side, you will notice immedialtly that the Axe goes far more in the highs (very often too much) and that the Kemper seems gated. it's not good or bad, it's just different. The fact that it's gated makes it easyier to use and set up, that's the good point.
    For the high gain clip, it's more a question of feeling when you're playing, you can make it sound, no problem but there's something different from the real stuff in the way the sound is articulated, a kind of boring latency, only "feelable" when playing very fast (H/PO). It's just a feeling when playing. One of the Kemper tester sold is unit for this issue (metal player). I pointed the problem on a french forum, he came and confirm that. That's all. Whatever, once you are aware of it, it's not a real problem. You will not buy a Fender Deluxe amp to play trash metal, here it's the same. It's seems to be one of the limit of the machine. Maybe it will be solved in a future version.
    Play a very fast trash riff with the Kemper for weeks, then go into a shop and play a Kerry King Amp, then the difference of feeling will be evident.
    As usual, all is a matter of taste. The kemper cover a very large range of needs, it sounds really musical and it's very rare with the digital stuff. Idon't prefer the axe to the Kemper, booth are good...
    I've tried to put the Kemper in the axe loop, tried to use an Axe amp + a Kemper Cab and a Kemper Amp + an Axe cab... in any case, it's not incredible or whatever revolution, it's different, that's all. In some aspect, the axe is better, in others the Kemper is the best. The ratio price/quality/pleasure to play, to my opinion goes in favor of the Kemper. The axe is good, but a more complex tool, and most of the time complex is not compatible with pleasure.

    i agree, on the axe, there's too much hights, but there's also the tools to avoid them. it's easier to remove them than add them.
    That's why the Kemper is much more plug and play, it's like the tonelab stuff, the signal is well "packed" and makes it immediatly comfortable to ear.

    i own the 2 machine at home, the Kemper isn't superior to the Axe II, he's essentially less expensive, easier to set up and give very close results. Then, it's 2 different concept, the Axe is an amp simulator, the Kemper take a "picture" of a particular amp setting and gives you some options to play around.
    The Kemper bandwith seems more restricted (lack of sparkle highs), yet, it's not usable for live set (midi bugs...). If you play it on a real guitar cab (and desactivate the speaker simulation) the results are ok, but not fantastic (compared to cheaper solution). The solution to avoid this is to make a profile with just a load box and no guitar cab, then when you use a guitare cab, it's much better and natural sounding. Whatever, I have some doubt if you have to face a real amp on a gig that you will be really "hear-able" due to the sound signature of the Kemper. So... different machines
    Today, if i have to take one for a live gig, it's the AXE II. i've been very septical about Axe II, because i didn't hear much difference with my previous ultra (played at home and live). I ordered it just to give it a try and finally, it stays at home. I was more expecting from the Kemper, and on some point, the kemper is a little bit disapointing, but as it's the beginning and many things still have to be tested/added/done, it deserve a chance.
    The Kemper is a fantastic tool for home studio, gives exellent results for jazz, blues, pop, rock, hard rock but if you're going in faster stuff you may notice that there's something strange.
    There's something wrong in the attack when fast playing soloing, kind of latency, lack of punch, i don't know exactly, but it's not like a real amp. The axe is much better on that point.
    Whatever, the Kemper, is a good investment, effects are cool, it sounds very "musical" and until your are not a shred/speed/metal/trash exclusive guy, you will find what you're looking for, and most of all, it's easy.
    The Kemper seems to prefer guitars with moderate output level.
    PS : i'm a very critical guy, so if you think my post is negative, no it's not... just that my job is to detects what's wrong on product so i use to spend more time on what's negative than positive.

    Seriously interesting,
    i also noticed that for soloing, the gain seriously goes down, not that the sound turns thin, but the way the amp react isn't like a real amp, there's less compression and the gain seems to be reduced. the sound seems "sucked" when "all the availiable power sould be concentrated" on the single note. It's even more noticable on fast playing.
    maybe, whenrefining, there should be a chord step, then a "play some single notes" step. This could help users.