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    hello, just to inform you that i had several bug while i had a USB external storage connected to the KPA :
    i had a DSP error message while playing,just after browsing in the default rigs.
    I had no output sound after a boot.. remove the USB key and change rig solved the issue, but until the USB key wasn't removed, no way to get a sound.

    I would really love to have a return gauge level to be sure that my profil return isn't clipping the KPA input and use the best possible resolution offered by the hardware.
    It would be great if Kemper sells a dedicated loadbox. I love the idea to take a "sound pictures" of several amps, in few minutes, and it would made the things much more simple and comfortable if we could profil at low level... without pluging tons of stuff :thumbsup:
    I could post tons of idea or comments, but before, i would like to be sure that the forum is really active.

    Hello, i did my first profils today, on my boogie Mark V. I did them using the slave output, this mean that the speaker wasn't profiled.
    When plugged in a Power Amp with a guitar cab, it give very good results (to me at least).
    Update : now, i've added the rod king cab... if you plan to use a PA + guitar cab, don't forget to desactivate the cab simulation.

    The extreme one is only usable as a rythm. When you use it for soloing you will notice some strange effects, probably generated while profiling with too much gain.
    The FAT (clean) one is really close of what i get with the amp on the same cab.
    The tweed is a very light tweedy one, very pleasant with a strat