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    this is what I do and it usually helps..but not always...sometimes I have to scroll to another rig and back and then it's ok...

    yepp, got mine a couple of weeks ago but they seem to be out of stock now..I've only played it in my studio but it sounds great ..volume goes to 11 and at 5-6 it's really loud. actually like it better than my yamaha dxr10...

    yes it does...I think it's's been like this for at least a year...I've also had gainlevel fluctuating if I for example lower the gain it suddenly jumps up agin to full gain.. has also happened with the bass eq-knob occasionally...I'll se if I can catch it on video but like I said it doesn't happen every day and sometimes only a couple of short moments 0,5 - 2 seconds

    5.6.2 beta now but had this problem for quite some time.
    yes, bypass at stop... used to have it locked on every rig but have unlocked it now and saved it per rig
    no midi involved
    happens both at home with RM connected and at rehearsal without RM

    I got mine a couple of weeks ago and I must say it sounds really good...I actually like it better than my dxr10..more like a real cab ..probably because of the size (12inch instead of the yamaha 10inch)
    haven't used it live yet, only at home but very loud (between 5-6)
    I can recommend least try one if you get a chance

    I had the wah doing exaclty what you describe for a few weeks. I have wah locked in the "B" slot, set to activate on movement and changing expression pedals, using different TRS patch cables or setting the input on the Remote didn't help kill the occasional ghost. I have a video of it happening to me at a gig and it's never a welcome event (thought it was stage vibration possibly moving the pedal slightly, but then also happens when practicing at home with headphones). When it was being particularly troublesome I could catch it in the calibration menu. The bar would slowly creep up to about quarter of the way then creep back down. The whole event only lasts about 2 seconds. Put an ohm meter on all my expression pedals and shook the crap out of them. Reading was stable. I ended up opening the kpa remote and cleaning all the 1/4 jacks with contact cleaner. Seemed to help cut the event down, but still happens occasionally.

    Yes this is exactly what I'm talking about...but like I said, it happens also when I don't have the remote or pedal connected , so the problem must be in the kemper itself

    I unlocked the wah yesterday and then saved a couple of rigs with the wah again ..I'll play them for a few days to see if it helps.

    this happens once in a while on different rigs and it doesn't matter if I have the remote connected or not...I always have a wah locked in slot A and I usually have an expressionpedal connected to the remote. today I checked the system page where you can calibrate the wah and as I was playing without the remote connected and no pedal in input 1 or 2 the "calibrate" softbutton lit up and I could clearly hear the wah disappears after 1-2 seconds and sometimes it comes back again a few seconds later..has anyone experienced this odd beaviour?

    I'm on the latest beta but I had it on the latest release too.