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    Put the acoustic sim or wideners in the x slot (or any post amp slot), they’re stereo effects. Then turn off the amp block.

    In my experience the sim works very well with humbuckers, but use the neck pickup not the bridge, for single coils use the bridge pickup instead for optimal results. Raise the brass in both, a little bit of sparkle, and use more “pickup” on humbuckers and less on single coils.

    Add a nice reverb setting and you’re golden.

    Thanks, this is a case of less is more. Really just drums, keys, bass and two guitar parts ruining it for everyone else :P

    The bass is once again the '59 Bassman profile that I love, although I sweetened it a little trying out a demo of the new UAD Neve preamp.

    Speaking of that, I'm not sure what to make of the plugin, it's a recognizable sound but I associate it heavily with that late 70's and early 80's British Punk and Ska sound and certain 80's British Pop and Rock albums. I like it on guitars and bass enough but I seem to gravitate more towards the sounds of America although I'd love to get a REDD emulation.

    Whenever I hear one of your tracks, I wonder how my own head is wired. I've been composing music for almost 40 years but I've never come up with something as original and/or quirky as the stuff you come up with. I don't think I could even if I tried very hard. Some day, maybe.


    Mats N

    Thanks, I think it's really just down to what you listen to. I grew up on classical with a background sound of whatever pop my older brothers and sisters were listening in the 80's, I only got into actually trending pop in the 90's in the UK which was a very colorful time with all the indie, punk, rock, brit pop, edm, trip-hop etc pushing in the charts, all heavily referencing the 40's, 50's, 60's and 70's. Before knocking this out I was just listening the The Avalanches latest set which had some cool old Betty Everett cover of a Beach Boys song, which lead me to some Bettye Swan, Barbara Acklyn etc, and I wanted to try and imitate the strings sounds they used, lots of vibrato and drenched in verb through those echo chambers, plus bring some of that setlist/trip vibe in. Anyhow, inspiration is really everywhere I guess.

    Hmm. Again you guys are saying stuff that I’m clearly misinterpreting here because it’s just not making rational sense to me. I must need sleep.

    Thanks, I’m not sure I understood the last part of what you said, it looks like English but seems to be suggesting there’s some acceptable less than maximum largeness on guitars which clearly can’t be what you intended because that makes about as much sense as saying there’s a loud enough amp. I must be miss-reading.