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    Tone matching is only Match EQ. It can’t do miracles - unless the amp model you use is reasonably close to begin with in terms of distortion characteristics, levels etc. then it won’t sound or feel very much like the amp you’re trying to emulate. It’s more for getting you close to an on record sound, or that little bit closer to an actual amp you have of the same model.

    Nice Bassman!


    The Jonas Brothers, Taylor Swift, Khalid, Ed Sheeran and Katy Perry.

    Ouch. Can you get any more sarcastic? :P

    I think it's a great time for music itself, thanks in large part to kit like the Kemper. You can make something great sounding in your home. But it's a pretty lousy time for curation, to be a fan, to find common ground in or talk about music. Sure everyone can say "Hey I also liked Warbly Jets" or "Billy Eilish loves her avocadees and bananees", but stray any further off the tracks to any of the amazing artists out on social media and sites like Bandcamp and you're gonna be the lonely nerd in the corner, and that's not good for music as an industry.

    Kemper seem to very rarely give out information ahead of time. Complaining and attacking other users on a forum won’t make it happen any sooner, and if experience is any guide after 7 years it certainly won’t make them give out any more information.

    It might however lose you friends, support from the community and even if you’re obnoxious enough about it get you banned, so maybe consider civility as an option rather than being a dick to people trying to help you as best they can from the same position as yourself. It’ll happen when it happens and there are better activities to pursue than burning your own bridges. There really is nothing that you can do other than relax and go play some guitar.

    Two things, lots of and lots of room and cab reverb and a good amount of the guitar strings themselves in the tone.

    Oh and you need to be Mick Ronson.

    Option paralysis has never been an issue for me-I know what I'm after, I know how to get it, and I'm not distracted by the things that aren't part of achieving my goal. This is true of my life as well as my gear.

    I’m the opposite. Option paralysis has never been an issue for me either but it’s because any tone I try is inspiring for me, so rather than trying to shape the tone rigidly around me I will flow with it and see where it takes me. Every tone has a melody within it and it is the task of the guitarist to discover it.

    Perhaps it’s because I’m just not in a situation where I have to be precious about the finished products, they’re all WIPs to me, they’re not my income, just Art. There’s no pressure to find that final perfect tone, so every tone is perfect in its own way, at least for one specific task. And on top of that I’m not caring about mix when I’m picking a tone, that comes later, I’m still learning, so it’s all delightful.

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    Lofi experiments with reasons new processed pianos plugin.

    Well you could upgrade to the OS7 beta which has the organizational tools in there, but given that you haven't upgraded to 6 until now then the only other thing I can think of is just rename the presets and delete the originals perhaps to control the order.

    Looks good, more fully featured than I expected. Although we’re still guessing about what the feature set exactly is, 2 FX loops? Gotta wonder what other changes are hidden under the hood to make this happen. Anyhow it should please a lot of people that were calling out for a floor unit.

    Actually you know the thing that’s gone most for me with any piece of kit isn’t even a part that comes into contact with your feet... it’s always the connectors. No matter how careful you are, just the act of plugging/unplugging is enough to loosen them up, especially power, jack and USB seem inherently prone to losing grip and becoming wobbly, then shortly after disconnected/dead.

    I'd really hope not to have an inbuilt "bound to break at somepoint expression pedal" baked into the design of such a high end device in terms of feaures and no doubt price.

    I’ve never had an expression pedal break on any MFX unit, in fact I’ve never had any expression pedal break for me full stop except the cheap external plastic ones. Momentary switches however is a different story.

    I've always kept the cab that a profile comes with.

    With the Kemper so much of the characteristic of the amp is in the cab section that it always felt like switching it out was basically switching out the amp, and the amp section is purely to deliver generic distortion/gain. So when you keep a single cab locked on, to me it felt like all you're doing is having the same amp with different gain/tone stack settings as you switch through profiles.

    With regards the editing settings discussion, for a floor unit I would think you’d want a mobile app based editor and Bluetooth/WiFi hotspot connectivity, after all it’s less wires and think of the potential for actually being able to do edits at a venue. With a wireless system you could even wander around the venue and tune your sound from out front before the crowds get there, and let your buddy be the tech, with other apps like If This Then That you could even set up some pretty sweet automation of your set without having a huge budget.

    Anyhow looking pretty sweet and exciting. Only thing I wish based on these photos is that it bucked the recent trend to not have an expression pedal on floorboard units.

    Well you can also swap and let the bass do the outro rhythm part with a bit of crunch on it, just keep your guitar in a jangly chorus based tone. There are a few profiles that try to make electric guitar sound like an acoustic on the rig exchange.

    Another route if you don't want to get your bassist a synth, and want to make it feel less of a foot tap battle and more of a cohesive band. Keep acoustic all the way through till the very end, have the bass do the solo at the solo section, but for the outro chords have an octave parallel path that you can enable/disable on stomp and a stereo widener on the output. So when it kicks back in basically make your sound fuller enabling those effects and it'll also fill in the bass frequencies so the bassist can do a little more soloing over the outro, with some artful arrangement or tuning you should find enough room to add a few notes of your own with your pinky while holding the open chords in place. No acoustic guitar at that point forward, but electric guitar is very good at filling in the sound, think of it like a replacement for a horns section (as was the original intent with the electric) and it starts to make sense as an arrangement option.

    The important part is preserving the sense of dynamics in the song, not making it all sound too samey/flat, that outro needs to ramp it up and be louder, the bridge needs to be quieter, everything needs to be pretty reserved and just about the vocal till the end.

    Use a guitar with a piezo bridge pickup for the acoustic part, use a delay or loop to create that fuller multilayered sound. Obviously the bassist will kick in to fill things out further here, Open the song. with synth for the chords rather than guitar (keep your part simpler), at the solo again let the synth do the lead as it’s just a couple of straight notes, then on the middle 8/bridge to outro switch to a nice crunch time and your coil pickups. The outro is where I’d really start to make use of a looper and it’ll get a bit of a tap dance, first taking that crunch and loop it, switch back to the acoustic do a single additive loop of that (combining the two) then switch to a lead tone and start riffing over the combination. To exit just switch off the looper and play the last three chords or root notes of the main riff in your lead tone.

    Anyhow that’s how I’d do it, but there are lots of ways of arranging it. You don’t have to make it sound exactly like the single, you can make it your own and just keep to acoustic guitar and minimal arrangement.