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    I've only used it a couple of times but for me it made sense to put it in the reverb slot, that way you get the dual tracking including the reverb. I guess if you place the verb/delay after then it gives more of a "studio" sound where you might apply the verb on the mix bus after you've tracked.

    I think at some point they might make a newer unit if only because of the need to change components as they eventually run out. That could be a long way off though.

    I think there’s more to come from the old gal, and honestly it sounds fantastic right now. Could do with a little tune up on cleans maybe, dual amps would be lovely of course and I’ve always maintained that room and “air” are the areas that need a little work. Maybe more flexible routing at some point, and there’s always room for more effects.

    Thing is Christoph and his team remind me of the Z-Brush guys. Chasing excellence, fresh angles, new ideas, never dwelling on the past. It’s a hard, no, relentless business strategy to follow because it is dependent on that hardest to maintain of commodities - passion. You must always be researching, not just seeing what the competition is doing but also loving it and learning from it. You must be always listening. And then the trick is knowing that the real ideas aren’t the grand plan, but the details. Ideas themselves are ten a penny, solutions though are a stage harder and it’s only implementation that actually counts. Place too much emphasis on the value of innovation without fully understanding its nature and you can needlessly burn yourself out. I worry about the well being of the team knowing this, knowing the toll this approach can take, and of course I worry about us consumers. It can lead to capricious decision making. There’s a balance of novelty and practicality that has to be walked for truly great business practice and healthy work/life balance.

    Fantastic. Much better mix. Good tune and subject matter too.

    Maybe unintentional but it reminds me of the unfortunately named theme from M*A*S*H which I won’t repeat here, maybe the echo on the guitar.

    Thanks for checking it out chaps!

    waraba the flute is a patch in the Montage, it has a nice overblown sound when you go at it that’s super reminiscent of those 70s funk tracks with a little Jethro Tull craziness thrown in for good measure.

    Thanks Franjoe30 glad I got it in the ballpark, it’s all about the groove.

    Haha BayouTexan yeah it’s man duty to please dat booty!

    Thanks for checking it out chaps.

    deadman42 thanks. I do like a bit of electronic bass now and then, it’s far easier to get a very controlled sound out of.

    Monkey_Man good advice! It bothered me and I should have retracked the part but I was just in a rush. Next time I’ll try your trick.

    Hey. Thanks for checking it out!

    deadman42 Thanks, it’s actually harder to make that sort of twiddly folkpunk solo than I first thought it would be. There’s no gain to leverage for sustain and legato so it becomes almost like a tuned percussion solo. It’s also all about the pick technique rather than fretting to get that “it sounds out of tune, yet it isn’t” sound, you have to dig in pretty hard which is quite fatiguing.

    BayouTexan Thanks, I simply ran out of time!

    Thanks for checking it out chaps!

    BayouTexan they might be taking you down the wrong path, I have no idea what I’m doing there. It’s just tongue in cheek. Right now I’m just using the field as an opportunity to practice telling short stories.

    Thanks deadman42 , sometimes I just get stuck on a sound or approach being lazy, other times I can’t help but seem to plateaux and just have to work through it to get to the next thing. This time I actually wanted to try it again to see if I could cement the decisions that make the more successful parts of this sound work in my head for future reference.

    MuddySludge so long as you didn’t become a bovver boy you’re good to go!

    Tonights noodle is more punkishness with, this time we travel all the way south out of Yorkshire to London's South Bank. Honestly I seem to spend more time writing silly descriptions than actually recording stuff.

    Anyhow, same profiles as yesterday though I changed out the bass profile from the gritty "JS - WarmPunchB7K" to the "ST - Black Jack 700 5", I had to notch out a wolf note though when listening with the sub-disabled. I also went with the "Small Ayote" kit in Superior Drummer (rather than the Indiependent Ludwig yesterday).