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    The Tube Bias control in the Kemper doesn't actually work like biasing your tubes in a real amp, just like a blend/eq. You cannot achieve brown-out/crossover effects with it. I would very much like it if the control were improved (or if a second control were added) to give a more accurate representation of this effect directly in the amp block.

    Right now on my screen at least the difference between a thread with new replies and one that's been read is very subtle which makes it hard to read at a glance. Would it be possible to improve this by changing the color of the font in addition to the current bold?

    Great song and way to deal with this situation, very Sabbath to my ears. I have unfortunately been there and there’s nothing I can say about your situation apart from keep strong brother, you have earned your own place, she raised a good one.

    Thanks guys,

    I’m currently in a voluntary evacuation zone freaking out and hoping that this doesn’t become mandatory. When I have time I’ll add to my noodle challenge but probably won’t post here as it won’t involve the Kemper for today’s entry.

    Monkey_Man you’re too kind, I think I tend to stick to what’s safe and I know rather than having any range.

    waraba thanks buddy, I keep on trying.

    deadman42 thank you, I’m glad you’re enjoying it. Yes the piano on this is me,

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    More of a laid back end of night nightclub jazz feel, though I was more reminiscing about summery beach days... so go figure anyhow, this is it for todays noodle challenge entry.

    Nice idea, they use generators.

    Looking into them they're quite pricey and I'm not sure they output a good signal for delicate digital kit like the Kemper. Don't want to fry my gear :O

    They thanks for checking it out paults it's interesting to try some more extreme changes and apparently they seem to work together somehow.

    Rest assured I'm checking calfire and the news sites regularly to see what's happening with the fires.

    I only just got to hear it on normal speakers. Very congested sound at the beginning "verse", but I actually like the bass/guitar balance in the bridge (second section), I find it quite hard to get that smooth big bass and heavy guitars tone with the Kemper and Reason which is something I have to work on, and I'm still surprised at how good that little iPad mic is on the acoustic for the chorus (third section) . Overall though not terrible for mixing on headphones even if it could do with some frequency balance and mastering. And I wish Garageband had some way of editing automation for swells etc on the strings and external instruments (I used iFretless brass for the brass side).

    Hey deadman42 thanks for checking it out, I'm glad you like it. I'm also hoping the infrastructure improves here, and that we survive the fire season unharmed, it's pretty scary stuff.

    Hey Monkey_Man glad you like it! This one has more of a storyline to it in my head for sure, kinda like scoring for a dark alien invasion short in my head.

    Anyhow I woke up today to having both power and internet... albeit briefly as apparently it’s gonna be off again this weekend. But I was quite impressed with the iPad and what you can do with it, especially it’s tiny mic did a decent job in the acoustic, although making a mix is almost impossible. It’s workflow is a little different which I guess influences the compositional approach.

    I’d love to figure out a way to power my Kemper though, bias is ok although not the best sound and it just doesn’t feel very good to play, I wonder if a battery backup would last more than a couple of minutes with it.