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    Thanks chaps! whippinpost91850 - one was Europa in Reason, the other was a preset on either the Montage or the Fantom, the final thing is just guitar throughdistortjon and the recti shaper which gives it an almost backwards quality.

    Thanks chaps. Yeah davie504 is great fun, every so often I get sucked into watching a bunch of those vids and before you know it I feel like picking up the old bass even though I most definitely do not know how to slap. Trouble being that its strings are a lot rougher than guitar strings so all those little slides end up being quite painful. :O

    I decided to start with bass this time and ended up with a disco-like number, stupidly getting inspired to go bass first after being pulled in to watching some davie504 and of course ripped off a callus on my index finger doing the slides on those nasty big bass strings. Oh well.

    I also tried to tame the crud out of the hi-hats, used a UAD Pulteq low-pass to bring it down to 10k, thought about even bringing it further down to 8k but that lost too much space on my speakers although it did sound authentically retro.

    Patents are only applicable when they are enforced. Neural DSP is another black box allegedly using machine learning but to what end is anyones guess, if it does what the Kemper does then it falls within the patent, if instead for instance it used machine hallucination to generate the resulting amp effect on the source signal then that might not fall within the patent. It's a different "black box".

    I guess we will have to see.

    I thought the video sounded great. If it can do distant mic'd sounds i.e. include the room verb/sound, or handle both power and pre-amp distortion together for accurate results then it might be serious competition even without the nice physical controls of the Kemper. The compact form factor would be advantageous for the road, but I'm not sure how fun it would be to program patches on the unit with just those touch foot switches or even with an app for your computer or phone - physical controls make a big difference when dialing things in.

    Thanks chaps. Yeah the drums are big, still figuring out how to make music around them that’s as robust as they are.

    I do love me a good filter. This is an automated filter inside of Reason. I kinda wonder why the Kemper doesn’t have a few classic synth filters itself come to think of it.

    Thanks guys!

    As I was making it I was thinking more towards The Who and Big Star and the bands they influenced who were definitely the 90s shoegaze crowd and bands like Ocean Color Scene, Ride etc. But I’ll take BOC, that early rock and metal stuff was all big sounds and riffs there’s no meek textures and chords, everything has to be a lead. It’s also an order or magnitude harder to mix than what I’m used to. Lots for me to learn.

    So I got the new SDX Legacy of Rock, and the sounds are a bit too huge for me to handle so I'm trying to get into the headspace of classic rock. Not quite managing it but having some fun in the process.

    Thanks Mats_Nermark , trust me the feeling is mutual! I just do stuff to create sounds and textures that I like more than actual melodies. Everyone has their own approach to creativity that's alien to the next person, and that makes everyone a genius to the next guy or gal. It's all formed by different backgrounds, physiologies, moods. I know I couldn't come up with the things you do, and I certainly don't have the skills you or anyone else responding here has, but I have to accept that that's part of the deal and it's OK as I'm still having fun making the silly noises I make and that's what really matters to me.

    Thanks for checking it out chaps!

    MuddySludge Thanks!

    hafi19 Cheers!

    Monkey_Man Ok, I'll bear that in mind. I wanted to give it a more aggressive tone on this one and tame some of the mids but I could bring them back in future.

    waraba Not a bad idea, but for some reason this house doesn't have many actual ceiling lights. I'm living with desk fans for right now.

    deadman42 I'll need to start putting on a permanent lo-pass on the drums, the hi-hat keeps tripping me up!

    Quick backing track like noodle, suffering through the heat here and wishing I had aircon...

    Wonderful piece Muddy, initially I thought it would go in grunge direction, then the drums started kicking in and I thought this was going to be some funky acid trip ghost note fusion indie thing, then it all come together into this great smooth modern jazz groove piece. Super cool journey to go on.