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    fixed :thumbup:
    everything works now :rolleyes:
    I do not know why, it seems that I had three corrupt profiles ;(
    I have deleted ;)
    okay I have hundreds :thumbsup:

    thank you to all 8)

    I would bet Your pedal is not 0 ing out consistently nothing wrong with your kemper! :D

    the problem is always with the same rigs

    RIG 1 tuner ok
    RIG 2 no tuner
    RIG 1 tuner ok
    RIG 2 no tuner

    it never changes
    Now you understand

    What expression pedal are you using?

    If its the FCB1010 re-calibrate its but dont put the heel all the way to the board
    leave a little space of play at the bottom so it will allways 0 out.

    thank you all
    I repeat the pedal works very well and very well calibrated
    the only problem is that the tuner does not appear in all rigs
    and yet there is no wah in slots
    this is the problem
    in the page RIG volum pedal lock is ON
    I think my kemper is broken

    If a Rig does not have a wah the pedal will function as a volume pedal and you will get a tuner at 0.

    thank you but I understand it

    My problem is that on some rigs tuner appears
    and on others it does not appear
    and this is not normal

    nobody to help me ? ;(

    It's a feature! :)
    Please read the reference manual or addendum manual for further informations.

    It was a nice idea from this forum: if the volume is swelled to zero, the tuner chimes in, so you can silently tune the guitar.
    This saves a separate switch for the tuner, when you utilize a volume pedal.

    ha ok if this is normal :rolleyes:

    but I have another problem: ;(
    I do not understand why on some rigs tuner appears with the pedal to 0
    and some other tuner does not appear

    there is a bug here? or is it my device that is not working well ?( ?( ?(


    I had this issue once, try to recalibrate the pedal in the system menu, or change the pedal 1 to pedal2 physically or logically.


    j'ai testé ta solution ça déconne toujours ;(

    je ne comprends pas pourquoi ça le fait sur certains profils et pas sur d'autres

    en tout cas si je décoche l option "vol to wah" ça ne le fait plus mais ce n'est pas vraiment la bonne solution

    merci en tout cas

    Volume to wah doesn't have anything to do with the appearance of the tuner when volume is zero.
    Volume to wah means that whenever a wah is present and switched on in a rig the volume pedal becomes a wah pedal.


    yes maybe you're right
    but it is true that when I put "vol to wah" ON , the tuner appears when I put the pedal to 0

    and if I put the "vol to wah" OFF , the tuner no longer appears when I put the pedal to 0

    the problem is that it does not do any of the rigs

    here is where we are

    normal or not normal?


    I have an expression pedal

    I want a volume pedal just before the rev and delay
    that is to say when I lower the volume the reverb and delay remain

    how to do this ?(

    if the "vol to wah" is on
    and if I put the pedal to 0, at that time the tuner appears suddenly

    I do not understand why when you put the pedal to 0 tuner appears????

    "google traduction"

    ;( ;(


    I just saw that on some profiles that do not!!

    I do not understand why!