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    Personally I'm a bit skeptical about going back to IR's.

    I've always felt that the way Kemper has implemented the cabs sounds more lively.

    Full Agreement from my side !

    One of the YouTube guys captured his cab with the QC and said that it worked great, better than an IR. It will be interesting to see how that pans out.

    Yes... though they were both really good imo. QC is as good as others but not any better, I would say. The real thing should always be somehow closer to itself. A simulation that is supposed to be "better" than the original is a contradiction and therefore cannot exist.

    But the Fractal is 152.8% more realer than the actual amp, that's a proven fact.

    I imported a few IR's directly into Rig Manager via drag and drop from a Windows Explorer folder and then drag and dropped one of them onto the Cab section in Rig Manager, then compared it with the same IR in the Axe-Fx III. I'm honestly not hearing any notable difference. What kind of differences are you hearing?

    It's been a long time since I tried it, back then I used the IR conversion utility to convert the IR into a Kemper cab. Then for reference I ran the same IR in a Torpedo Live and compared the two. Maybe they have improved it since then?

    You can do this with the Kemper as well, so that isn't something revolutionary. Just profile with the Kemper DI box and make a direct profile, then add any cab you like.

    Yes, but it's not the same, the Kemper doesn't convert/load IR's accurately, they sound very different once imported into the Kemper.

    I'm most curious about the speculation that the Neural QC's capture technology will somehow obviate the need to mic up an amp properly. Does anyone have the skinny on how that would work?

    I'm not sure if I understand the question but it is my understanding that you can make Direct Amp captures, then use the internal cabs or import cab IR's.

    3 videos with Rabea can be found on this thread. Two dealing with Victory Amp Profiles, and one dealing with pedal captures.

    You should watch them and form your own opinion.

    Btw: The Profiler can for sure run a chorus and a delay in parallel.

    I'm going to be honest here, I recently got an amp that the Kemper does not want to profile and that is frustrating. I am considering the QC because (so far) it seems like it doesn't have this limitation. I'm going to wait a while to see how the QC does after it's release before purchasing one. But my question is, do you have any plans to improve the profiling capabilities of the Kemper to help eliminate this limitation?

    Maybe the isolator that he used affected the tone? See video at 4:30 minutes.

    1. The physical format does not lend itself to live usage

    I don't understand this. To me it seems like it was in fact designed for live use.

    For example, I have both the Rack/Remote and the Stage. Each one requires the same number of cables to hook up at a gig, the difference is that with the Stage I have two less things to haul to the gig. What am I missing?

    I have been happy with the Kemper for many years. I've made tons of profiles and every time that I ran into an issue it was either user error, a bad cable or something like that. However, recently I found an amp that the Kemper simply does not want to profile correctly and it's a real bummer. I was told that this is a known limitation, some amps simply can't be profiled correctly. I'm curious to see if the QC has this limitation.

    the proof is the multitude of cocked wah threads in this forum alone. It doesn't look like the fix is coming any time soon. However, I don't need for the profiles to be 100 percent accurate. They just need to sound great and some do.

    When I hear someone mention "cocked wah" I think Boss GT-10. When I first got my shiny new GT-10 I brought it to practice, after the first couple of riffs the other guitar player said "is your wah stuck on"? Ever since then that GT-10 cocked wah was stuck in my head and I hated it, I could never get rid of it when the preset had any moderate amount of gain. That being said and based on that perspective I've heard no cocked wah in the Kemper.

    I once had a problem where my DI profiles were overly distorted. After some troubleshooting I ended up switching from the XLR input on the KPA to the 1/4" input (different cable) and it fixed the problem. Since then Kemper has advised me that the XLR and 1/4" inputs are actually the same circuit so I suspect that my problem was a bad cable or bad connection, it hasn't happened again since. Just a thought...

    Not sure if anyone is following the thread on TGP (maybe someone posted it in this thread and I missed it?) but the tech from Diezel chimed in and explained that the device does not prevent profiling the amp, instead it simply remembers that the amp was profiled. The point being to give the dealers a tool to know when someone has purchased an amp to profile it and then return it for a refund. I'm going to be honest and say that I think this is a good idea, it does not seem fair that someone would purchase an amp, profile it and then return it for a refund, especially if they sell the profiles. I have no idea how often this happens but I suspect that it does to some extent.

    A few years ago I purchased a couple of Celestion speakers, one of them had a similar noise. After looking at it closely I discovered that the dust cap was not glued on correctly, I could pull it up on one side with my finger nail. I carefully applied some glue with a toothpick, let it set overnight and it fixed the issue. Not sure if that's your issue, just a thought...


    I finally had some time to hook it back up and test it, I messed around with it for about 1 hour and I was not able to duplicate the problem. I tried to answer your questions below in bold blue. Do you see anything suspicious that might have caused the issue? Perhaps I have a setting incorrect? Any thoughts would be appreciated.

    Thanks for posting the photo @Monkey_Man.

    Burkard, I'm sorry but I have not had time to setup the KPA to try and duplicate the issue, as soon as I can I'll report back and answer all of your questions as best I can.

    Thank you!

    Thanks Burkhard,

    I use two separate pedals for volume and wah. I did take a photo of the volume pedal level when it happened, as you can see it had a value of 14 with no pedal plugged in. As I changed slots in the performance the volume sounded normal on some, low on others and then there was no volume at all on one of the slots. I do set the minimum level of the volume pedal so that it only cleans up the sound, like rolling the volume control back on the guitar, so I was assuming that is what was happening but I did not confirm it. As soon as I have time I'll try to duplicate the issue and make a video to show what's going on.

    Firmware Release: Nov 10 2019

    [Blocked Image:]

    I don't mean to be "spreading uncertainty and doubt", it was a real issue that happened and I don't know what else to say. Maybe it would be best if you just delete this thread.