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    Did you have a boost in the chain on the first profiling session? They were much louder than the second ones. The second ones seem to be more volume balanced with other downloaded rigs.

    I don't think I did but obviously something happened. I noticed the difference in levels and I don't know why it happened because I thought the KPA automatically set the levels of the profiles. All of my other profiles seem to be relatively close in level, I can't figure out what I did to cause those to be so loud.

    Okay, I redid the profiles, I lowered the treble on the amp and that made the biggest difference, I also moved the mic off axis a bit. The tone controls on the Triptik are a bit touchy, they remind me of the tone controls on a Mesa Boogie, but not that bad. The profile names are the same except they have an "a" at the end, for Rev-A.

    Thanks for all the comments everyone. This certainly wasn’t a scientific experiment by any means, the sound guy and PA were provided by the venue and we’ve never played with him running sound, the mix was clearly different between the two days. And it is pretty much impossible to put a recorder out front and get consistent results with people wondering around. The reason I did this is because I don’t think there are any live A/B comparisons like this, at least I’ve never heard one. And I was really curious how the KPA would do in a live setting like this. I was very happy with the KPA, I actually enjoyed using it more than the amp and that surprised me because I’m an “Amp In The Room’ guy, this experience might be changing that.

    Anyway, to answer the question, the first sound was the KPA and the second was the amp.

    To me there is know reason to demonstrate how close a kemper can sound these days. We all know it can cut the mustard. The truly impressive thing is the feel. No clip can demonstrate this unfortunately.

    Yes, but are there any live A/B comparisons? I'd like to hear them if anyone knows of any.

    I played two outdoor rock gigs this weekend, one day I used the KPA with profiles of my amp and cab, and one day I used the real amp and cab. The amp settings, mic placement and everything was as close as I could get it to the profile settings. On the recording you’ll hear setup-1 play a riff and then setup-2 play the same riff, there are several riffs and each is the same order, first is setup-1 and the second is setup-2. Can you tell which is which?

    There are two guitars, my guitar is the more distorted guitar, and in most cases it is the more dominant guitar. The recording was made with a Zoom H4n sitting next to the sound guy and the post processing included levelizing and wave hammer (all dynamics processing).

    Here’s the link to the recording:

    I picked up one of the Mission Engineering pedals from Sweetwater, the one designed for the KPA. But when I use it the polarity is backwards, full volume is heal down and minimum volume is toe down. I tried changing it from Type-1 to Type-2 in the System menu but both settings seem to work the same. I'm sure it's something simple but I can't figure it out. I suppose I could just rewire the pedal but it seems like changing from Type-1 to Type-2 or vice versa should fix it. I'm at Ver 1.6, any ideas ?

    Wow, thanks for all the kind words. I should note that I also did these profiles with a 412 cab and uploaded those profiles last night. Here's some info on the profiles...

    Clean-1 and Clean-2 are the same amp settings, the difference is Clean-1 was profiled as a clean amp and Clean-2 was profiled as a distorted amp.

    Lead-1: Classic Mode, Drive 1:00
    Lead-2: Classic Mode, Drive 4:00
    Lead-3: Modern Mode, Drive 1:00
    Lead-4: Modern Mode, Drive 4:00

    The tone controls were set the same on each channel:
    Treble: 2:00
    Mid: 12:00
    Bass: 12:00
    Presence: 1:00

    Here's a photo of the amp as it was profiled:
     [Blocked Image:

    The "TRIPTIK LEAD-2" is the profile of the amp like I normally have it set, the other profiles were to just to see how some different settings would turn out when profiled.

    That is quite the conspiracy theory, are you talking about the resent thread on TGP or was that just a coincidence?