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    Wow, thanks for all the kind words. I should note that I also did these profiles with a 412 cab and uploaded those profiles last night. Here's some info on the profiles...

    Clean-1 and Clean-2 are the same amp settings, the difference is Clean-1 was profiled as a clean amp and Clean-2 was profiled as a distorted amp.

    Lead-1: Classic Mode, Drive 1:00
    Lead-2: Classic Mode, Drive 4:00
    Lead-3: Modern Mode, Drive 1:00
    Lead-4: Modern Mode, Drive 4:00

    The tone controls were set the same on each channel:
    Treble: 2:00
    Mid: 12:00
    Bass: 12:00
    Presence: 1:00

    Here's a photo of the amp as it was profiled:
     [Blocked Image:

    The "TRIPTIK LEAD-2" is the profile of the amp like I normally have it set, the other profiles were to just to see how some different settings would turn out when profiled.

    That is quite the conspiracy theory, are you talking about the resent thread on TGP or was that just a coincidence?

    For those of you with a KPA who have experienced this problem with modelers can you tell us how the KPA works in this situation...

    You hear a great clip on the internet of the modeler that you own, you download the preset from the person who made the clip and it sounds nothing like the clip you heard, in fact, it usually sounds pretty bad.

    So, with the KPA, you hear a great sounding clip on the internet, you download the profile into your KPA, does it sound just like the clip you heard, does it sound anything like the clip you heard?

    Thank you :)

    So, does anyone have an update on shipping units to the U.S?

    According to a post on TGP, as of 1/1/12 "ProfilingAmp is in very final stage of UL approval and that's all that remains. Units are built and will be able to ship upon UL approval (hopefully in 2-3 weeks)". So this is the second report that UL certification is holding up shipping to the U.S. Does anyone here have any experience with UL certification, any thoughts on how long it should take? Again, it's too bad that we can't get an official response from Kemper on this.

    At this point an official response would be nice. The last unofficial report I heard that made any sense was that they were working on the UL certification. I don't mind waiting but at some point I need to decide if it's worth the wait or if I should look elsewhere.

    The latest word on the forums (other forums) is that the ship date to the US has been pushed back again. Can we have any update on when we can expect the KPA to be available through Sweetwater or other US distributors. Thank you.