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    FWIW I don't know if there is a "factory reset" but this is the procedure that fixed my issue. This is a quote from the tech support email...

    Press and hold the SYSTEM button while powering on. Hold until message appears "Initializing…". This will reset all global settings.

    I don't know if this is related to your issue but...

    I have a wah programmed in all of my rigs and performances, it is programmed to turn on automatically when I move the pedal. Recently I found that whenever I powered up my Stage the wah was on and I got that cocked wah sound. As soon as I moved the pedal and the released it the wah would work as expected, heel position turned it off and moving it turned it on. Also, I could manually turn the wah off by pressing the effect button. After working with support I ended up resetting the global settings and that fixed the issue.

    Like I said, I'm not sure if this is related to your issue but if you have a wah programmed you might turn it off to see what happens.


    I also experienced email issues with support but once we got that sorted out Kemper US sent me a replacement unit overnight and it has worked perfectly ever since.

    You should also double check that the ground lifts are not enabled, it's in the menu somewhere, I don't have my Stage handy so I can't tell you where the setting is but engaging the ground lift will also cause this issue.

    If you have a clip lead (or even a piece of wire) try what I did in this video to see if it clears up your issue. If that's the case then I think you need to exchange that unit for another one.

    EDIT: In this example it really is a worse case scenario because the lead from the Stage output to my monitor is quite long, in fact, in runs through the attic of my man cave to the other wall so it's probably about 40ft or more. If I used a shorter cable (like 12ft) the noise was much less but still there, kind of like yours.

    Here's an example where you can hear the issue. I sure hope that it's a simple setting somewhere that I'm missing. I did notice in the release notes of the latest firmware that they addressed something to do with the wah but I just loaded the most recent firmware and it didn't help.

    I'm still fussing with this issue. I have Pedal-1 setup for volume and I have Pedal-2 setup for wah, the wah is configured to Bypass @ Heel. Every time that I boot the Stage up the wah is engaged, I need to move the wah pedal to make it bypass, once I do that it works correctly (the wah is off until I move the pedal).

    Here's the interesting thing, if I don't have any pedals plugged in the wah is still engaged when I first boot it up so I don't think it's my pedal or cable. Here's a way to see what's happening, boot it up and press the Pedals button, the first screen shows the current value of all four pedals, in my case both the volume and wah are at 127 which is max (I would think that the wah should be zero), once I move the wah pedal the value drops to zero and works correctly after that, it goes up and down with the wah pedal and when I release the wah pedal it returns to zero every time and the wah is bypassed.

    I have to think that this behavior started at some point after I got the Stage because I would have noticed it when I first got the Stage, it is obvious because the "cocked wah" sound really stands out.

    Does anyone use the wah in the Stage? If you do could you please confirm that you don't have this issue?

    BTW, I have the Rack and Remote, my pedals and cables seem to work fine with them.

    Thank you.

    I hope someone can answer this in the next 60 minute before I need to load my gear up for tomorrow.

    I have the Wha setup for auto sense, when I move the pedal it turns on and then it times out and turns off after I let the pedal go. But, when I power the Stage on the Wah is engaged and I need to move the pedal to make it turn off. Once I move the pedal everything works as it should, the Wah is off until I move the pedal. My problem is that I don't always have the Wah pedal hooked up so when I power up the Stage the Wah is on and I need to press the effect button to turn it off. I never had this issue with the KPA Rack so I'm not sure how to fix it on the Stage.

    Any ideas?

    timowens I just checked your current ticket and our support staff has responded to each of your emails. Please check your spam folder.

    We have forwarded your case to the service team in Denver. They will contact you on Monday.

    Thanks for checking on my support case, I have checked my spam and junk folders and I can't find any replies to my last three emails. I do appreciate you looking into this and look forward to hearing from the Denver team.

    Update: The communication breakdown was fixed, my unit was replaced in record time and the replacement works like a charm :thumbup:

    I am using the Stage with the latest OS - I had the unit freeze up on me last night for the first time.

    Kept doing it even after a power reset. Not sure if this is related but I realized I created a duplicate rig with the same name.

    The Kemper only started to freeze after the duplicate rig was accidentally created. The freezing stopped after I deleted the duplicate.

    Also I noticed using the rig manager tends to slow things down on the Kemper and the are times the syncing message does not go away.

    That's interesting, you should create a support ticket so that they are aware of it and can address it if need be.

    The guys at my local True Value hardware store are really good at this kind of thing, they have tools to identify the screw size and thread count, simply bring them a screw and they will find a perfect replacement if they have one (which they normally do). Maybe just take one of the screws to your local hardware store. I've never had much luck at Home Depot, but maybe that's just my local store :)