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    I just tried those QuickRod profiles, and I think that I like them even better than your Friedman profiles, which I love!

    Thank you! I think Splawn amps are very underrated, this is the first amp I've ever bought where when I first got it I simply set all the tone controls at noon and hit a power chord and was floored by the tone, it's really hard to get a bad tone out of this thing.

    Anyway, if you hear any of the issues discussed in this thread in these profiles let me know, maybe we can do some more tests to help narrow it down.

    I don't know if this will be of any help but I thought I'd share it just in case it does offer some help. I have made a ton of profiles and I've never heard these issues but in one of the previous demos that someone posted in this thread I clearly heard an issue. Today I made some profiles of my Friedman BE100 and Splawn Quick Rod, I'm not a metal player but some of these, especially the QR are pretty high gain. I wonder if anyone can hear the issue in these profiles, if so let me know and maybe we can try to narrow it down. I always make Merged profiles so I saved both the Direct Amp and Studio profiles along with the Merged profiles. The last letter in the name tells you what type of profile it is, D=Direct Amp S=Studio and M=Merged. There is also a ReadMe.txt file with some more info in the folder.

    If anyone wants to give them a try you can download them from here:…yY-Cnpt8njDNg3_9ly0a?dl=0

    The reason why not more users care for merged profiles is because more and more guitarists embrace FRFR.

    I guess I'm old school, to me guitars into a FRFR monitor are like digital drums, they can sound fantastic in a recording but in a live situation they simply don't sound like real drums, they sound like a recording. I learned this lesson in my last classic rock band where I was running the KPA and a CLR while the other guitar player was running a real amp. After I switched to merged profiles and a real guitar cab our sounds out front were much more equal (before that he was kicking my butt).

    I honestly blame it on Kemper themselve....they never explained it well to the users how to do it..and why do it etc.
    I had to explain it million times to users till they did understand it..and many still don´t understand it.
    Also there is still a good official tutorial video missing
    and there were many with bad results because of user error, so that some people think its not as good as a studioprofile

    Excellent points!

    Because despite the hype merged profiles don't sound the same as the studio versions, the studio ones sound more accurate to the miced tone.

    That and the extra effort involved, it's important for someone using an actual guitar cab to monitor, but otherwise it's a bit niche. I'm sure more people are hearing their Kemper through flat response style speakers, whether in a studio, via a wedge monitor, items, PA etc, in those situations the merged profiles don't add anything and in fact only deviate from the source a hit further.

    This is not my experience. I did this test when this feature was first released, it includes all scenarios. I made a Direct Amp and Studio profile, then I merged the cab from the Studio profile to create a Merged profile. Then I played a riff into a looper and used that to record all of the following, but not in this order:

    Looper-->KPA (merged profile with cab disabled) -->QSC Power-->Cab-->Mic’s-->Mixer-->DAW
    Looper-->KPA (DA Profile) -->QSC Power-->Cab-->Mic’s-->Mixer-->DAW
    Looper-->KPA (full profile) -->DAW
    Looper-->(new merged profile) -->DAW

    They all sound pretty darn close to me, can you tell which is which?

    What does FOH get? Or do you mic the cab? Just curious. Never used the merged and I'm pretty new to the KPA.

    With merged profiles you can disable the cab in the profile and send that signal to your stage monitor while sending the full profile (including the mic and cab) to the FOH. Or you could mic your cab on stage if you prefer (or if the sound guy insist on micing your amp).

    When Kemper first gave us the ability to make merged profiles I spent a lot of time making direct, studio and merged profiles and doing A/B comparisons and I was blown away. Ever since then I have only used merged profiles with a real guitar cab, quite honestly because they sound just like my actual amps. I don't understand why merged profiles aren't more popular, they are incredibly easy to make, they just take a little more time but it is so worth it. I suspect this is because 1) it does take a little more time and effort, and 2) because most people use FRFR monitors and merged vs. studio profiles don't make any difference when using a FRFR monitor. But for me, I never play on a stage where my amp can't be heard out front and to me there is a huge difference between FRFR and a real guitar cab on stage in that situation, not to mention the pleasure of having a real guitar cab as a monitor along with the interaction between the guitar and cab (like controlled feedback).

    I guess I would just like to encourage those who have the means to try a few merged profiles, if you have a decent solid state power amp and a guitar cab give it a go, you might be surprised how much is sounds like a live amp as opposed to a recorded amp, and in a live situation I would take a live amp over a recorded amp any day.

    Couple of thoughts, I'm not sure if these are related to your problem but I thought that I would share them just in case.

    1) One time when I was using a MIDI controller (before I got the Kemper Remote) and I accidentally misaligned the MIDI cable when plugging it into the controller and IIRC it acted like you described. What happened was the MIDI controller had a 7 pin socket because it supported phantom power, I was using a 5 pin cable and somehow had it misaligned when I plugged it in. MIDI connectors do have a key so you shouldn't be able to do that but somehow I did :)

    2) I discovered by accident that if you turn the master volume knob on the KPA while it is booting it won't boot correctly. This makes me wonder if your controller was sending commands to the KPA while it was booting causing it to lock up, I'm not sure if MIDI commands would affect the KPA like turning a knob on the front of the KPA but it might be worth investigating. BTW, I did report this and Kemper support was able to duplicate the issue so I'm sure that they will address it in a future update.

    For what it's worth, here is a test that I did when Kemper released the firmware that gave us Merged profiles. There is no point in trying to guess which is which because I posted this back when I did it and I gave the answer. But here is what you will hear, not in the correct order though in case you do want to try and guess without looking up my original thread. I'm curious if you guys think that the original firmware is better or worse than the current firmware when it comes to Direct Amp and Merged profiles. Do you hear the same issues in this test?

    Looper-->KPA (merged profile with cab disabled) -->QSC Power-->Cab-->Mic’s-->Mixer-->DAW
    Looper-->KPA (full profile) -->DAW
    Looper-->KPA (DI Profile) -->QSC Power-->Cab-->Mic’s-->Mixer-->DAW
    Looper-->(new merged profile) -->DAW…20KPA%20Firmware.wav?dl=0

    Here are some sound clips of a recent jam session when I used the HAWP-53 BE100 profiles. I was using the Merged profiles running into two Avatar Vintage 112 cabs loaded with Scumback M75 speakers powered by a Matrix GM50 plate amp. All I can tell you is this is pretty much exactly like how the real BE100 sounds in this situation. The recording was made with two mic's in the room so it's kind of rough but you'll get the idea of what it sounds like.

    This was just a jam session so please forgive the clams :)

    Note: I wasn't trying to cop the original tones of the songs, I simply used the tones that I like, in other words, it's my tone.…be100-profile-jam-session

    For the last few months I have been using an AX8 because a floorboard unit works a lot better for me. The AX8 is really good but I still prefer the KPA tone. I would buy a floorboard KPA in a heartbeat.

    Hi timowens! Thank you very much for sharing all those profiles. I'm extremely grateful to you.I was looking for good sounding profiles for playing classic rock and found your profiles of DS, BE and HBE at RM. They are absolutely fantastic!!! Really impressive!!!They become my main presets for LP and Classic Rock. As you mention, the profiles you upload at RM are based on session #53 and are merged profiles.Question: Is there any chance you could share the STUDIO profiles for DS, BE and HBE of that session? Just in case you still have them before doing the merging process.Thanks in advance!all the best,George

    Hey George,

    Tritium (John) is correct that the Merged profiles should sound exactly like the Studio profiles. But, in case I made a mistake while making one or two of the Merged profiles (which has happened before) or if you wanted to make your own merged profiles here is a link to all of the files from this session including a speaker IR in WAV format that will work with other devices:…JeWAvfWdCVwziRfT6dYa?dl=0

    Here is what the file names mean:
    H53 DS H01D (Means Direct Amp Profile)
    H53 DS H01S (Means Studio Profile)
    H53 DS H01M (Means Merged Profile)

    Hope that helps...

    Hey Tim, are the Rigs you uploaded to the Exchange on the 10th unique or are they gleaned from sessions you've already shared?

    Thanks mate. Take your time.

    Hey Monkey_Man, those were actually based off of the H53 profiles, all I did was clean up the rig tags so hopefully they make sense. I've been having good luck with those merged profiles while playing live with a real guitar cab and I figured it was time to post something on the rig exchange. I guess I should have posted a note here, thanks for catching that.