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    As we all know the last step in the profiling process (after the automatic stuff) is by playing some guitar chords.
    At least do some videos and the manual ask us to play some simple chords - and that is not working for me.

    I found during the creation of AxeFx II profiles that in some cases I prefer the AxeFx sound over the profile - even after a lot of 'refining'.

    And even worse - in case I like the profile when I play chords - some profiles sound thin when I play higher single notes.

    For whatever reason does the following procedure help to fix this problem.

    1) profile
    2) press 'refine'
    3) Play for about 15 seconds some lead lines in about the 12 fret
    4) Play some basic chords for about 15 seconds
    5) Play some muted power chords (I use D-Bb-C-G)
    6) While the last power chord rings - press 'Finish'

    This procedure was the only way to get the sound 'right' for both chords and high lead lines

    Yes the 6895 one was crashing here too - latest firmware should be available via the webpage later.
    By now you have to email the support - they send me the firmware the next day.

    I don't know the difference between 6900 and 6911 (there was no change-log).

    My own profiles are all tagged - this includes a name for the whole stack, amp, cab, cab type (e.g. 4x12) and used mic.

    If your profiles does not contain this data - then you are lost.

    In your case you could name it 'AC30 CAB' or whatever you like.

    Which Firmware version are you using?
    I got a lot of crashes as well - the latest (6911) seams to be more stable

    According to the manual (Reference Manual Page 14) should a 'Green colored' part contain Delays'.

    I tried to select a delay into slot 'D' - in order to get some 'pre-Stack' delay-effect.
    But there are no delays available - nothing 'green' at all!?

    I use firmware 6911

    It's NOT that you simply select your favorite AxeFx patch connect the KPA and profile the whole thing.
    The profiling captures the amp/eq/cab/mic stuff only - not any of the effects!

    There are some more steps involved for example:
    -switch off all effects (beside EQ's, amp, cab)
    -switch the AxeFx to mono (the KPA can profile in mono only - no way to profile huge stereo double amp AxeFx settings)
    -switch of noise gate
    -Avoid more than one 'distortion part' (switch off drive blocks, speaker drive, if the preamp is overdriven avoid that the power amp is overdriven as well)
    -Switch off room level in the cab block

    Note: all these steps may have a huge impact on the AxeFx sound anyway - but the result you get NOW from your AxeFx can be profiled.

    Then carefully setup all levels so that both the AxeFx and the KPA do not clip. (the KPA shows a warning in case this happens).


    After this can the results be compared - in most cases you still hear a difference.
    Here we come to 'refining'.
    We can play some cords on the guitar and the KPA adjusts something (whatever) to match the sounds closer.
    In addition are there some amp parameters to play with to match them closer 'by ear'.

    After all this we have our new KPA profile from a part of an AxeFx preset.

    The next step would be to try to recreate the other parts of the AxeFx.
    In case the KPA has similar effects (drive, chorus, delay, reverb) then we get good results.
    But note: The AxeFx has WAY more effects, effect types and parameters - so in case you need A LOT of effects in your patches - and/or have them NOT all in one simple row - you WILL NOT be able to recreate your AxeFx sound with the KPA.
    The same is true (as mentioned above) for true stereo or two amp setups.

    If all you want is a simple setup like wah-drive-amp/cab-chorus-delay-reverb - then you may come very close to your sound.

    Done - all my AxeFx presets are profiled ;)

    Yes, but in a few month we all will have 1000+ profiles from many users - and than we either need to constantly import/export files or get a feature to mark favorites.

    Yes, and in case we could set the EQ block 'pre amp' we would not need to waste one block (e.g. D) for the and additional EQ effect - and it works more natural - I would like to use the EQ block knobs for all amp types (also for the once with Pre-EQ in reality).

    btw. the EQ (graphic or parametric) works very different from a 'normal' amp EQ - another reason to switch the good working EQ block pre/post.

    Yes, and pre amp in case you use a EQ e.g. in the D slot - the question is where is the EQ block located?
    According to the rule - all goes from left to right - that means that the EQ is after the Amp block.

    Since the KPA has no effect grid - all effects are serial only.
    But there is one exception:

    The Delay and Reverb block - here is a parameter (knob) called 'Delay/Reverb Balance'.
    Fully Left = Parallel (wet part from the delay will not go thru the reverb)
    (between left and center) = some part of the wet part of the delay will go thru the reverb
    Center = Serial (DLY->REV)
    (between center and right) = wet part has reverb, dry less and less
    Fully Right = no dry part anymore - only the wet part is there

    I believe that after getting more and more profiles all will get very complicated to find a profile I like.
    Could you add a feature to mark profiles as 'favorites' and then either show only 'favorites' or 'all'

    The EQ in the Stack section should be definable per Rig to 'pre Amp' (for clean, crunch - like in most Fender amps) or 'post Amp' (for high gain).

    Reverb: Spring Reverb, Plate Reverb
    Additional Room Reverb (to get a room reverb AND a Hall reverb at once)
    Pitch effects like (Detune, Intelligent Harmony, Whammy, Crystals)
    Delay: Reverse delay
    Additional Delay for the 'pre-stack' blocks.

    I thought I could select any stored preset and then freely select a different amp, cab or whatever.
    But the KPA showed only 5 available amps and cabs.

    To read the manual was not very helpful to understand the concept.

    The KPA can store stuff in different Levels:
    Performance Level: (not available yet) seams to allow the user to organize and store groups of presets (for a performance or song)
    Preset Level (KPA calles it Rig): All the presets include: the used profile (amp, cab), effect settings and other stuff like input settings...
    Group Level: "Stomps" stores ALL settings for the effect Slots A,B,C,D. "Stacks" stores ALL settings for Amp, EQ, Cab. "Effects" stores ALL settings for the effect Slots X,Mod,Delay,Reverb
    Module Level: Stores settings for an individual module (Input, A,B,C,D,Amp,EQ,CAB, X, Mod,Delay,Reverb)

    We have two presets lets say a Marshall-Amp with a V30 Cab and a Fender-Amp with a Jensen Cab (each preset with its own effect settings).

    If I like to create a new Preset with the Fender-Amp and the V30 Cab than I have to do this:
    1. Load the Marshall-Amp preset
    2. Select the CAB module
    3. Press store
    4. KPA asks if I want to store the full rig (preset) or the CAB alone -> I select CAB, choose a name e.g. "4x12 V30" and store it
    5. Load the Fender-Amp preset
    6. Select the CAB module
    7. Browse the available presets (select the "4x12 V30)
    8. Store the new preset with a new Name e.g. "Fender with V30"

    Here is a nice video about all this: