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    I decided to cancel my order once all of this order nonsense started and remotes were failing on startup I agree they would have been better to have used established retailers instead of direct purchase.

    I hope they get this all sorted out because they have a great product and despite the problems they are having they do appear to be trying really hard to keep everyone happy

    Funny thing how the system that takes your payment seems to work just fine, it's just the communication and shipping that doesn't appear to work very well. I'm about ready to bail on this adventure and let one of you move up the chain a notch.

    My order number is:246955 and I have been in "ready to ship" mode for 3 weeks now. If order numbers have any meaning you have a long wait.

    Same problem here, my order number is 3447023 "Ready for shipping " and has been that way for a while. I emailed them with no reply. Very frustrating order system.

    Well I'm thoroughly frustrated with this process. I signed up for the early bird list within minutes of the original post, ordered on the 14th as soon as I got the email that I could order. got an email over a week ago saying it would ship soon - at the same time my card was charged and now over a week later nothing and the order still just says in process. This really is the most frustrating $600 I ever spent! BTW my order # was 3447025.

    Stevel1953, Have you used your Kemper with the Aviom yet. I used mine last night and it was not what I expected. The guitar tone(Not my playing) sounded great as usual but the feed from the Aviom sounded really LoFi. It was like the guitar was not mixing well at all with everything else. Didn't have time to eq anything but I was curious if you have noticed the same thing. I was disappointed because it was a really compact and easy to pack. I'm going to play with it a few more times before giving up on it.

    I have never really considered it but you could bring in the feed from the aviom in stereo into the aux in on the kemper, I think it's the auxiliary input and the return input on the back. You would need a stereo to mono splitter cable because the inputs are mono and the aviom is a stereo feed if you use a stereo cable. If you use a mono cable on the aviom it will automatically sum to mono out.

    The control of the input signal could be a little tricky to get setup but once you did you could control it from the aviom master. Probably best to get your guitar volume in the headphones where you want it and them blend the aux input level to match. I'm going to give that a try because I've been using my in ears in mono mode because I was feeding it with one signal from the aviom and the other from my monitor out on the kemper. I would much rather use in in stereo and pan a few things for a better sound overall.

    I'll let you know how it works out and you do the same if you try it out, it's a great idea! Thanks :D


    Are you talking about routing the output of the aviom into your kemper as an aux in and then using the headphone out on the kemper? I use mine with an aviom system and I actually route the monitor out on the kemper as a separate output into an in ear system so I don't use the aviom for my guitar signal. I mix the kemper monitor out and the aviom main with everything else in it. I have compared the tone and quality of using the aviom signal without using the mix and it is not good.

    One of the things I really appreciate about the kemper is it's ability to preserve the natural guitar tone and quality and I found the aviom removes that. I'm no expert but I would be glad to help if you have any questions on my setup.


    Really nice! I've got to dig back into programming mine for separate effects pages for each of the 3 main profiles I use. I've used the step delay and reverb before and it works great for adding those long ambient trails that you only use a little but sounds so nice!

    One question, are you using the latest firmware on your LF12+ and if so have you had any issues?


    Hi Ed,
    I have a 12+ I've used with my Kemper for a while. Let me know what you want to do with it, just change profiles or that and control different stomps and so on. The newest software is pretty good but it can be complicated if your not really familiar with midi and what capabilities the LF has. I'm not an expert but I have spent some time with mine and have programmed it to do what I needed. You have to be careful because you can get it so complex you spend all of your time programming and not playing.

    If you want to PM me your info I'll get back to you and try to help or I can setup what you want and send you the file to load into yours. I probably won't be available to talk until tomorrow afternoon.

    Btw.. If you haven't tried the Morgan AC20 profile yet I recommend it highly, not sure what it is but that profile has some magic in it! :D


    Thanks Kojak,

    I don't use much metal type sounds, so it shouldn't be a problem. The only real technical problem I had with AX FX was AX edit, can't count how many times I had to reload, and it never saved my midi settings.
    Even though the AX FX has better sounds then %99 percent of the modelers out there, I never felt completely happy with the sound after tweaking too long for my life. It always sounded spiky in the 2k to 4k range, and the distortions all had a very similar quality. Having played many of these amps through the years, I know if you had 15 of them lined up in a room to play, you would notice a very distinct difference when you moved from one to the next.

    You won't have an Axe Edit problem because there is no software editor for the Kemper right now. :D

    I'm sure one is coming soon but the good news is for most of us coming from the Axe FX world the front controls on this thing work really well. I use mine live all the time and I am making changes as I play with no problems at all. I've said it many times here but I also am using fewer effects than I have ever used with any other gear. I'm so happy with the raw amp tone I don't need to add much of anything to it.

    It really boils down to what every guitar player is looking for and how much time they are willing to put into it. I have friends that love their Axe FX and enjoy the depth it has in effects and amp tweaking. For me I just wanted a good tone and ease of use.

    "Play more...Tweak less", that is the way of the Kemper! :thumbsup:

    I also came from the same place as you, always tweaking my sound and never feeling like it was just right.
    Biggest change for me is I use less effects now and I can dial in a good tone in very little time. I hope you find the same is true for you, don't be worried from a few negative posts because this thing is still great and only going to get better with time. The other thing that really caught me by surprise is how well it sounds through the headphones, first time I have ever enjoyed playing through headphones is with the Kemper.

    Enjoy! Your in for a real treat and lots of friends here.