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    I’ve been contemplating the in ear route for years. I used a sennheusee system years ago but hated it. In reflection it was obviously down to the earbuds themselves. Anyway, I normally use a pair of earplugs on stage. Not so much down to the backline volume more to reduce the nightmare of cymbals in small venues. My question is, would the in ears have the same effect as earplugs but with the additional bonus of mixing in a ‘low volume’ ox on top of the attenuation caused by earplugs or would it be a completely different experience.

    Funny thing is that in my humble opinion gear like the kemper doesn’t get used at higher end / pro level as a well known and ‘go to’ piece of gear until it has an well established track record. It’s taken a long while but the Kemper has been on the scene long enough to have reached that point now. I’ve had a kemper since the very first batch. Over the last year before lockdown and ever since I’ve noticed just about everyone in the stage crew knows exactly what it is as soon as you remove it from its case. When you pull out a kemper and a member of the stage crew hands you 2 xlrs without even a word. Well that speaks wonders.

    let’s be fair here. Most companies hardware loses support as soon as a new product they produce takes place. Usually very shortly afterwards. I reckon we’ve done very well with a product that has been supported and vastly enhanced over a period over which all of its competition has undergone several, hardware upgrades and lost all support for their previous versions during that time.

    weren’t they brilliant? I was lucky enough to see them play an afternoon slot in an Edinburgh nightclub in the mid eighties. Well past their ‘famous’ stage. They were absolutely amazing. Dan Mcaffertys’ voice is even more outstanding live.

    Don’t bother about it. Sour grapes. They have been making EXACTLY (by them I also mean Cliff) since the axefx standard, when the kemper was first announced and had not even been released. I’m not making that up,go and check. Yet here we are ,three fractal hardware versions ,10 years and thousands of pounds later and it’s exactly thesame argument. The reaction on the fractal forums, particularly the totally unprofessional and downright rude ones from Cliff himself were downright condescending. Since then there has been an awful out of effort put into trying to ‘better” the Kemper. Someone has been talking a lot of b$$locks for the last 10 years……

    hi guys. For a while I had my remote attached to a pedal board. I have since removed it but during the time it was attached I have mislaid the 4 rubber feet and the screws which attach them. Any advice on replacements? Thanks guys


    I remember reading somewhere that at the end of eruption Eddie would turn one of the knobs on the delay he used to have concealed in the old Bomb case he had on stage. That produced the sound at the end of eruption apparently. If this in fact true does anyone have any idea how to replicate that in the kemper?


    I’ve had a kemper since day 1. I’ve recently bought a boss sy1000 and the idea is to run the boss unit ‘in front’ of the kemper to use the guitar modelling and the synths, and maybe even some boss fx!
    im having a problem though and I think I’ve narrowed it down to the kemper.

    I would like to control both units via the kemper remote. I have connected the kemper midi out to the boss midi in but any patch change either from the kemper remote or the kemper front panel results in a ‘midi offline’ warning on the boss unit and nothing happens otherwise. Removing the midi cable from the kemper and plugging into an fcb1010 the sy1000 performs as expected (patch changes, cc changes etc) so to me that shows the sy1000 is set up correctly. Anything I may be be doing wrong on the kemper ?

    weird. I always found that rolling the guitar volume back on a Marshall always made the sound ‘duller’ losing the top end edge/fizz. Even a small adjustment can take the edge off. I’ve played on plexis, master volumes and 800s for many years and with a Les Paul and set them up with that in mind. The old ‘switch to the rhythm pickup on 3’for clean sounds had to be set up first to make sure it wasn’t too dull ..just my experience with Les Paul’s mind. I’ve no idea how other guitars change the sound.

    One of the very few things that I don't like about the KPA is that the tone doesn't change when I roll back my guitar's volume. I know that is a good thing for a many players but a lot of amps, particularly non-master volume amps like 4 input Marshalls and tweed Fenders, brighten up when you roll back the guitar's volume when the amp is cranked. The KPA doesn't do that. The tone stays the same. I think that may be what Richard Fortus is talking about.

    Always makes me laugh when peeps spend a fortune on a new Martin guitar the go along to an open mic where they plug it into a pa where it sounds no better than my cheap Simon and Patrick. Acoustics plugged in sound crap. I can’t see the kemper acoustic sim sounding worse than that for sure

    I think it’s a matter of what you are used to. The guitarist who learns his art on a kemper etc is probably starting from a better situation because he never Spent years playing with the amp in the room sound. He therefore never has a problem. The other guy( like me). Spent many years playing the amp in the room. To folks who regard it as a bar band sound. It took a long time to get used to playing without that amp in the room sound to play to what everyone else considers to be a much more professional sound.

    You never realize quite how brilliant the kemper is until you profile something yourself. That’s the only time you get to do a direct comparison. And the only time you get the chance to realize that there is no comparison. I laugh to myself every time I hear someone say their axefx(insert any other modeler here) sounds more amp like. Without having exactly the amp modeled next to their axefx. It’s complete nonsense.