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    The KPA is in my opinion as close to a real amp as you can get.
    A/B testing profiles against the actual amps is very revealing, and is usually a jaw dropping moment. The Kemper is the only unit I have ever seen where the designer dared to do such a thing.
    Many other modellers give an idealised version of the amps they model and are often very flattering to a guitarists technique. I can always remember a mate of mine plugging into a Marshall and commenting on how it was hard to play compared to his setup. He had used modellers for years and couldnt understand just how unforgiving a real valve amp can be.
    In direct reply to the OP I find the KPA every bit as good if not better than any of the recordings Ive heard of it.

    So pleased to see one of my all time heroes using the Kemper. (See Kemper news).
    Seen him many times over the years ripping it up with Scot Rockers Nazareth.
    Im surprised hes not listed under the 'Artists' Section.

    Im using a a matrix power amps and cab.
    Ive also tried using the fx return of a Marshall yjm and an evh 5153 and have had no such problems, it sounds/feels great. I dumped axe2 cos I didnt think it felt anywhere near as punchy or bold in this kind of setup.
    Maybe its the fx loop of the boogie?

    Great read, Im Glad its working out for you.
    Im with you on hoping for more fx for the kemper, especially pitch/whammy/harmoniser and a looper.
    A librarian would also be great although the new favourites and my rigs bookmarks are a big help.

    Ive owned a Kemper since January. Ive had a couple of axefx2 over that period but ended up selling them both (not both at the same time lol).
    Like you I prefer the Kemper for amp sounds.
    FX wise I didnt find any difference in the quality but the axe2 certainly has a lot more routing and tweaking options, (much more than I needed) and a lot more fx available.
    Ultimately I found the axe didnt give me anything extra that was of any use to me other than the pitch fx, which I hope will eventually be available on the KPA. In the meantime I preferred the eventide pitchfactor to the axe for those fx so the axe had to go.
    In the end, IMHO the KPA has better amp sounds/feel (up to firmware 6 on the axefx) and the additional fx capabilities with the exception of pitch fx were of little use to me, but can see how they would appeal to a power fx user.

    Clip sounds fantastic...some amazing tones in there, and sweet playing all the way.

    Interesting about the Kempers gain control.
    Not so much talk about how awesome it is when you lower the gain, better than doing the same thing on most tube amps.
    Lowering the gain on any 'high gain' Profile and you end up with a few more rigs you need to save.

    Agreed 100%.
    I dont like too much change of sounds during one song therefore I often take a hi gain patch, then save a couple of lower gain versions of that for different song sections. I like a 'nearly' clean sound(gain about 10 o clock) a mid gain sound (about 12 to 1 o clock) where I can do a lot of volume knob work for variation/dynamics, and a hi gain at about 3 o clock. Serves very well for most purposes.

    @ funkymonkey.
    I use an evh 4x12 cab (Celestion Greenback speakers) or in very small venues a Marshall 2x12 with a V30 and a greenback.
    The matrix (GT1000FX) is a cracking amp, and from what I understand the GM50 is like a single channel version of that in a different 'box'.
    Good luck. Like guitarone says, I reckon youre gonna love the Kemper.

    There were one or two rare problems in the early days, probably down to corrupted profiles. These problems were taken and magnified many times by the users of other modellers who apparently felt the need to do so. Recent firmware seems to have ironed out whatever minor niggles there were.
    Ive done about 40+ gigs since January. No problems with it whatsoever.
    Im using the monitor out through a power amp (matrix) and cab.
    In my 'originals' band I use 3 DI profiles, just like a really good multichannel amp.
    In my covers band I use the monitor out with cabs switched off using regular profiles. It gives a little of the profiled

    Very little of the profile itself per se. There are so many excellent profiles I usually start with one I like, then add some fx and a drive block to switch on/off with a behringer foot controller. I then save a 'louder' version for lead breaks, and a 'cleaner' version (with drive turned down and different fx) for clean, as I dont like a pristine clean sound. Works to me like the perfect multi channel amp, and of course I can easily change amps as I please.
    My band plays out with a sound engineer who doesnt appreciate too many different tones to cope with. He just loves the Kemper.