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    Just bought one of these (with latest uno chip) to use with my KPA, as I don't like the fractal MFC101 too much.
    Trouble is Im completely at a loss how to programme it. Anyone have a syx file for it for use in stomp box mode with the KPA (pref with the expression pedals working too if possible)?

    Count me in on that too mDan, got both, prefer the KPA sound, just waiting for a plug n play footcontroller for it.
    BTW Im finding that for some reason using the MFC with the KPA turns the volume of the KPA down to zero when changing patches.

    Like Xpenno I have found a big difference in the monitor/no cab output, in a very positive way. It is much better for using with a power amp and cab, and like him I am no longer using much monitor eq, sometimes maybe adding a little middle but certainly not much . Using this output to a power amp cab at the same time as sending the main outputs to the pa system yields stellar results.
    A big thank you for this update as it is a very big step forward IMHO, and I am really looking forward to see the improvements in direct profiles, as that is my favourite method of using the KPA.

    Bought the Marshall 800 profiles but wasn't directed to a download link? Does the seller email you personally with the profiles or should I have been directed to a download link?

    Just to try it out, Ive been running monitor out (no cab) to matrix poweramp/5150 cab and at the same time running the main outs to a pair of QSC K12s (with the cab sim on). Wow, its just incredible. Surround sound doesn't do it justice. I can see what Christoph means about leaving a bit of the cab sound in with the monitor outs as together with the main outs they work very well indeed.

    This was the reply I got from support re a dim led, and it definitely worked.

    if one of the LEDs appears to be dim, try to initialze the KPA,
    press and hold the System Button during startup until " initializing global system " appears in the display.

    There was a lot of hype about fw 6 on the axefx2. Im afraid that IMHO thats exactly what it was. If the op really wants profiles of the first 50 presets I can do them but rather than hogging up space on the rig exchange will post them to him or anyone else who wants them. Just give me a few days. To be honest there was no big difference between fw 5 and fw 6 sound wise, so the presets already uploaded should do just fine. Either way, pm me if you want the profiles.

    OK, I bought into the "FRFR is required for the KPA" argument. Granted, I don't have the top end of equipment, but I've been playing through both a RCF ART310A and a Bose L1 Model 2, and I'm not convinced that I like hearing all that high end. It's fine for clean sounds, but the overdriven rigs contain harsh high-end harmonics that would not be present in a normal guitar/amp setup. Maybe I'm doing something wrong, so I'm open for suggestions. However, at this point I'm wondering if something like the Tech 21 PE (perhaps with a speaker upgrade) wouldn't sound better to my ears ... ?(

    The frfr thing is very hard to get used to if you are used to traditional amps and cabs, but if you were to turn up at a gig with your traditional amp and get miced up through the pa thats exactly what your rig would sound like. Likewise if you went to a recording studio.
    Why not use an amp/cab using the monitor out? It works very well (with cabs disabled) and it sounds like that is more the sort of sound you are comfortable with.
    The miced sound going to the pa sounds much more natural when it is mixed in with the other instruments, and you could try feeding your monitor with a monitor mix of the whole band instead of just your guitar.

    The kemper is very good at doing the amp in a room sound thing with direct profiles.
    I tend to use it in the house and studio with regular profiles.
    With my band (who all insist on using old style bass amps drums etc) I currently use the direct profiles with power amp and cab.
    There are a few direct profiles on the rig exchange now, and they work better in this context IMHO than any other digital device out there. ( I previously owned and axefx2, and my son owns one). If thats your bag, then leave mixing up to the sound engineer.
    Christoph has in the past hinted at providing some direct profiles in a future rig pack, but if you do a search there are a few direct profiles on the rig exchange.
    Ive put up some EVH5153, Marshall AFD and Marshall YJM ones. I know there are some Boogie ones too.

    Even with the cab turned off there is a portion of the cab sound left there. This was done by design so it blends well with the sound going to the pa with the cab sim on.
    When you turn up this can make the sound come from your cab sound a little unnatural on its own (It sounds great when you are also feeding a pa system and you can hear both together). The eq on the master monitor section is your best bet here. Use the monitor out to your power amp/cab and do a global eq at gig volume using the monitor eq section. Really a matter of pushing mids a little and backing off treble.
    Another solution is to use direct profiles. There are a few of these on the rig exchange now, and they sound great with a power amp and cab right off the bat.