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    Floyd Rose users considering the LOK-N-Roll nut;

    I bought and returned mine because it just screamed ******** but I had to try it. Check out these ridiculous claims

    Increased note clarity

    Even tension across the fingerboard

    Reduced hand and wrist fatigue

    Faster playing

    Piano-like pronounced chords

    it doesn't work. it's snake oil. have an almost impossible to find Earvana floyd nut on my axe & it works like a charm. i ordered & tried the Lok-n-roll and all i can say is it does NOT work as advertised. i have been a floyd user for almost 40yrs & am an expert user. I don't know why Ernie Ball sued earvana so they had to stop making the nuts. But they still make regular nuts which I just don't understand. All I can tell you is caveat emptor.

    I had one of these motion sound Leslie type rotating speakers back in the day. I loved the sound of it and it had the variable speed Controls for the ramp up and down speed. And because it was mechanical it was brilliant it was just like playing a real Leslie. Here is a link to one.…-guitar-extension-cabinet

    the foot switch that came with It was fast slow and stationary

    After picking up my KPA I got a Liquid Foot Jr+. I think the Liquid Foot Jr+ is the ultimate midi controller for the KPA. It's very small (3 lbs) has 8 buttons that are totally programmable to do anything you want and its got a 7 color LCD for each button which you can program to change color after you hit a switch to indicate that you've done something! The main LCD is huge for a controller of this size and it's fathom powered via a 7 pin midi cable and it has an editor for PC and MAC. This is huge IMO. Check out all the specs here. My reason for posting is this... I talked to Jeff at FAMC and he said if Kemper is down he can make all his products work seamlessly with the KPA. Meaning it will do all the loading and programming automatically! No to mention the tuner will show up on the main LCD!!! Please call Jeff at FAMC and make this happen.

    +1 8)

    i have to tell you, the kemper does the tones you mentioned better than any other solution i've played.
    mark my words, the kemper is going to be all over the country & roots recordings & tours.

    If the next update does not provide serious improvements in the KPA's Noise Reduction and Digital aliasing problems and overall usability, I will likely be selling my unit.

    I will continue to keep tabs on it's development, in hopes it will ultimately become all that has been promised, but I have been seriously disappointed at the 'pace of progress' with the KPA in the last 6 months. There would seem to be a lack of urgency and effort for this product, and that concerns me both as a user and an investor.


    CK, if the performance mode is no longer a "priority" can we ask what is the most "urgent" priorities for the unit?
    from your website;
    Yet to be finished:
    - Performance Mode
    - Undo/Redo
    - Selective Browse (Soon it will be directly browse through all cabs of all rigs. We call it Selective Browse, and it will also be available for amp, eq, stomps and effects. It will look the same as browsing through the local presets). Those funktions will soon be available by firmware update.

    could you at least give us some realistic expectations for the future of the unit? please. :?: