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    I have had the KPA for a while now and this is definitely one of the most misunderstood components of the Profiler (IMO).

    So - If the Distortion Sense is "only gain", then why have it? Ok, yes...I realize it's an option if you need more/less gain. But maybe people should just use the "gain" on the amp (as they would do with a regular amp) and eliminate all these recurring questions about it?

    Too many options sometimes causes too many problems. As seems to be the case here.

    So the definitive answer?? Well, "Distortion Sense" = It's gain only, so don't even touch it :-)

    As for Clean Sense, well.......the thread continues.......

    So basically it had been a while since I updated my Firmware.....and as a result, it wasn't loading properly. However, the fix where hold the 2 Page buttons and doing the direct boot up with the FW worked perfectly. I basically reads the KAOS file directly as I understand it. No issues whatsoever now. Good stuff!

    Hey guys, I actually own 2 profilers, the one works for the other, I can't update the firmware. When I load the USB stick, it recognizes the update and begins the process with no problems. However, it gets to exactly the 98% completion status and then stops and gives the following error, "Wasn't able to transfer update data to memory. Please contact support:".

    I already did the system reboot (turning on and holding down System and Quick buttons), same result.

    Very frustrated, would really appreciate any help from you Kemper troubleshooting guru's out there!


    Actually, I think this is Mr. Loomis best tone I have heard so far.....and I am HUGE fan of his. Normally he plays with way more gain and you can't distinguise much on the pick attack. This is a very nice tone for this type of playing. What's even more interesting is that he is on the Fractal Artist pages and promoted heavy on there. Looks like he may made the leap over :-)

    Ok the BEAT IT PLEXI profile is one of the VERY best to date in my opinion.

    That one captures the Bogner Exstacy Blue channel's 3D vibe in spades. GREAT JOB.

    I can see this profile getting a lot of use for gigs. And the other ones are awesome too....but in terms of "organic", which is missing in most digital boxes --- this is incredible.

    I'm also digging the NUNO clean one with the mild break up. Also very usable and organic...but the BEAT IT one is the total BOMB!!!!

    I will play along here .... To the trolls -- the entire marketing campaign and promotion of Fractal is to get celebrity "endorsers" and attempt to convince uninformed guitarists that it must be great if they use it too! :-)

    Just look at their ads, it's 90% pictures of players, 10% product. That says a lot. Even the messaging in their ads ..."what do all these pros have in common"....blah....they promote the artists more than the product!!!! So it's no surprise these artists are lining up for FREE ADVERTISING.

    And I can't name many "top" artists who use the Fractal for AMPS on their recordings. And VAI's rig is definitely NOT Fractal for amps. That's total BS.

    I just saw Dweezil last week in Baltimore and even his rig has much more pedals than ever (with the Fractal)..... Rush uses the Fractal predominately for effects, so does Petrucci, VAI, etc. etc. etc. Yawn.......

    On the other hand - you are seeing the Kemper popping up in studios where it really matters. Endorsements from real producers!

    If you are really that influenced by what someone else plays -- then good luck.

    Great tone and phrasing! That's actually my favorite tone so far of any of the clips I have heard on this track. The others are great too...but a little too much gain, this one has a more organic vibe to it...

    Congrats! Now hurry up and post that profile! ahahahahaha