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    You should first read the section "Reamping" in the Main Manual. It describes the whole matter for analog as well as digital in- and outputs including levelling and everything. If that should leave any questions open, let the forum community know.

    We recommend power amps, which are not coloring the sound - so no tube power amps. A powered version of the KEMPET Kabinet is also planned.

    Sorry, I really don't understand what this is about.

    You are probably importing a Rig, not a PROFILE in its true meaning? Please describe exactly from where to where.

    What is a "performance mode number"? Are you perhaps referring to MIDI program change numbers for Browser Mode? No numbers get automatically assigned.

    You can import a Rig into MyProfiler under All Rigs, which adds the Rig to the PROFILER browse pool. No number involved.

    If you import a Rig into a Slot of a specific Performance e.g. Slot 4 of Performance 31 of MyProfiler under All Performances, then it ends up in that Slot and Performances as intended.

    Unfortunately, you cannot see those tags in the preset area yet. That is planned. But as soon as you load such a preset into a Rig, you can access those tags in Rig Manager as well as in the PROFILER user interface. The alternative is to shorten the original wav-file names in a meaningful manner.

    If the power amp is switched on, it's power supply can produce some temperature even if no cabinet is plugged in. But it shouldn't get really "hot". Not sure, what you describe as "hot". The heat protection of the power amp is just for the power amp. But if you don't need it anyhow, switch it off. And then make sure, the PROFILER is not positioned in the open sun or something similar.

    If the IR appears in the Rig Manager preset area as a cabinet preset, the process has been successful. The name of the cabinet preset reflects the name of the original IR file.

    Some IR collections have very long file names and have their unique identifiers towards the end of the file name. The cabinet preset names are limited to 20 characters. Longer names wouldn't be practical in the PROFILER anyhow. But the complete original IR file name is maintained in the Cabinet Comment tag.

    Honestly, we wanted to get rid of these Stomps and Effects Sections, conceptually. The fact that Stage and Rig Manager don't support these sections is a result. If we didn't have these sections historically, probably nobody would ask for such a function. And since the modules DLY and REV were liberalized, the question would be, if Stomps and Effects Presets should now be treated as one.

    If one intends to leverage building blocks to create another Rig, it can be achieved with a combination of module presets, locking, and selective browse. Locking of a whole section is redundant. Reshuffling effect modules can be achieved via Rig Manager 3 with more flexibility than the traditional move function within each section.

    Die Sache mit dem ungeschütztem RJ45-Stecker auf der PROFILER-Seite ist aber kein Argument für ein Fremdkabel mit demselben ungeschützten Steckertyp, sondern eher für einen Kabelbinder, um eine Zugentlastung herzustellen.

    First let me say, technically you are not assigning a compressor or an eq or any other effect type, but an effect module like A or X.

    The effect button toggles all assigned effect modules independently. So, if all assigned modules are currently on and you press the effect button, the modules will be switched off. If one is on while the other is off, pressing the effect button will switch off one and switch on the other. If you want to switch between those two effects, then store the Rig in a state, that one module is on and the other is off as a starting scene.

    You could switch on/off multiple effect modules via effect button and control their Mix via Morphing. So, while you are in base sound, module A would run at Mix 100%, while module X would run at 0% Mix. So when you toggle the effect modules on/off, only module A could be heard. In morph sound module A would run at Mix 0% and module X would run at 100% Mix and only module X could be hear, when both modules get activated.

    Assigning a third and a forth effect module works like assigning one and two. There are obviously only LEDs to reflect one and two. But on the last page of Rig Settings you see all four assignments.