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    You might have chosen Loop Stereo and are just feeding the return signal into the RETURN. Loop Stereo uses RETURN plus ALTERNATIVE IN.

    If your external gear is mono, use Loop Mono or Loop Distortion instead. If your external gear is stereo, use two cables, one for leftm one for right.

    I think, alls this information is in the Main Manual.

    For what concrete application? Generally, we don't intend to make the product more complicated for every user by adding bells and whistles all over the place for no obvious benefit for a significant amount of users.

    Wouldn't an analog volume pedal between guitar and PROFILER plus an expression pedal configured as Volume Pedal given its flexibility setting Location and Range by Rig cover even corner case applications? To generate controlled feedback on stage there is the possibility to use a second expression pedal to control Monitor Output Volume. And you could have a Wah Pedal with Wah Pedal Booster for boost applications in particular Rigs beside a normal Volume Pedal. Or you could use a Morphing Pedal to morph Gain, Drive, Rig Volume and other parameters.

    What is it exactly, that cannot be achieved with the portfolio of tools already available?

    Otherwise the thing is, manual intervention at the front panel is needed anyhow as you need to tweak Rig Volume before you store. And next time it's perhaps Treble or Gain or Delay Mix, which requires adjustment. So, just having a foot button for storing a Rig or Performance isn't really a complete solution.

    Be aware, that you could press the STORE button three times in a row quickly to store a Performance. You do not need to wait for the next screen. In Browser Mode pressing the STORE button two times quickly replaces the Rig currently loaded.

    I've installed the chip in my fcb1010. The default setting doesn't work: pedals 6-10 still send out program change messages. I've powered it up using 1+9 on startup, but no joy. System pages don't show any remote connected, all options greyed out.

    Have you really acquired the Uno4Kemper chip or the generic UNO chip offered by he same company?

    "kpbackup" is the new file extention and not compatible with older OS and Rig Manager versions, while "kpabackup" is the former file extention compatible with any OS and Rig Manager version.

    Your "Old toaster" which you created this backup with, must have been running a current OS.

    ad 1.

    Performance Mode: Performances have exactly 5 Slots. Slot 2-5 could be disabled, but there is no Slot 6.

    Browser Mode: The PROFILER organizes the Rigs according to current View and Sorting in banks of 5. That cannot be changed.

    Therefor a Rig Button 6 would be meaningless. However you could reassign the TAP button as Rig Up/RIg Down or Performance Up/Down.

    ad 2.

    You could place your Transpose in one of the effect modules e.g. module C, lock that module, so it becomes global. And then reassign the TAP button to that module C.

    Just to make sure .... while a PoE injector increases flexibility allowing to bridge longer distances and using any Etherent cables, Remotes work reliably without PoE as long as there is no defective hardware and the Ethernet cable meets specs - like the original cable.

    The setting of Input Source is irrelevant for wah effects. If Input Source and your cabling didn't match you wouldn't hear any guitar signal at all.

    You should be able to narrow in, if the issue is originated

    a. by the physical pedal and cabling or global configuration in System Settings

    b. the wah effect settings in module D.

    ad a.

    Global Settings in System Settings and Output Settings stick and don't need to be stored.

    To which PEDAL socket is the TRS cable connected? PEDAL 1 or 2?

    You don't need to configure both PEDAL sockets for Wah Pedal - just the one you plugged the TRS cable in. Identify that socket. That one is relevant, the other isn't.

    Pedal Type 1 is the Mode we recommend for any expression pedals except Yamaha.

    Function is Wah Pedal.

    Press Calibrate and perform a complete sweep of your expression pedal. The bar below Calibrate should reflect your move.

    If it doesn't, either the TRS cable or the BOSS pedal are defective or you used the wrong socket in your pedal, which can be both a classical volume pedal or an expression pedal. If the bar doesn't move, no wah effect will follow your pedal moves.

    ad b.

    The settings within the wah effect could be set in a way, that pedal moves are (nearly) irrelevant for the sound.

    Therefor start with one of the persistent wah presets e.g. Cry.

    Make sure module D is switched on.

    I guess, you don't pick your monitoring signal from an effect loop SEND engaged in module A, B, or C, pre the wah effect in module D.

    I also guess, you do not use Parallel Path in that Rig with Parallel Path Mix set to maximum, so bascially bypassing module D.

    These are Rig specific settings stored with a Rig. But if you never hear a wah effect modulated by your pedal it's not an issue of storing.

    I'm wondering, how the Input Source setting has impacted your wah experience!?

    Front INPUT has the right of way while a cable is plugged in, even if Input Source is set differently.

    And if you use the ALTERNATIVE IN as your guitar input, the wah effect sounds the same.

    You are using the term "wah fx". Are you referring to wah effect types or wah effect presets?

    The presets do include all settings and cannot sound completely off except you are perhaps using these in an unusual location or combination in the signal chain.