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    Im System-Menü auf der Seite Pedal Links kann man jederzeit kontrollieren, wo die Pedal-Controller stehen - auch der für das Volumenpedal. Auf der Seite kann man außerdem mit den Soft-Reglern Expression-Pedale simulieren. So lässt sich ein Fehler schnell eingrenzen.

    OS 7.1.0 public beta includes the following improvements:

    PROFILER Operating System

    User Interface

    fixed: no audio processing of MIDI control changes #1, 4, 7 received

    fixed: not restoring backups from USB memory drive while USB cable is plugged in and connected to PC/MAC

    changed: responsiveness of knobs when dialing parameter Pitch

    OS 7.0.9 is now available as release revision for all PROFILER models together with Rig Manager 2.3.13 release!

    7.0.9 comes with the following improvements:


    changed: improved timing of Tremolo

    User Interface

    fixed: Browser Mode asserting with MIDI program change > 127

    fixed: inconsistent background color when selecting effect category with TYPE pressed (Stage)

    fixed: MorphPedal >Wah with Bypass@Stop not working properly

    fixed: effect category and effect type assignment of TYPE knob not consistent across all effect modules

    fixed: Rig Tempo not always enabled/disabled correctly, if switching Slots fast in Performance Mode

    fixed: resets during startup not always functional (Stage)

    fixed: rate of expression pedal scanning too low (Stage)

    fixed: copy/paste of Stack Section not functional (Stack)

    fixed: migration of older Stomps and Effects Section presets during upgrade

    added: soft knobs 1, 2, 3 and 4 functional on Effects Selection Page

    changed: enhanced Ground Lift page (Stage)

    changed: second hit of EDIT button opens Effect Selection Page (Stage)

    changed: scanning of foot buttons improved further (Stage)

    You have either downloaded the OS for the Stage or the file got damaged during the download, unzip, store on USB memory stick process. If the file is ok, the upgrade process via USB memory stick is extremely reliable.

    The current Rig Manager revision might not be able to deal with OS 5.7.8 anymore.

    OS 7.0.8 is available as a release for PROFILER Stage and as a public beta for classical PROFILER models.

    These are the fixes compared to earlier 7.0 revisions:

    fixed: missing Rigs when previewing Performances via Rig Manager

    fixed: reliability of Rig Manager notifications

    fixed: clear morph function for EQ merged into amp module at Stage

    fixed: potential stack overflow after large number of Rig changes via MIDI

    fixed: occasional issues to export Rigs

    I received two "example files" with extention ".kipr" and cannot reproduce such issues. I can import one of the files into Rig MAnager 3.2.12 and from there into a PROFILER Stage running last OS.

    However the other example file is too small - just 2 KB - and cannot be a valid Rig file. Rigs have a size between 4 KB and 6 KB. So, this file got somehow damaged and cannot be imported.

    I made a factory reset to my Kemper where all the rigs and fx presets were deleted. I would like to get the FX presets back. Do I just drag'n'drop the Factory preset folder to My Profiler in the RM?

    And is there a way to load more than one Profile at a time to the Profiler? I have made some favorites in the RM Library, but only manage to import them one by one... Have I missed something?

    You can select multiple Rigs and drag & drop those in one go. The same applies to presets. Only Performances need to be moved one by one as you need to determine a destination for each Performance e. g. Performance 37.

    Don't know if this has been mentioned before...

    With OS 7 : when browsing and tweaking the profiles that are on my Kemper via Rig Manager and hit store, I'm only able to "store as". This means that I'm not able to replace the existing profile on my Kemper.

    Anyone else noticed this?

    This is currently a known limitation and it always has been. Store has never been referencing to a Rig in the PROFILER's browse pool, if loaded via Rig Manager. Before OS 7.0 the last Rig loaded via front panel could have been overwritten. If you for example loaded Rig "A" via front panel and then previewed Rig "S" via Rig Manager and selected Store/Replace, it replaced Rig "A" and as a result you lost Rig "A" and got two Rigs "S".

    The fact, that now there is just "Store As" available, makes this limitation explicit and avoids accidental overwrites.

    Yes, we have just introduced the possibility to edit effect presets, which has been a priority, because of their sheer amount. This whole logic around effect categories, types and presets with this new effect selection page, doesn't apply to input and output presets.

    Normally people use three or four output presets. Volumes are not included in output presets anyhow. There is only one output section, which is global. So practically, I don't see a big inconvenience.

    Backup and restore is for data and settings. The OS itself is not included. So for perfect compatibility, install identical OS versions on the systems you want to clone.

    Export and import is for individual Rigs.

    All these transactions can be performed between all PROFILER models. There are only little differences. A model without power amp doesn't show settings for the power amp. The Stage has different pedal assignments PEDAL 1-4, while other models have PEDAL 1-2 onboard plus PEDAL 3-6 for PROFILER Remote. The MONTIOR OUT of the Stage is stereo by definition - you could select mono sources. So,... there are a few items which you might want to check when you exchange backups between different models.

    Can we revisit this please?

    I am storing output profiles in browse mode on the KPA and there is no choice for "Replace". Indeed when a save an output profile it creates a new one with a duplicate name. This is not desirable behavior and I am wondering if there is some way to not have this happen.

    Thanks -Frank

    I guess, this is related to output presets. The replace feature has just been introduced for effect presets. It's not available for input and output presets. And I'm not convinced, this is really needed. How often do you need to modify your output presets and how many do you have?