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    The preinstalled factory effect presets don't appear in that list anymore. These are permanent. You just see your own effect presets there plus other preset types (input, output, amp, cabinet, stack).

    You picture doesn't show the editor area. Do a right click on one of the eight effect modules and select an effect by category, type and preset from that menu. Here you find the factory effect presets.

    The advantage of this new structure: Every user automatially enjoys an up-to-date and complete set of factory effect presets corresponding to the OS version installed.

    "UI to MIDI" activates a "storm" of MIDI messages. You can control a second PROFIELR with it and make it follow the first.

    Follow the instructions in paragraph

    Transmitting MIDI Commands to Two External Devices in Performance Mode

    on chapter MIDI and switch off "UI to MIDI" and "Pedals to MIDI".

    after updating to the latest os no sound from connected speaker..also only 60 presetes visible in RM

    This thread is inactive since 2017 and therefor cannot be related to any curent OS version.

    "No sound" issues can have many different reasons. Don't assume it's the software update, since thousands are already using that OS.

    The update does also not delete presets. Since OS 8.1 factory effect presets are permanent. You find these in Rig Manager in the selection menu for efffect categories, types and presets. Details can be found in t he Addendum manual chapter 8.1.

    We have elevated 8.7.3 to release level! It fixed a couple of issues compared to the earlier release 8.7.1.

    Rig Manager 3.2.70 for Windows(R)/macOS(R) and Rig Manager 1.2.0 for iOS(R) required!

    All PROFILER Stage units can generally be upgraded in one step.

    All other PROFILER models running OS 7.3 and higher can be upgraded in one step, too. Check the OS version currently installed on the last page of System Settings.

    PROFILER Head, Rack, PowerHead and PowerRack models running OS versions before 7.3 need to be upgraded in two steps. First install OS 7.3, then upgrade to OS 8.5. If you need to do this, you can find OS 7.3 on the download page under “Older Software Versions”.


    fixed: S/PDIF Volume disfunctional since 8.7.1

    User Interface

    fixed: last backup doesn't show up in restore list since 8.7.1

    You obviously do it with control change 24 as described in the manual. But you don't load another Rig the next moment, because that makes it meaningless.

    In the second picture I see, you are sending a CC#24 value 0 immediately followed by a bank select LSB + program change. Loading the new Slot will also load the effect modules included and therefor overwrite the module MOD off immediately. This order of commands is meanigless except if module MOD is locked.

    You are mixing bank select LSB +program change with fractions of control changes 52-54 (value 0).

    Either use the relative method to load Slots with CCs# 47-54 or the absolute method as described in the manual. As your software is capable of sending bank select and program changes I strongly recommend to stick to that method. It avoids complexities of CCs #50-54, which can load Slots and trigger Morphing, and which require to simulate button hits with value 1-127 and button releases with value 0 in a meaningful order.

    I don't understand what these General Purpose comands are and what the purpose of Notes Off is. The PROFILER doesn't understand these. Please don't send burst of meangless messages. Stick to bank select LSB + program change and CCs for effect module on/off e.g. #24 for module MOD.

    Just to let you know, that you are not limited to two effect module assignments per Effect Button. You can assign up to four. Only the first two are indicated by the LEDs.

    External buttons, which have global assignments could be one way. You could also consider Morphing. The Phaser has a Mix, that you could Morph using the Rig Buttons. If you morph Mix between 0% and 100% while Rise Time and Fall Time are set to 0, it's like off and on. Morphing is stored by Rig.

    My kemper is connected to a scarlett 6i6 thanks to two S/PDIF cables. I had some trouble some months ago, the sound was fine when I connected my headphone to the Kemper headphone connector, but very noisy when I connected my headphone to the scarlett headphone connector. I lowered the S/PDIF level until the noise disappeared. Since the last update, it is noisy once again. Then you understand why adjusting this level is mandatory.

    That seems like a problem of your interface. Have you tried lowering headphones volume at your Scarlett? The digital S/PDIF transmisssion at 0 dB doesn't produce noise as such. And that is the reason why we are asking.

    Both only work, if Input Source is set to "Alternative Input". Even with that setting the Front INPUT has the right of way.

    In opposition, the ALTERNATIVE IN works only as guitar input if Input Source is set to "Alternative Input". It has always followed that logic. And "Front Input" has always been the default setting. If your Input Source is set to "Alternative Input" and you havn't touched it, your wife or kids or somebody else did.

    If you hear a signal via the ALTERNATIVE IN while Input Source is set to "Front Input", you don't use it as a guitar input, but in its capacity as one side of an Loop Stereo return or Aux In.

    The PROFILER does an automatic level adjustment for this mixed application.

    If it is a powered PROFILER, the power amp is activated and "Monitor Stereo" plus "Kemper Kone Mode" are activated, we can assume that an unpowered KEMPER Kabinet is connected to the SPEAKER OUT and a powered KEMPER Kabinet is connected to the DIRECT OUT. There is no other meaningful application for this setup. In that case the signal at the SPEAKER OUT is lowered to match the level of the Power Kabinet. The level knob at the Power Kabinet needs to be set to full throttle.

    "Latest update" is a vague term since the revisions are a target constantly moving. We are at OS 8.7.3 and the button LEDs in pending mode are blinking in line with Tempo. If Tempo is activated, you see the TAP LED blinking simultaneously.

    The ALTERNATIVE INPUT is not plug and play. Input Source is set to Front INPUT by default. You need to change that.

    And make sure, the Aux In Mix controls Section are set to "Off" in the Output Sectiob - this is default. Otherwise ALTERNATIVE IN (and RETURN) work as Aux In.