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    Effekte kann man bei allen Modellen und allen OS-Versionen nur mittels TYPE und BROWSE auswählen und auch nur während eines der Effekt-Module A-REV geöffnet ist. Mit den Soft-Regler unter dem Display regelt man nur Parameter, z. B. auf den Home-Screens den Bas, Middle, Treble, Presence. Auf dem Home Screen wählt man mit TYPE eine Performance vor, muss die jedoch anschließend noch per Tastendruck laden. Und mit BROWSE wählt man auf den Home Screens ein Rig aus dem Browse Pool. Je nachdem, ob "AUtolaod" aktiviert ist, wird dieses Rig dann automatisch geladen oder man muss auch hier noch manuell "Load" drücken.

    Vielleicht möchtest Du einfach in den System Settings "Autolaod" abschalten.

    Normalerweise kann man direkt zur aktuellen OS Version updaten. Das wäre OS 8.0.2 Release.

    Bei klassischen Modellen (Head, Rack, PowerHead, PowerRack) gibt es zwei Ausnahmen, bei denen Zwischenschritte erforderlich sind:

    1. älter als 1.8.2 => erst 1.8.2 einspielen

    2. zwischen 1.8.2 und 7.3.2 => erst 7.3.2 einspielen

    Das heißt, im ungünstigsten Fall sind zwei Zwischenschritte erforderlich! Die Zwischenversionen findet man hier:

    Older Software Versions

    Beim PROFILER Stage sind keine Zwischenschritte nötig. Da kann man sofort auf die aktuelle Version updaten.

    Now we know, we are talking about Rig Manager and Slots.

    This is from the Main Manual chapter Performance Mode. It explains the rules around Slot Name and might explain the behavior you report:

    It helps to assign meaningful names to Performances and Slots. Depending on how you want to organize your sounds, Performances and Slots could, for example, carry names of songs and musical scenes, or amplifiers and amp channels. Be aware that as long as the Slot Name is identical to that of the loaded Rig, Slot Name will be automatically updated as soon as another Rig is loaded into that Slot. But if you have entered a Slot Name different to the Rig Name (for example “Solo”), it will stay untouched if you load another Rig into that Slot. However, there is a function called “Use Rig Name” on the Rename Slot screen, which allows you to reset Slot Name to Rig Name.

    I suspect, the manual reflects a later revision of Uno4Kemper. For example Morphing didn't even exist when Uno4kemper was first released. As far as I remember, this pedal flexibility - also the response curve flexibility of the pedals - was added in a later revision e.g. 1.3. Perhaps worth considering investing in a new eprom.

    You are mixing different concepts.

    Loading a Rig from browse pool into a Slot of a Performance works via BROWSE knob.

    Coyping a Rig from one Slot of Performance Mode into another Slot of Performance Mode hold the RIG button at your Stage and a coap/paste overlay will open.

    The Acoustic Simulator works in any mode.

    To copy an effect module incl. any effect e.g. Acoustic Simulator, open the modules and then hold the module button once again at your Stage another copy/paste overlay will appear.

    An effect can be loaded into an effect module by type (TYPE knob) or preset (BROWSE knob).

    I suggest you start reading the first pages of the manuals in order to understand basic operation and teminology.

    Ist sonst noch irgendetwas angeschlossen z. B an einer der PEDAL-Buchsen auf der Rückseite des PROFILERs? Vielleicht auch nur ein offenes Kabel?

    Ich würde mal ein PROFILER Backup erzeugen und mich vergewissern, dass das sauber durchgelaufen ist anhand der Dateigröße. Wenn Du schon andere Backups vom PROFILER hast, weißt Du ja, wie groß das ungefähr sein muss.

    Und dann ein Reset in den Auslieferungszustand. Mach bitte dazu ein Support-Ticket auf und wir schicken die Anweisung dazu. Du kannst auch gleich Dein Backup zum Check mitschicken.

    Ich vermute, dass da ein Hardwareproblem vorliegt. Im günstigsten Fall eine interne Steck- oder Kabelverbindung, die lose ist.... Aber das werden wir dann sehen.

    Then please consider a dedicated Volume Pedal, which gives you all the flexibility.

    Or, if you want to stick to one pedal, consider configuring the pedal as Wah Pedal, which also controls Pitch Pedal and Volume Pedal, and trigger Morphing via button instead of pedal.

    I still don't exactly understand, what you are trying to achieve behind the technical solution that you are suggesting. It appears as if you intend to exchange the defined roles of Effect Buttons (on/off switching) and Morphing (shifting continuous parameters between two values). But for which reason? Your Morphing shifts Mix to 0% which emulates switching off the effect. And you request, that Effect Buttons should be able to shift between two values, because your Morphing is occupied for emulating "on/off switching". What is exactly hindering you to use the free Effect Button for on/off switching instead and the Morphing function to shift Mix between two values x and y? As Morphing allows to shift parameters in multiple modules, Effect Buttons can switch on/off multiple modules.

    And why do you limit yourself to one Performance as you shared in the other thread? Why do all intended sound situations and morphing scenerios need to be built into just one Performance while 125 are available?

    Enabling multiple Morphings for the same parameter raises a few logical questions, if both Morphings cross. Let's say, Morphing A shifts Mix between 10 and 35% and Morphing B shifts Mix between 50 and 70%. If Morphing A is in Morph State and Morphing B is triggered into Morph State, what should happen? Should Mix immediately jump from 35% to 50% and shift from there to 70%? Or should Mix continuously shift to 70%? Or shift to 55% (35+20)? And is this predictible for the user and in line with other parameters being morphed simultaneously? Therefor even if we realized multiple Morphings, there might be a limitation that each continuous parameter can only be part of one Morphing at a time.

    I'm wondering if what you are looking for is not more like using Effect Buttons to switch between different complete effect on/off scenes, which frees up Morphing for what it is primarily made for.

    We use the term "preset" for local applications: input preset, effect preset, cabinet preset, output presets. The term for a file including the complete signal chain from Input to REV module is called "Rig". I'm read between the lines, that your intend is organising your Rig collection.

    Rig packs and preset packs are provided by us and you have read access.

    You can create folders in your Local Library to structure your collection and can mark Rigs as favorites.

    I must admit, I don't understand, what you are trying to achieve.

    Do you literally mean a "preset pack" or what we call a "Rig pack"?

    Are you referring to Rig packs in Rig Manager? Those are exclusively published by KEMPER.

    Are you planning to share your pack with other users? You are not authorized to share Rigs which are commerically offered by providers like Tone Junkie. You can publish a list with names of your favorite Rigs here in the forum at Commerial Rigs and PROFILEs.

    If morphing a volume in one of the effect modules A-D is not an option, please consider using Volume Pedal via a dedicated expression pedal. It allows to select the location within the signal chain by Rig. "Input" is one option. Sharing one expression pedal for several purposes always comes with some limitations. Often it fits, sometimes it doesn't.