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    The option "WahPedal to Pitch" can be found on the page Pedal Links in System Settings. It has never been on the Volume Pedal page in Rig Settings as it isn't even related to volume pedal.

    What kind of switch is connected to PEDAL 6? Is it a Mission with a toe switch?

    Have you tried to press Calibrate and then switch?

    Have you tested with another TS cable?You cn also try to disconnect the TS acble ont he pedal side and close the contacts between tip and sleeve with a paper clip. Does it switch now?

    Our reverse delay folows the same principle as most other reverse delays.

    If the whole phrase gets reversed instead, this introduces a few timing challenges for the player. Could you show us examples of a reverse phrase delay used in musical context? We don't intend to add effect types, which are only nice in theory.;)

    Updating your classical PROFILER have you taken the interim step via OS 7.3.2? The hint, that this interim step is required is included in every upgrade related download, message and document.

    If you forgot the interim step, open a support ticket and receive instructions how to perform a cold start with OS 7.3.2 to set the basis for the latest OS.

    Again, this interim step matter only applies to classical POFILER models.

    The PROFILER doesn't enforce unique Rig names. So, there could be multiple Rigs with differenet settings but identical name. If you store a Rig from Performance Mode into your browse pool you don't necessarily intend to overwrite the former version - if this still exists. You can always distinguish the Rig versions looking at their creation date.

    Just to be clear: This special cold start with kaos.bin in root directory of USB flash drive is only required, if the must-do interim step to upgrade via OS 7.3.2 had been forgotten. If you follow the documented steps right from the beginning from OS 7.2 to OS 7.3.2 and then further to OS 7.5.4 you can keep storing the various kaos.bin versions in the OS Update folder.

    Anyhow, this whole interim step matter only applies to classical PROFILER models. Stage users don't need to take an interim upgrade step.

    I screened manuals of HX Stomp and POD Go and didn't find any evidence, that these devices can send MIDI. It appears, they can just receive MIDI.

    I also think, it is not an effective approach to mix such redundent digitial devices without - at least without very concrete reason. Otherwise you might just be adding complexitiy and latency. Why can't you use the PROFILER as your all in one device?

    Dass sich Dein externer Schalter auf den PROFILER nur bei jeder zweiten Betätigung auswirkt, spricht dafür, dass es kein Taster (momentary), sondern ein Schalter (rastet ein = latching) ist. Der PROFILER funktioniert nur richtig mit einem Taster. Darauf weisen wir auch in allen Dokumenten hin. Und das richtige Mission EP-1 KP besitzt auch einen Taster. Es gibt aber andere Modelle von Mission, die einen Schalter verbaut haben.

    Du kannst das ganz einfach verifizieren: Schließe ein TS-Kabel an einen der PEDAL-Anschlüsse an und konfiguriere den Anschluß als Taster für das Modul mit dem Effekt, den Du an- und ausschalten möchtest. Sobald Du die Kontakte am offenen Klinkenstecker z. B. mit einer Büroklammer kurz schließt und wieder öffnest, sollte der PROFILER schalten, immer abwechselnd, an, aus, an, aus usw.. So simulierst Du einen Taster. Mehr passiert da nicht.

    Zum Thema Anschluß und Konfiguration von Expression-Pedalen gibt es neben dem Handbuch auch Tutorial Videos von uns. Und zu dem Spezialfall Mission EP-1 KP gibt es auch Spezialvideos von Mission auf Youtube.

    Symtoms like headachas could have various root causes and are not always the "same issue". Loosing sound could have many different reasons e.g. a loose contact in a cable ....

    patvalley The situation you are describing is intended while Tuner Mode is activated and "Mute Signal" is activated. If you leave Tuner Mode the sound returns. The situation is also normal, if your Mission EP1 is in heel position and controls Volume Pedal. If you are sharing your EP1 for wah and volume ("WahPedal to Volume" ) I guess there is a risk to loose oversight, what is causing drop of volume. If you for example disable a wah effect while the pedal rests in heel position, the pedal transforms into a volume pedal and the slightest move could turn pedal volume down. This again is intended behavior. You can check the current level of volume pedal on page Pedal Links in System Settings.

    I've not seen any indication provided by ofirlidor that Tuner Mode nor an expression pedal are involved in his case.

    We are not aware of any related software anomaly in current OS versions.

    High gain Rigs generally don't sound clean. Like with a real tube amp the gain you hear is depending on the output level of your guitar and perhaps a volume pedal plugged between guitar and PROFILER. If you select location "Input" or "Pre Stack" for the built-in volume pedal within Rig Settings, you could also lower the gain with that pedal. It behaves like a volume pedal between guitar and tube amp.

    The column Gain in the Rig Manager area reflects the stored gain level of hte Rigs. If you bring one of those Rigs into focus, the Gain level moves with the GAIN knob on the front panel as well as the Gain control within the amp module in the lower Editor area. It's all the same Gain.

    The Master Volume knob controls exactly those output volumes which are linked to it. You can check this watching the respective volumes in the Output Section.

    The LED ring reflects one output volume, which you determine with "Vol. LED Collar" in System Settings. Default is Main Output Volume.

    Are you referring to any particular output volume e. g. Monitor Output Volume?

    Which output are you using for monitoring and at which level is its corresponding output volume?

    Is the OUTPUT LED still indicating your playing like the INPUT LED does?

    At which level is pedal volume? Check page Pedal Links in System Setting (or Pedal Settings if you own a PROFILER Stage). If pedal volume is down, investigate if any equipment is connected causing this.

    Any effect loop configured and external signal chain interrupted?

    Das kann nicht richtig funktionieren und steht auch nicht so im Handbuch.

    Wenn Du den Looper innerhalb der Signalkette des PROFILERs einschleifen möchtest - also eine Effect Loop verwendest - steht Dir nur der SEND/DIRECT OUTPUT zur Verfügung und der ist mono. Es gibt keinen Stereo-Send bei den Effect Loops. Das Signal am MONITOR OUT ist etwas völlig anderes, hat mit Effect Loop nichts zu tun und richtet sich nach der eingestellten Output Source.

    drduesenberg hat die einzige Möglichkeit aufgezeigt, wie man bewerkstelligen kann, dass der Looper ein Stereo-Eingangssignal bekommt.