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    We have published a new public beta 8.7.15 with one additional fix:


    fixed: rare loss of sound during Slot change in Performance Mode

    OS 8.7.15 works with the same Rig Manager revisions as earlier 8.7 revisions.

    Follow the signal chain:

    Is there any input signal (INPUT LED)?

    Guitar and guitar cable?

    Correct input socket used and Input Source set accordingly?

    At which level is Volume Pedal?

    Any external gear looped in? What if take this out of the loop and disengage Effect Loops.

    At which level is output volume?

    Have your tried to restart?

    You rename them in the upper right corner

    There are multiple ways to rename a Rig.

    In the scenario shown on that picture - Rig resides in MyProfiler and is selected (green line without headphones icon) - you should be able to enter another string in the box marked yellow in your picture and press enter at your keyboard. Enter is sufficient. The Rig gets immediately overwritten with its new name. Selecting, changing any tag and overwriting with the Enter key of the computer keyboard can also be done with multiple Rigs in one go and while no PROFILER is connected.

    Be aware, that the editor area with the store buttons at the bottom relate to the Rig currently loaded, which is marked with a headphones icon in Rig Manager and gets displayed on the screen of the PROFILER. Editor area and store buttons are only available in Rig Manager while a PROFILER is connected. If a Rig is loaded, you can also change its Rig Name like above and overwrite pressing Enter at the computer keyboard, but only as long as the Rig has not been edited. As soon as you edit a Rig e.g. increasing Gain level or selecting another effect typ in module C, the line with the Rig marked with the headphones icon changes from green to red and the Replace button at the bottom gets activated. If you now change a tag like Rig Name and press Enter, the change will not get immediately stored, but will affect the edited state of the Rig. If you press Replace at the bottom at any time, the new Rig NAme will be stored together with the new Gain level and new effect type in module C.

    While this might sound complicated, it should be very intuitive in the day to day use.

    Not sure, what you mean!?

    "Volume Pedal" is a page within Rig settings. So it's by Rig. Settings like Pedal Location and Pedal Range could vary by Rig.

    However, you can lock these settings. And locking works seperately for Browser Mode and Performance Mode. You could lock Volume PEdal or Input Section in Browser Mode while keeping it unlocked and therefor by Rig in Performance Mode.

    We have just published a new public beta 8.7.14 with the following adjustments:


    changed: S/PDIF OUTPUT volume increased to level before OS 8.7.13

    changed: S/PDIF OUTPUT not impacted by Main Output EQ anymore

    OS 8.7.14 works with the same Rig Manager revisions as earlier 8.7 revisions.

    Disconnect the pedal including its cable to see if that fixes the issue.

    Also check, if the issue is Rig or Mode specific. Perhaps Volume Pedal Range is set below zero in some Rigs and above zero in others. Values above zero transform the pedal into a booster pedal.

    Some of you were searching for the Rigs Thomas Dill is using in his That TONE SHOW videos. These are now available as Rig pack in Rig Manager as well as at the KEMPER download page.

    In current Rig Manager versions, you can only assemble a Performance - load other Rigs into its Slots - while the Performance is loaded. This means your PROFILER is connected, in Performance Mode and the same Performance gets displayed at the display. In the Rig Manager list at the top the Performance is marked by a headphone icon. This way you can check out the sound while you adjust. And the Editor at the bottom relates to that very same Slot. So you can immediately edit the sound.

    While a Performance is loaded in the PROFILER, edits like putting other Rigs into the Slots or adjusting settings requires an explicit STORE: Either using the button at the front panel or the buttons at the bottom of the Editor.

    It turned out, that these Performances are not sorted by their numbers anymore - although it might appear that way. Look at the small arrow at the top row column "Comment". Since the Comment tags are empty, the sort order practically has not changed. However, you can only reshuffle Performances, if these are in location MyProfiler and sorted by their numbers. While Performances are for example sorted by their name, it makes no sense to move a Performance A between Performance M and Performance N.

    Even if "No Cab" is not selected, the PROFILING algorithm detects Direct PROFILEs automatically, if the typical character of a guitar speaker cabinet is missing. This could be the case if you for example create a PROFILE of a bass amplifier with a PA type cabinet (woofer plus tweeter). If the cabinet is linear, it might not be recognized as such, but in that case it's irrelevant anyhow.

    If you are creating PROFILEs including guitar speaker cabinets and those are not recognized, please open a support ticket here and attach an example of such a PROFILE.