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    The Reference Manual has been obsoleted and replaced by the Main Manual, which is called "Das Große Handbuch" in German. This happened a while ago and since OS 5.5.

    This Effect Button behavior is described in both. Here the text from the current Das große Handbuch:

    Ein- und Ausschalten von Effektmodulen

    Die Effekttaster schalten die zugewiesenen Effektmodule unabhängig voneinander und ausgehend von ihrem aktuellen Zustand an und aus. Man kann also nicht nur mehrere Effektmodule gleichzeitig ein- bzw. ausschalten. Es ist auch möglich Module auszuschalten, während man gleichzeitig andere Module einschaltet. Die unteren weißen LEDs zeigen dabei die Schaltzustände der ersten beiden zugewiesenen Effektmodule an.

    I suggest you use current manuals in order to avoid such confusions.

    Mit aktuellem OS hat man beim Stage einen Copy/Paste Funktion für die Module auch ohne Rig Manager. Man muss nur den betreffenden Modul-Taster etwas länger drücken, während das Modul schon offen ist. Also z. B. X öffnen, dann noch einmal den Taster von X drücken. Jetzt öffnet sich eine Maske mit Copy/Paste.

    Im Performance Mode findet man unter Edit/Slot Settings/Move Slot.

    It sounds like the file got corrupted during the downlaod process or your USB memory stick has an issue.

    Not sure, what you mean by "blank thumbdrive". If the USB memory stick has been prepared for use with the PROFILER following our instructions, it isn't blank, but has three folders: Shared, Backups, OS Update.

    Make sure the current OS on your PROFIELR is at least OS 1.8.2. If the current OS is older, 1.8.2 needs to be installed first. This revision is available on our downlaod page under Older Software Versions for this purpose.

    I don't know, how you performed "a data wipe" on your PROFILER and if you did, why are you surprised, that no amps are left. And referring to "amps" …. do you really mean amps in terms of amplifier presets or Rigs?

    If you intend to import Rigs, then copy/paste or drag/drop Rigs from the Local Library of Rig Manager into MyProfiler under Rigs. If you itnent to import amplifier presets you can select those from the Local Library and import those into MyProfiler under presets.

    If you unintentionally erased you data, you could also restore your latest PROFILER backup.

    Ich kann das unter OS 7.1.8 nur dann beobachten, wenn ich an einer Performance etwas verändere, z. B. mit einem Effect Button ein Modul an- oder abschalte oder ein Tempo eintappe, und nur so lange, bis ich die Performance wieder frisch lade.

    Ignorieren Sie einfach mal die Performance, die nach dem Start erscheint. Diese Performance spiegelt ja nicht (!) den gespeicherten Zustand wieder. Einfach einmal nach dem Neustart eine Performance frisch laden.

    Yes, when you send redundant CCs and reload the same Slot, that intentionally triggers Morphing. You cannot reload the currently loaded and perhaps in a performance edited Slot, except if you disable "Rig Button Morph". If you use bank select+program change you always load/reload that Slot and can control Morphing via CC# 80.

    I wouldn't recommend those control changes (#47-54), if you are using Ableton to send MIDI. Those are designed for use with some MIDI foot controllers with limited capabilities. With Ableton I would recommend to use combinations of bank select LSB (CC# 32) and program changes to directly load any of the 625 Slots in Performance Mode. You see the address of each Slot in the dark box on the left of the display while no Remote is connected. Details can be found in the Main Manual chapter MIDI.

    You don't need to connect a PROFILER to mark Rigs as favorites in Rig Manager. But perhaps you havn't entered an Owner Name under Rig Manager preferences yet. Your favorites don't become somebody else's favorites and vice verse, if Rigs get exchanged. The whole favorite logic is linked to Owner Name. That's also why you normally want to make sure, that the PROFILER's Owner Name and Rig Manager's Owner Name are identical. Rig Manager will suggest that, if both are different.

    There is currently no "Factory Presets" button in the OS. Sorry! Caused by the fact that the code is constantly increasing, we have to redesign that content management and this took longer than expected. That is in the plan, but you can simply import Rigs and presets included in the current pre-installed factory state via Rig Manager.

    Founded in the early 90s by Willi Dammeier and Rüdiger Klose, the „Institut für Wohlklangforschung“ in Hanover has built an International reputation, hosting renowned producers for a large variety of musical genres that recorded and produced in Hanover like Grailknights, Apoptygma Berzerk, The Beauty of Gemina, Colourhaze and many more. All PROFILETMs of this Rig pack are original sounds used in productions and often live. The sounds were captured using a very unique hand-built microphone from South Africa, the Tul G12. The Tul G12 was designed to capture the sound of a guitar cabinet as if a classic combination of three mics was being used. Just by pointing it straight at the cone of the speaker, the Tul G12 captures a wide range of characteristics in one single go, taking most of the guesswork out of properly mic’ing a guitar cabinet.

    This Rig pack includes 22 Rigs for guitar and 5 Rigs for bass.