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    Be aware, that in order to activate the Tuner via Volume Pedal's heel position a few conditions need to be met:
    1. The global option "[email protected] 0" needs to be activated. This option has been added in software revision 4.2.0.
    2. The pedal needs to really go down to 0 in heel position. This can be an issue of calibration or the pedal itself includes a pot which allows to limit its minimum. This M-Audio pedal seems to have a switch for polarity, perhaps that is screwed. Or the Volume Pedal Range is not set to -5 in the Rig currently loaded. All these could be reasons, why the pedal doesn't go down to 0 and therefor Tuner doesn't get activated. It's very easy to check this on page Pedal Links in the System Menu. Check if the value above soft knob 3 is really 0, while your pedal rests in heel position.

    It sometimes appears, that users are looking for a higher number of buttons to switch effects on/off than the number of Effects Modules there are.

    The Profiler offers 8 Effect Modules. The question is, is there any Rig where it is meaningful to switch on/off each of these Modules individually incl. Reverb. The Remote offers 4 Effect Buttons, but each of these buttons could switch multiple Modules simultaneously (also inversely) and each of their assignments could vary by Rig. This should be sufficient to exhaust the practical "sound" possibilities of any Rig.

    Don't forget, that the Rig Buttons could be used to trigger Morphing, when hit subsequently. If you set Rise Time and Fall Time of Morphing to 0 and morph just the Mix of Effects, this would be similar to switching effects on/off.

    And the Remote allows to connect additional Dual Switches, which could assume additional switching functions globally.

    Please find Public Beta under Operating System Beta Revisions.

    Rig Managers 1.6 revisions are required minimum!

    This operating system introduces the following new features and fixes:


    added: new Pitch Shifter Delay Types Crystal Delay, Loop Pitch Delay, Frequency Shifter Delay, Dual Chromatic Delay, Dual Harmonic Delay, Dual Loop Pitch Delay, Melody Chromatic Delay, Melody Harmonic Delay, Quad Chromatic Delay, Quad Harmonic Delay (details about these pitch shifter delay types and their parameters can be found in Addendum 5.1)
    fixed: anomalies of Metal DS
    fixed: anomalies of Delay Mix setting at 100% (wet)
    fixed: Fuzz DS potentially causing DSP outages

    User Interface

    changed: color coding; Pitch Shifter Delays indicated as light green, Effect Loops as pink, and Pitch Shifters as white
    fixed: accidental loss of volume, when Remote starts and expression pedal is connected, which is configured as Volume Pedal
    fixed: Pitch Pedal reset to 0 during Rig/Slot change, if linked to Wah Pedal or Morph Pedal (“WahPedal to Pitch”, “MorphPedal to Pitch”)

    Factory Content (enclosed in software*)

    added: Pitch Shifter Delay Presets embedded in operating system

    * All Factory Rigs and Presets embedded in this operating system can be imported via function “Factory Rigs” in the System Settings in one go. If you prefer to import Rigs selectively, please import Pitch Shifter Delay Demonstration Preset Pack included in this upgrade package via USB stick.

    We cannot guarantee that under all circumstances just pulling the power cable will never cause data integrity issues. It's never recommended with any computer.

    Depending on the model (especially Profilers with built in power amps) air circulation is another aspect to take into consideration. Otherwise the built in power amp's protection against overheating might get activated.

    We just published a new Rig Pack including 25 Rigs provided by Rigbusters.
    "Rigbusters is a project with one goal: To catch the amazing tone of the best stompboxes out there! While everyone else was focusing on some of the best amplifiers on the planet, we thought: Stompboxes! Why don’t we profile those smooth, silky and creamy overdrives that all the guitarists love? To do that, we needed an amp sounding as clean and transparent as possible to catch the pure tone of these great OD pedals. And this is where our story begins..."

    The first Performance that shows up after a restart isn't the Performance as stored and memorized, but the Performance edit buffer, which is maintained during a restart cycle. So it might reflect edits, that you did before the shut down.

    We had an issue affecting that edit buffer, which should have been solved with revision 4.0.6.

    We have never seen inconsistencies regarding stored Performances.

    These volume issues seem to be a mixed bag of completely unrelated items:

    @prsgary is reporting, that his output settings changed by itself. Outputs were suddenly unlinked from Master Volume and had extremely low level. We have never observed such a situation and it's honestly hard to imagine. Unintended load of another Output Preset could be one explanation. Just turn the BROWSE knob, while the Output Section is open and Autoload is activated and different output settings might take effect. Or restore another backup. We don't know any other way to change output settings.

    @OneEng1 Pedal Volume at 0 after restart. During a restart Pedal Volume is reset to max. The level of Pedal Volume could be verified in the System Settings. Is the expression pedal really at toe position, while the volume bar is at minimum? Is it a dedicated Volume Pedal or a Wah Pedal with Volume linked to it? Is the cable intact and has it been correctly plugged in right from the start? Or are you using an expression pedal with a built in pot to limit its range like for example the Roland EV-5? Make sure, the pedal works at full range.

    @Skebarist Loss of input signal looks like another issue. Is the Input LED really indicating a low input signal or could this be another Volume Pedal issue? By default the Volume Pedal Location is set to Pre Stomps, which might feel like low guitar level. Volume Pedal Location and Range could differ by Rig. Locking or unlocking the Volume Pedal might cause surprises, if suddenly different Location or Range take effect. Locking in Browse Mode and Performance Mode are separated, which could be another trap. Please check Input LED and the level of Pedal Volume in the System Settings.

    @ClaudioT Master Volume behavior. Well explained by Robrecht. Master Volume doesn't follow a dB scale. If multiple outputs are linked to Master Volume one could be "under water" while Master Volume maintains the relative level amongst the linked output volumes. This is intentional.

    @ewrath2 Power Amp Boost issue. Known issue, which should be fixed since 5.0.3 Release. It's mentioned in the release notes.

    If you still have an issue, please open a support ticket and we approach this one by one.

    I'm using Uno4Kemper and never experienced such behavior. And many others do.

    I know, that the MIDI channels need to be set like described in the Uno4Kemper manual. What you want to avoid is creating a MIDI loop, so that some of the signals being returned from the Profiler to report status back to the footcontroller, which then sets its LEDs accordingly, are then again returned to the Profiler, which might trigger a continuous back and forth communication.

    If you should own a PowerRack or PowerHead don't connect it's SPEAKER OUTPUT to any grounded device. That could damage the internal power amp. This output is just for unpowered speakers.

    So you should feed your FX return from any of the line level outputs e. g. MONITOR OUTPUT.

    Just highlights how different we all use the KPA. The behavior you describe in performance mode regarding the slots, is the way i want the slots to be able to behave in browse mode. With the "keep state" as a selectable option for each slot.

    Browse Mode? So your expectation is, that the Profiler would memorize the interim state of possibly up to 1000 Rigs in the Browse Pool beside their stored state? And you would keep oversight?

    Input settings are locked in browse-mode, and I experience huge differences in volume between rigs that were previously volume-matched.
    In perf-mode input settings are unlocked, but all the rigs in question have their input senses at 0dB. Locking makes no difference. I don't know whether the settings were locked or not before the last upgrade. Would have to downgrade and restore an old backup to check.

    Locking in Browse Mode and Performance Mode are and have always been independent. By default - if the unit is brandnew or a reset of global settings has been performed - everything is unlocked (all Modules, Sections, Tempo, Volume Pedal) in Browse Mode as well as in Performance Mode with one exception, which is the Input Section in Browse Mode. This one is locked by default. By default Clean Sens and Distortion Sens are both locked at 0.0 dB and Input Noise Gate at 0 in Browse Mode. However, that could be changed by the user. So if the user sets locked Clean Sens to +6.0 dB in Browse Mode, this will affect all Rigs loaded in Browse Mode and even be stored with the Rig, if the Rig gets stored. If you unlock the Input Section, Clean Sens, Distortion Sens and Noise Gate levels stored in the Rigs are taking effect. In all our Factory Rigs those are originally stored at 0. But if you have created your own Rigs, downloaded Rigs from the Rig Exchange or acquired commercial Rig Packs, their values could be different.

    Any backup does include all global settings. If you restore an old backup, also its locking will take effect. So there is no need to downgrade.

    As soon as you change your guitar, use other pickups, turn up or down the guitar's volume pot or push the strings harder, the volume balance between clean and distorted Rigs might change and might require an adaptation of Clean Sens.

    There had been a bug specifically related to Power Amp Boost. It's setting had been forgotten during restarts. But that bug could only affect the SPEAKER OUTPUT and the MONITOR OUTPUT. No other outputs. That one is fixed in 5.0.3 Public Beta.

    Do you realize, that the Profiler doesn't immediately shutdown, if you accidentally switch the chickenhead into Off position? There is a screen indicating, that the Profiler will shut down after about 3- 4 seconds and a bar reflecting the progress. So if you should accidentally turn the chickenhead beyond Tuner, there is plenty of time to correct that.