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    The Uno4Kemper firmware is leveraging MIDI control change # 48/49 in order to step or scroll up/down the list of performances. And these follow currently the same logic as if you would use the navigation cross up/down buttons. If you had for example loaded slot 4 before, slot 4 will be loaded again in another performance. We are considering changing this logic and offering a user preference:

    a. Slot 1 is loaded immediately as soon as another performance has been selected.

    b. No slot is loaded when another performance has been selected until one of the five slots is explicitely selected. This way people could already navigate to another performance while they keep playing the slot/rig currently loaded.

    This has nothing to do with MIDI bank select followed by a program change #, which can be used to adress any of the 625 slots directly - if your controller has such capabilities. Stepping through the internal patch banks of a footcontroller like Roland FC 300 is even another subject. The Uno4Kemper firmware totally overcomes any internal patch architecture, which is limited to 100 patches within the standard FCB1010. This way Uno4Kemper can scroll through all 125 performances and select all 625 slots of our Performance Mode.

    ad 2: Is it possible, that you accidentally stored the performance into another performance destination by turning the Destination knob after the first Store or that you copied another Default Perfermance over your performance this way? Otherwise please open a support ticket and send a backup with a concrete example (number and name of performance, which 'disappeared').

    ad 3: Are you aware that the Noise Gate is part of the input section? So if the Input Section is locked the current Noise Gate value will overwrite values stored in the rigs/slots. If you store the performance at this time consequently the locked values will be stored.

    ad 4: Are you absolutely sure, that you pushed the Store button 3 times before you switched to another performance, didn't exit the performance name edit screen using the Exit button instead of Store, and didn't store the performance into another destination?

    I'm not positive about this, but I thought I'd post it here in case it helps someone else. I tend to keep all my backups on the USB stick, though I do copy them to my computer as well. I figured having them in both places would provide additional protection against losing them. I just had a case where I went to restore the latest backup and the lunchbox just hung when I pressed the Restore button, then eventually went to the startup screen and stayed there. I tried this several times, and even reloaded the OS. Then it dawned on me that the latest OS has an option for letting you choose which backup you wish to restore. I wondered if there were just too many on the stick for it to handle, so whacked all but the latest two. After that, the restore worked perfectly. It's possible that something else was at issue here, but I'm betting not.

    I cannot reproduce any issues copying all my available backups to the Backup folder of my USB-stick. Would be usefull to know, where you think the limit is. How many backups were stored on the USB-stick, when you experienced the issue and before you deleted two?

    One additional point: Do you still have the backup-file, that you had selected to restore before the issue occured? If so, could you please open a ticket and send that one backup file.

    In Browse Mode a Stereo Switch (e. g. BOSS FS-6) can be used to step through the rigs. So far this 'Rig Up/Down' setting has no effect in Performance Mode. But this is on the enhancement list for one of our next firmware versions.

    I also use just 2 performances for an entire set in performance mode and think it's a nice way for organizing all my rigs in one place, also if I want to experiment with several different versions of a certain rig I can audition them in browse mode and when I make my decision I can load the chosen version to the appropriate performance mode slot. So for me a larger display of the current slot would be useful as well

    If you just need less than 10 different sounds for an entire set, could you store them in the first Slots of 10 Performances? This way you could leverage the larger display of the Performance name. Within each of those Performances you could experiment with several different versions of a certain rig and then use the Arrange Slots function to move the preferred rig into Slot 1.

    After researching the possibilites handling an exchange program we had to realise that all the units would loose their safety certificates for electrical devices. This is why we offer a rebate for all registered owners of non powered Profiler Heads and Racks purchased before May 5th, 2013. Registered owners can order a powered version from the Kemper Online store with a rebate of Euro 350,- USD 440,- . Each serial number is vaild for this rebate only once! This offer will be in place until December 31st, 2013.

    You can find detailed information incl. Upgrade Application Form on our News page:

    No, Space is meant to improve the listening experience through headphones mainly. It's not designed as another reverb to be used for your sound creation and live purposes. Consequently it cannot be controlled via MIDI. Please use the Reverb in teh Effects section for such purposes.

    the assignments of the switches 6-10 are flexible but global. If these would be rig-specific, the floorboard (and by the way the user as well) would need to memorize up to 625 different settings (125 performances 5 slots each) and these would need to be administered in the floorboard - overall 3125 possible switch assignments!!! You can assign any supported MIDI Control Change number to any of the five switches globally e. g. Slot A, Slot D, Slot X, Delay, Tap Tempo or Tap Tempo, Slot D, Mod, Delay, Reverb. If you want to control Rotary Speed just for one particular song you could consider changing the switch assignment on the floorboard temporarily on the fly. It's that simple.

    The pedals have fixed assignments to control volume and Wah. However since firmware 2.0.0 the Profiler supports leveraging the Wah pedal to control Pitch. You just need to set the associated flag in the System menu of the Profiler and if there is rig with Pedal Pitch and no Wah, the Wah pedal will automatically control pitch.

    This firmware introduces the following new features, improvements, and fixes.

    User Interface

    - added: Restore allows to select between one of the backup archives stored on USB-stick
    - added: continuous pedal calibration
    - fixed: while in Performance mode temporary Tuner mode triggered by pedal volume = 0 doesn’t accidentally switch into Browse mode anymore


    - added: Stereo parameter in Chromatic and Harmonic Pitch (only available in Effects section)
    - changed: Aux In now independent of rig volume and Space parameter
    - fixed: avoiding ‘clicks’ that had been experienced by some users

    I'm pretty sure that if you've modified any of them that the original will indeed be copied in, so those would be duplicates.

    True, when you modify and replace a rig, it will get a new time stamp. In that case the original will be imported, because it's not a duplicate. Duplicates as defined by same name and same time stamp will not get imported.

    1. The "old" way is you can assign them using the system menu to any rig. You would then keep the unit in browse mode when a midi controller is connected. This certainly works but if you want the same rig in 2 different locations you either need to custom program that patch in your controller or you have to save it as another rig and assign it a new number.

    ... by the way ... it is possible to assign multiple MIDI program change numbers to the same rig in the Browse pool. Only the first number will get display in the little box on the main screen, but you can always check the assignments on page 5/9 of the System menu. This is no new feature ....

    Can I install just the stomp/reverb/delay etc presets without installing the rigs:)

    No, the import of factory rigs will import all factory content (rigs and presets), which is currently not in your Browse pool. However the factory presets should be there anyhow, if you didn't manually delete any. Enclosed in the firmware download package is a reference list of all factory presets for Stomp/Effects/Delay/Reverb. So you can check if anything is missing.

    There should be 123 Stomp/Effect presets, 13 Delay presets, 14 Reverb presets, 7 Amp presets, 12 Cabinet presets, and 11 Stack presets .... plus those, that you might have created yourself.

    This is a guess, but I think the rigs are stored in the new 2.0 Kaos.bin , then the internal system procedure will transfer them from Kaos.bin file etheir directly , or by being tranfered to some kind of EEPROM where factory rigs are stored for future usage/restore (this eprom will resist to factory system reset).

    Just to confirm, that any firmware (KAOS.BIN) does include all factory content (factory rigs, factory presets, and factory MIDI assignments).

    If your browse pool is completely empty, all factory content will be restored, as soon as you push the button 'Factory Rigs' in the System menu. If you have any rigs or presets in your browse pool an incremental import will be initiated instead. So only those factory rigs and factory presets, which are currently not in your browse pool, will be added.

    The factory content is evolving. Firmware 2.0.0 for example does include 376 factory rigs, 123 stomp/effect presets, and more presets for delay, reverb, amp, cab, and stack. For detailed information regarding what factory content has been added and what has been taken out please refer to the Release Notes included in the download package.

    Note as well if you up grade to this Firmware you can not downgrade to 1.7!!!!

    That is NOT a true statement! Downgrade to 1.7 is blocked under very specific conditions only. Anyhow the latest release is 1.8.2, which could be downgraded to under all circumstances.


    There are two completely new rig packs available for download: The Amp Factory Rig Pack II and Pitch Demo Rig Pack
    Both are also included in firmware 2.0.0. So you can either import these by upgrading to 2.0.0 and pushing the button 'Factory Rigs' in the System menu. Or you can selectively import by downloading and unzipping these rig packs, and copying those rigs, that you want to import into the Shared folder of your USB-stick, and then initiate an Import.

    The pack Legacy Factory Rigs 2012 does include 60 rigs, which are no longer included in firmware 2.0.0. This legacy rig archive might be of interest to users whose Kemper Profiler shipped with firmware 2.0.0 or higher. All others should find these factory rigs already in their Browse pool, unless they have been previously deleted.