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    Can I install just the stomp/reverb/delay etc presets without installing the rigs:)

    No, the import of factory rigs will import all factory content (rigs and presets), which is currently not in your Browse pool. However the factory presets should be there anyhow, if you didn't manually delete any. Enclosed in the firmware download package is a reference list of all factory presets for Stomp/Effects/Delay/Reverb. So you can check if anything is missing.

    There should be 123 Stomp/Effect presets, 13 Delay presets, 14 Reverb presets, 7 Amp presets, 12 Cabinet presets, and 11 Stack presets .... plus those, that you might have created yourself.

    This is a guess, but I think the rigs are stored in the new 2.0 Kaos.bin , then the internal system procedure will transfer them from Kaos.bin file etheir directly , or by being tranfered to some kind of EEPROM where factory rigs are stored for future usage/restore (this eprom will resist to factory system reset).

    Just to confirm, that any firmware (KAOS.BIN) does include all factory content (factory rigs, factory presets, and factory MIDI assignments).

    If your browse pool is completely empty, all factory content will be restored, as soon as you push the button 'Factory Rigs' in the System menu. If you have any rigs or presets in your browse pool an incremental import will be initiated instead. So only those factory rigs and factory presets, which are currently not in your browse pool, will be added.

    The factory content is evolving. Firmware 2.0.0 for example does include 376 factory rigs, 123 stomp/effect presets, and more presets for delay, reverb, amp, cab, and stack. For detailed information regarding what factory content has been added and what has been taken out please refer to the Release Notes included in the download package.

    Note as well if you up grade to this Firmware you can not downgrade to 1.7!!!!

    That is NOT a true statement! Downgrade to 1.7 is blocked under very specific conditions only. Anyhow the latest release is 1.8.2, which could be downgraded to under all circumstances.


    There are two completely new rig packs available for download: The Amp Factory Rig Pack II and Pitch Demo Rig Pack
    Both are also included in firmware 2.0.0. So you can either import these by upgrading to 2.0.0 and pushing the button 'Factory Rigs' in the System menu. Or you can selectively import by downloading and unzipping these rig packs, and copying those rigs, that you want to import into the Shared folder of your USB-stick, and then initiate an Import.

    The pack Legacy Factory Rigs 2012 does include 60 rigs, which are no longer included in firmware 2.0.0. This legacy rig archive might be of interest to users whose Kemper Profiler shipped with firmware 2.0.0 or higher. All others should find these factory rigs already in their Browse pool, unless they have been previously deleted.

    User Interface

    • added: Performance Mode with 125 performances 5 slots each to store and organize rig. These up to 625 rigs can be tweaked and stored independently from Browse pool.
    • added: Extended foot controller support incl. new MIDI control change #48-54 to step/scroll through performances and select slot. For details please consult Addendum 2.0.
    • added: Tuner Mode automatically activated while MIDI volume equals ‘0’.
    • added: separate controller for Pitch pedal available in MIDI (control change #4) as well as for expression pedals directly connected
    • changed: volume and Wah (and Pitch) can be flexibly assigned to each expression pedal directly connected
    • added: Wah pedal can be shared to also control Pitch and/or volume (MIDI as well as directly connected expression pedals).
    • added: MIDI control change #73 to control Monitor Volume


    • added: Pure Tuning and Formant Shift parameter in several Pitch effects
    • changed: Tuner range increased (1/4 note) and accuracy improved
    • fixed: Mix parameter of MicroPitch
    • fixed: Phaser sound anomalyPerformance and Stability
    • improved: recognition of corrupted rig/preset files

    Factory Rigs

    • added: the following rigs are included in firmware*Rig Pack 04, Keith Merrow Signature Rig Pack, Gundy Keller Rigs, Pitch Shifter Rigs, The Amp Factory Rig Pack II
    • changed: 60 factory rigs are not included in this firmware anymore, however are still available as Legacy Factory Rigs 2012 on our download pag

    *New factory rigs can be imported via ‘Factory Rig’ import function in the System Menu.

    Factory Presets

    • added: presets for all Pitch Shifter effects are automatically imported during upgrade


    A small number of Pitch Shifter parameters will be reset to their default value, because we had to change their internal location for better compatibility with Lock and Local Presets. These are mainly parameters of the Harmonic Shift, so it's no big deal. The scales are not touched. Before upgrading the firmware those parameters have to be written down and readjusted after the update. These are the parameters in question: Smooth Chords, Voice 1 Interval, Voice 2 Interval, and Key.

    Assignment of an expression pedal directly connected and configured as Wah pedal needs to be renewed after upgrading to and downgrading from this firmware.

    I have two issues with my KPA that I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced as well:

    1. Occasionally the volume drops to zero and the only way to make it come back is turn the master volume all the way down and then up again. Some times it loses its reference, that is, at one time it has a certain volume at 1.0 for instance and then when I get it back at 1.0 it's a lot louder or a lot softer. Weird, looks more like a software glitch than a hardware problem to me. For this to happen I have all outs linked to the master volume except the master outs. I suspect this volume dropouts might be related to voltage fluctuations at the power outlet.

    2. I've tried using the micropitch for a chorus effect and noticed that it: a) has a lot less volume than when it's bypassed and b) if I turn on a compressor in the stompbox section and have micropitch at the "X" slot, the effect is heard even with mix at 0%.

    ad 1. Are you aware of the various volumes and how they interact linked or unlinked to Master Volume? This is described in the Reference Manual. Pedal Volume is another volume which works on top of the others. What you describe as 'losing its reference' could also be caused by a change of pedal volume.

    ad 2. Please open a support ticket and attach an example rig.

    Beside an improved 1.6.1 Release we have made 1.7.0 Public Beta available on our download page. 1.7.0 Public Beta does include the following innovations:


    - added: Space parameter in Master/Output Section enhances the Master Stereo signal by a short room simulation (Headphone and Main output)
    - improved: Tuner has been improved, Master Tune added, and range increased (low B)

    User Interface

    - added: Warning if 1000 rigs get exceeded during store or import

    Performance and Stability

    - fixed: MIDI Control Changes sent immediately after a Program Change are now processed correctly
    - fixed: potential jumps of Return level
    - improved: rig load time shortened

    Keith is a studio musician, guitar player, songwriter, producer, engineer and above all else: a tone enthusiast! He loves high gain amps and bone-crushing metal tones. The Kemper profiles he has created for this Rig Pack are engineered in his studio, and are exact copies of tones that he uses on a regular basis for recordings.Additionally Keith has visited his good friend Jeff Loomis and used the opportunity to also profile Jeff’s amp setup.…mplifier___Downloads.html

    Please select download category 'Rig Packs' ..... and enjoy!

    As soon as the new owner will register using the serial number he will get the "owner" status and you will loose it. Nothing special to be done.

    True statement! You have the option to de-register your Profiler in your user account, an option that we recently added, but you don't have to.

    yes, there is a bug. If you load rig A and then enter Browse Snapshots, select snapshot B, go back to main page, you see B, which isn't a rig yet, because you havn't stored it as a rig. But the software allows you to set the Favourite flag and rig A becomes a Favourite, which you currently don't see anymore. Again the issue is, before you havn't stored this snapshot as a rig you shouldn't be able to set Favourite. We'll fix this in a future firmware.

    Be aware, that you can only declare rigs to favourites not snapshots.


    Thank you, your tip hits bull-eye - it worked. But unfortunately I lost all settings of the new ducking-parameter in the rigs that I edited under 1.6.0 beta :evil:
    Guess I better get my hands off the beta-versions in the future ...


    The ducking settings don't get lost during the downgrade to any older version without ducking e. g. 1.5.4 Release and following upgrade to 1.6.0 Release.

    Obviously you cannot access these settings in 1.5.4 and immediately after first boot of 1.6.0 the initial rig buffer shows ducking <0.0>, because that rig buffer is a left over of the firmware before upgrade. But as soon as you load any rig, you will see, that those settings were captured in the rig files.

    Generelly we suggest to initiate a backup before any upgrade. :thumbup:

    This firmware introduces a ducking parameter, new effects, Aux-In, S/PDIF Out volume control, erase of non-favourite rigs, selective export, as well as a completely revised package of local presets for stomps/effects, delay, reverb, and Stack section. Aliasing is avoided and the Noise Gate has been optimized for clean sounds.

    The document ‘KPA Manual EN Addendum 1.6’ does include explanations of new features and effects. The Reference Manual has been updated.

    At the same time we are releasing the new ‘Rig Pack 04’, which does include 19 rigs demonstrating the application of the new ducking parameter as well as other effects plus 5 rigs tailored for Acoustic guitars. ‘Rig Pack 04’ can be downloaded from our web-page.

    There is a warning in the release notes since 1.5.0. If you downgrade before that version e. g. 1.1.0 or 1.1.1 the unit will stopp during the following boot ebcause of an incompatibility. You need to restart with a specifc reset: Push and hold the System button, while you switch the unit on and keep pushing until message appears 'Initializing global settings'. The unit shoud then boot and start with the Statup Dialog. So you need to re-enter your owner name.