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    Classical PROFILERs are Head, PowerHead, Rack and PowerRack - everything except Stage.

    The option shows up on page Output AddOns at soft button 2 above the SPDIF Clock soft knob.

    The information is in the Main Manual 7.5 by the way. Check page 103.

    Inside the PROFILER and Rig Manager there are only cabinet PROFILEs. These can be the outsome of a PROFILING exercise or migrated from impulse responses, which are commonly used. In order to transform an impulse reponse into a cabinet PROFILE, you don't need Cab Maker anymore. You can just import or drag&drop an impulse response into the preset area of Rig Manager. In Rig Manager the impulse response will appear as a cabinet preset which includes the cabinet PROFILE.

    If you hold the LOCK button, you see which module is locked indicated by the buttons. If the RIG button is lit, Volume Pedal is locked. If the TAP button is locked, Tempo is locked. It is in the nature of Locking, that it affects all Rigs. What's locked becomes global. Locking for Browser Mode and Performance Mode is separate.

    Older delays and reverbs had no Freeze as JAC already indicated. You are free to use Legacy Delay or Legacy Reverb without freeze.

    If we wanted to have dedicated MIDI cc numbers for each Action&Freeze comand by module, we might run out of cc numbers. If you are able to send NRPN, you should be able to trigger those by module.

    ... can you please be specific and answer my questions?

    Shot in the dark is: file corrupted during download, unzip procedure or defective USB flash drive

    Do you use the normal update procedure as described in the manual? So you plug in the USB stick with the new kaos.bin and the PROFILER suggests an update? Then you confirm?

    Which exact OS is currently installed?

    Which PROFILER model do you use?

    Which exact new OS are you trying to install?

    It makes a difference, if you control Freeze via Effect Button I-IIII of Remote/Stage or via an external button, e.g. the toe switch of a Mission Engineering pedal.

    External buttons control Freeze globally, so in all effects of the Rig currently loaded. There is no way to assign an external button to Freeze of a particuar module.

    The Effect Buttons I-IIII can be assigned to Freeze in a particular module.

    Rig Manager 3.0.131 required!

    PROFILER Stage users can immediately update to this revision regardless of the OS version currently installed!

    To upgrade classical PROFILER models via USB memory stick from OS versions before OS 7.3, OS 7.3.2 needs to be installed first!

    Older versions than OS 7.3 on classical models don't recognize this new integrated OS revision.

    For this purpose OS 7.3.2 can be found on the Download Page at Older Software Versions.


    changed: Acoustic Simulator level increased and Space effect decreased

    User Interface

    added: UI to MIDI includes Tuner Mode activation and deactivation

    fixed: switching empty effect modules on/off triggers UNDO

    I think this is intended as a feature indicating, that the assigned module is locked. If a locked module is assigned, there can be no second assignment, consequently the right LEDs are idle.

    It's possible to delete Performances within the Local Library of Rig Manager. Performances stored in the PROFILER cannot be completely deleted. There are 125 Performances at any time. You can overwrite those with another Performance. If you rightclick and select Initialize Performance it will overwrite that Performance with the default Performance.

    There are different kind of banks.

    You might be referring to banks as layers of buttons on a foot controller. Banks of five buttons correspond well with our five Slots per Performance. But you could also work with a foot controller offering four, three or ten buttons per bank, if you wanted to. Some foot controllers even allow to configure the number of buttons per bank.

    I was referring to MIDI banks. Many people are used to MIDI program changes. But those are limited to 128 (7 bit). So the 625 Slots of our Performance Mode could not be addressed with just those 128 different program change numbers. MIDI allows to extent the address room to 128*128*128 by using a combination of bank select MSB + bank select LSB + program change. We don't use bank select MSB (always needs to stay at 1). We are using bank select LSB (between 1 and 5) plus program change.

    Any button of any bank of your foot controller could for example load Performance 67 Slot 4 by sending MIDI bank select LSB 3 plus program change 78.

    By the way we offer the Remote, which is plug and play - no MIDI hassle.

    You cannot have thousands of Rigs on a PROFILER!? If Rig Manager is involved, make sure that the owner names in the PROFILER and in Rig Manager are identical. Rig Manager suggests to adapt the Owner Name set in the PROFILER, which you normally enter when you start the unit for the very first time. You can check in System Settings at Edit Owner and Rig Manager Preferences. If both Owner Names are not in sync, there could be different Views of Favorites in Rig Manager and UI.

    It appears you have locked the modules MOD and REV. You can assign just one module to an Effect Button, if that module is locked. Otherwise it could create logical conflicts.

    From Main Manual:

    Locking Effect Buttons

    Effect Buttons are jointly locked/unlocked as soon as the assigned effect module is locked/unlocked. However, this only applies if no more than one effect module is assigned to the same Effect Button. The Remote’s display uses two different icons – one indicates an effect module that is only locked on the PROFILER, while the other indicates that the Effect Button on the Remote is also locked

    Rigs are not identified by any fixed index number.

    Each Slot in each Performances has an address consisting of a MIDI bank select LSB plus a MIDI program change. Those addresses are fixed and cannot move. The addresses get displayed on the screen on the left side in Performance Mode.

    It starts with Slot 1 of Performance 1 (bank select LSB #1 plus program change #1),

    Slot 2 of Performance 1 has bank select LSB #1 plus program change #2,

    it ends at Slot 5 of Performance 125 with bank select LSB #5 plus program change #113.

    If you move content like Rigs from one Slot to another or songs from on Performance to another, the addresses don't follow. If you for example move Song A from Performance 17 to Performance 3 you need to adapt your MIDI foot controller to send bank select #1 and program changes #11-15 associated with Performance 3 Slot 1-5 to load Song A in this new location.