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    Although we repeat this important hint with every new OS version, we get approached by clients on a regular base ignoring all these hints, who are either trying to install OS 7.3.2 for classical models on a Stage or upgrading their classical PROFILER from an old revision e.g. OS 5.5.2 to OS 8.0 in one step. How would an info regarding file size help these users?

    By the way, the software prevents installation of the wrong version. However, we cannot make an old revision like OS 5.5.2 support the transition to OS 8.0, since 5.5.2 had been created years ago.

    And for those relying on Rig Manager to manage their OS updates ... Rig Manager handles the two step upgrade process of classical models automatically. is our new release and focussed around stability.

    Rig Manager 3.0.145 required!

    PROFILER Stage users can immediately update to this revision regardless of the OS version currently installed!

    To upgrade classical PROFILER models via USB memory stick from OS versions before OS 7.3, OS 7.3.2 needs to be installed first!

    Older versions than OS 7.3 on classical models don't recognize this new integrated OS revision.

    For this purpose OS 7.3.2 can be found on the Download Page at Older Software Versions.

    User Interface

    fixed: accidental Performance skipping, when using Up/Down buttons of Rig navigation cross at classical PROFILER models

    A second Morphing is not completely shielded from users, who don't need it and don't want to deal with the complexity. I guess, there are a few more areas related to a second Morphing that have to be considered:

    1. If Morph 2 can also be triggered via button, to use it without pedal for instant parameter switching or automatic ramps, a second Morph page would be required in Rig Settings (Rise Time 2, Fall Time 2, Clear .... Momentary ....Morph 2 button and pedal simulation).

    2. There is a feature request for a global parameter allowing to set the default time of the ramps, which is now 2 seconds. We might need two new global parameters in that case,

    3. MIDI controllers for Morph 2 pedal and button.

    4. Which Remote/Stage button can be used for Morph 2? Just external plus TAP, TUNER, LOOPER?

    5. What about the pedal links: Do we need a "Morph 2 Pedal to Wah" and others? Or even a "Morph2 Pedal to Morph 1" in order to occasionally rationalize the two morph pedals to one?

    6. New keyboard shortcuts for Editor to set Morph 2 values.

    In principle, yes,. But the HEADPHONE OUT is a bit less flexible (e.g. no Output Source setting) and an additional amplifier stage in the chain. I suggest to afford a couple of TS cables and plug either into the MAIN OUTS or the MONITOR OUT. If you own a Head or Stage, activate Monitor Stereo in the Output Section and use MONITOR OUT plus DIRECT OUT.

    yes, I know but as kevinduren pointed out you still need two switches in the rig - one to turn the effect on/off and one to change speed. So that only leaves to switches for anything else. Whereas just hitting the Rig select switch a second time to toggle speed via morph would be much more user friendly.

    I had suggested to better use one of the four Rig-specific Effect Buttons instead of blocking a reassigned TAP or LOOPER button globally with a function that you rarely use. That's what your original message implied.

    I personally never switch Rotary Speaker on/off, because it's embedded in specific Rigs, I just use Action&Freeze for the speed.

    But if the objective is about finding cases, where the buttons and pedal sockets that Remote and Stage offer are not sufficient to switch every possible module and parameter individually within one single Rig, we cannot succeed and shouldn't even add more complexity burden on every user's shoulders. We have eight effect modules plus currently three Action&Freeze plus one Morphing. If that is what your work-flow dictates, this exercise here stalls and you need to use a MIDI board with more buttons and more pedal sockets.

    By the way a second Morphing, which can also be triggered via button and ramps, might also occupy one of the existing buttons.

    CC# 7 is Volume Pedal, not related to delay. Delay Mix is CC# 68.

    There are expression pedals which have a MIDI output e.g. Beat Bars EX3 and boxes, that transform the moves of a normal expression pedal into MIDI comands e.g. MIDI Solutions Pedal to MIDI Converter. This converter also allows to cascade multiple pedals.

    You can run two PROFILERs as master/slave in Performance Mode ("UI to MIDI") or just forward the four pedal controllers (CC#1, 4, 7, 11) to another device ("Pedal to MIDI"). Shortcutting the MIDI OUT with the MIDI IN of the same device is not a good idea.


    Actually one way I would use morph switching (if it was possible) would be to control Rotory Slow/Fast. It make more sense to me to have this set ad a morph parameter than to tie up an FX switch or set the Looper or Tap tempo switches to permanently trigger rotory speed when the effect is maybe only active in a few rigs.

    You don't have to assign a global switch to Rotary Speed if you rarely need that function. The first choice are the Effect Buttons I-IIII anyhow, which are Rig-specific.

    Do you need a pedal or a ramp for Morph 2? Or could it be an instant switching of parameter n to level m?

    What if you override while Morph 1 pedal is in a middle position or the ramp is still travelling? Should parameter n stick at level m or keep travelling from level m?

    You are drawing and spreading wrong conclusions! Focus on connecting and setting up the external switches correctly instead.

    Looper Start/Playback/Overdub and Looper Stop can be triggered with external momentary switches (normally open) even if no Remote is connected.

    I loaded Rig "CK Rotary Speaker" with author "C. Kemper".

    I entered Profiler Mode and created a new PROFILE.

    I pressed STORE multiple times and edited the name to "CK Rotary Speaker 1".

    An additional Rig "CK Rotary Speaker 1" with author "Burkhard" appears in the list.

    And Rig "CK Rotary Speaker" author "C. Kemper" is still there.

    I tested with PROFILER standalone and once more while Rig Manager was connected.

    If you still feel there is an issue, please open a support ticket and attach a video.

    Include OS version.

    Check if Rig Manager is involved and if so which version.

    I would like to have global Delay/Reverb mix parameters that can be controlled with the Mix Knobs on the front of the KPA.
    Maybe percent values would be better than an offset.

    You have got that as soon as you lock the DLY and REV modules.

    Or what are you exactly trying to achieve with global Delay and Reverb Mix knobs in combination with not locking the DLY and REV modules? Does it make sense to maintain the Delay Mix level while switching from a Legacy Delay to a Quad Harmonic Delay? The whole delay engine changes at that time, only the Mix level sticks. Is that really meaningful?

    Or do you mean global offsets for Delay and Reverb Mix as suggested?