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    Not sure, what is confusing about this!?

    If you intend to just control Wah Pedal and not Volume Pedal, you configure your pedal as Wah Pedal and don't activate WahPedal > Volume.

    Now on page Pedal Links in System Settings the only bar that is moving in any situation is the Wah Pedal bar.

    If your Wah Pedal changes the volume although it doesn't control Volume Pedal, the wah effect parameters are set in a way that it filters the sound potentially down to complete mute. Start with an wah preset like "Cry".

    I guess you are looking for an effect, that allows to set panorama for each voice.

    I would try to abuse a Melody Chromatic Delay eliminating what's not needed:

    Set Mix to 100% (wet) to eliminate the original from both channels,

    Feedback 0%,

    Delay Time/Ratio 0ms/0%,

    Pitch 1 to 0 (that is your unpitched signal) with Volume 10 and Panorama -100%,

    Pitch 2 to x (that is your pitched signal) with Volume 10 and Panorama +100%,

    Pitch 3 and 4 both Volumes down,

    Stereo 200%,

    Modulation 0, Pitch Detune 0, Flutter Intensity/Rate 0,

    Formant Shift and Ducking as needed.

    Power Amp Boost is one unique parameter, which appears in two scenarios:

    1. page Kemper Kone, if Kemper Kone Mode is activated for application KEMPER Power Kabinet

    2. page Power Amp, which only appears at PowerHead and PowerRack models, for application built-in power amp

    If you combine a KEMPER Kone - regardless of the housing - with another 3rd party cabinet, you need to use the MONITOR OUT - or SPEAKER OUT if you own a powered PROFILER - for the KEMPER Kone with Kone Mode activated regardless if you use Speaker Imprints (Monitor Cab. Off activated) or run in full-range mode (Monitor Cab Off inactive). For the other cabinet you need to use another output e.g. DIRECT OUT and don't activate Monitor Stereo. This way the Kemper Kone related sound optimization and other features won't affect the DIRECT OUT as these would be meaningless or counterproductive for this application.

    You could create a kind of stereo setup by selecting Output Sources like Master Left and Master Right for those outputs. And you need to manually adjust the levels of their output volumes to match their levels.

    Power Amp Boost exists in powered PROFILER models PowerHead and PowerRack since day one and is now also available for unpowered models and in particular to drive KEMPER Power Kabinets.

    I don't see a need for a power amp boost in combination with 3rd party gear. You can either increase 3rd party equipment input gain or raise output volume e.g. Monitor Output Volume at the PROFILER.

    ad 1. Regarding the pedal function, if this has worked before, two wires might be crossed. This is either a cross in the TRS cable you are using now or the pedal is wrongly wired. I think somewhere tip wire is soldered to ring and vice verse.

    ad 2. The switch in the pedal is latching and not momentary as should. The PROFILER requires momentary switches.

    If you switch off the CAB module you hear no cabinet at all, you just hear the amp. And this applies to all outputs of the PROFILER

    If you activate the CAB module and activate KEMPER Kone Mode on you have the choice between

    a. full-range mode (Monitor Cab. Off inactive)

    This means the KEMPER Kone itself is sound neutral and just transmits the cabinet PROFILE as is. The cabinet sound changes from Rig to Rig as each Rig includes its specific cabinet PROFILE.

    b. Speaker Imprint mode (Monitor Cab. Off active)

    This means the KEMPER Kone emulates a specific guitar chassis e.g. Celestion Vintage 30. This selection is global. Regardless which Rig you load, the KEMPER Kone doesn't sound like the cabinet PROFILE in the Rig but as a Vintage 30 instead. Exception: In this mode you have the choice to overwrite the global Imprint Selection with a local Imprint selection in the cabinet module. This way you could for example configure a Rig for your acoustic guitar and run KEMPER Kone in full-range mode and not as a Celestion Vintage 30.

    Be Aware: All these possibilities of KEMPER Kone Mode only apply to the MONITOR OUT or SPEAKER OUT of powered PROFILER models!

    Das habe ich noch nie gehört. Ich habe auch keine Vorstellung, welche Situation ein erster Start nicht lösen kann, aber ein zweiter, der ja praktisch dasselbe macht.

    Mach mal ein Support-Ticket auf und beschreibe, was nach dem ersten Start nicht "einwandfrei" ist:

    Support Ticket

    Schicke gleich ein PROFILER Backup mit.

    I understand, that this thread here is much more specific.

    Johndoebh and others are reporting that they are experiencing a Slot switching latency and sound accidentialities only with the first Performance after restart and only until they have loaded each Slot once. As soon as each Slot has been loaded once or another Performance has been loaded, the issue is gone.

    I cannot really reproduce that behavior, but would not outrule that.

    The last state of the Performance survives a restart. So after a restart you don't experience the Performance as stored, but as left before the shutdown. The same applies to the last Rig in Browser Mode by the way.

    I always load at least one other Performance after a restart to make sure I have the stored state and no leftovers from my last playing and surprises

    First make sure you software is current. Test with OS 8.7.10.

    Then open a support ticket and attach the following:

    - a video demonstrating how you load that Performance, shut down, restart and how the issue itself happens

    Background: the Performance after a start is not the stored version, but the edited version as it has been left before the last shutdown

    - a backup of your PROFILER representing the issue state

    - information, if the issue only happens if you use REMOTE, what aboud manual Slot changes via <PAGE> buttons

    - information, if the issue only affects the first Performance after restart and before it gets reloaded

    - information, if it is always the same Perfroamcne or if this happens with any Performance

    - information, if Rig Manager is connected and if that matters. If it does test with RM 3.3.38 Publilc beta, which is available via automatic RM update.

    I don't think, this is related to the Remote, which is just a remote control. The Remote doesn't know, which Performance it is and which Slots had been loaded before.