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    Es geht immer nur gleich zu gleich. Man kann z. B. Rigs nicht in eine Local Library unter All Presets verschieben. Rigs können nur innerhalb All Rigs bewegt werden sowie in einen bestimmten Slot einer Performance.

    Current KEMPER effect preset files have the file extension .kpreset and size of 1 KB.

    You can import these via Rig Manager or via USB memory stick.

    Rig Manager: enter My Profiler under All Presets and select Import Presets from the Files menu

    USB stick: store preset file in folder Shared, plug into PROFILER and select USB Stick/Import.

    OS 7.4 introduces one OS file (kaos.bin) for all PROFILER models, classical models as well as Stage. The corresponding Rig Manager revision is 3.0.124.

    This new revision 7.4.1 fixes one issue of the earlier 7.4.0:

    7.4.0 can unfortunately not be further upgraded without USB memory stick!!! That's why we had to withdraw 7.4.0. Sorry, for that!

    Those, who are already running OS 7.4.0 can either download OS 7.4.1 from our download page and immediately upgrade via USB memory stick or upgrade Rig Manager to 3.0.124 and let Rig Manager 3.0.124 guide through the OS 7.4.1 upgrade process, which involves a USB memory stick as well. So, you will need a USB memory stick to upgrade from 7.4.0 in any case! Sorry again, for this inconvenience!

    Stage users using any OS version before 7.4.0, can upgrade as usual.

    Owners of classical PROFILER models running OS 7.3.2 release can upgrade as usual. Owners of classical PROFILER models using older OS versions, need to take an interim step and install OS 7.3.2 first. Rig Manager will guide you through this process.

    Beim Stage kann man keine Presets der kompletten Stomps- bzw. Effekts-Sektionen abspeichern.

    Aber das Beispiel hier war ja ein Preset für einen Wah-Effekt. Einfach STORE drücken, während das Menü des Effektes geöffnet ist. Und dann nicht "Entire Rig", sondern das entsprechende Modul auswählen. Anschließend dem Preset einen Namen zuordnen, unter dem man es auch leicht wiederfindet.

    Every Slot in Performance Mode has a unique MIDI address consisting of a bank select LSB plus a program change. Those get displayed in the left dark box on the PROFILER screen for information purposes, as soon as you detach the Remote. You should assign different MIDI channels to each of the receiving devices. So, set for example MIDI Global Channel of PROFILER A to 1 and of PROFILER B to 2 in System Settings. If your drummers sends for example bank select LSB 1 and program change 19 on channel 2, PROFILER B will load Performance 4 Slot 4. Details can be found in chapter "MIDI" of the Main Manual (or the German "Das Große Handbuch").

    My band is using Bandhelper on iPADs. This allows to send MIDI commands as soon as another song gets loaded in Bandhelper. This way I'm loading the corresponding Performance. With a Yamaha or MDBT 01 or Quicco mi.1 this can even be done without wires.

    Please describe the issue more precisely.

    I tested to upgrade a PROFILER from 7.3.2 standalone via USB memory stick to OS 7.4.0 and no local Speaker Imprint settings got lost in any stored Performance nor in the edit buffer.

    Then I upgraded a PROFILER from OS 7.3.2 via Rig Manager, which I had upgraded from 3.0.120 to 3.0.122 before, and again no stored setting got lost in the PROFILER nor in the reflection of MyProfiler within Rig Manager.

    Then I repeated the whole process with Performances in the Local Library of Rig Manager and nothing gets lost.

    Where do you think the local Speaker Imprint got lost? Are you aware that local Speaker Imprint settings require a store like any other local setting?

    So did I

    I cannot reproduce such an issue. I returned to 7.3.2 release, selected local Speaker Imprints in the cabinet modules of Rigs in different Slots of different Performances. I stored those Performances with those edits. I upgraded to 7.4.0. And when I load those Performances and Slots under 7.4.0 the local Speaker Imprints come up as stored under 7.3.2 as expected. The same applies to the Performance buffer, which I didn't store. The Speaker Imprint edits survive the upgrade and restart.

    Pedal volume and Rig Volume are two different independent controllers. Rig Volume changes the volume without changing the sound of a Rig. For Pedal Volume it depends on the settings of Pedal Location and Pedal Range in Rig Settings. These could vary by Rig. Detail descriptions are in the Main Manual.

    On page pedal links you see a bar for each pedal controller. The default position for Volume is maximum (127) for the others (Wah, Pitch, Morph) is 0. You can use the knobs at the bottom to simulate pedals.

    I'm afraid, this might be a trap.

    Let's assume, your expression pedal currently controls volume. You leave it at maximum and switch over to Morphing. This might immediately be interpreted as Morph Sound position. Not only, that you hear the parameters in their Morph position, in case any are set up for Morphing already. Even if there are no morphed parameters yet, all changes of continuous parameters are now related to the Morph Sound instead of the Base Sound and stored that way, when you press STORE.

    There is a reason why we don't offer to share one expression pedal for both: Volume Pedal and Morph Pedal. Volume Pedal in toe position is very common, Morphing Pedal in toe enables Morph Sound entry. This creates logical conflicts.