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    These players in the videos control delay mix via pedal. That application is no real suprise and can be achieved with our Morphing. If you lock the DLY module, your delay even becomes global. The videos don't directly make a case for needing something like Morphing on top of a delay mix pedal. Actually these traditional analog floor board setups shown in the videos cannot simultaneously morph parameters across various stomp boxes and amp and cab at all.

    From Main Manual 7.5:

    • While navigating Slots within a Performance via the PAGE buttons of the PROFILER Stage, or the left and right RIG navigation cross buttons of the other PROFILER variants, any modifications (e.g. loading another Rig, or cranking up Gain) are interpreted as editing, and will be retained until you move to another Performance. Don’t forget to store before you load another Performance, if you want to make those modifications permanent.
    • As soon as you load another Slot from your foot controller, or foot buttons of the PROFILER Remote or Stage, any former modifications within that Performance are interpreted as temporary tweaks during a live performance and will be discarded immediately. If, for example, you had activated a booster in module B, or increased Delay Mix via pedal, any such changes will be lost if you switch Slots remotely. This way, you can always be sure that Slots will be loaded in their original, predictable state during live performances.
    • However, there is an exception to this practice: While Rig Manager is connected, any modifications are interpreted as editing and maintained during Slot changes as long as you stay within the same Performance.

    This is only possible, if all these Rigs have an effect in one of the modules A-D, which has volume set below zero.

    In that case it's related to this modification documented in the ReadMe, which had been requested by users:

    changed: automatic amp volume compensation in combination with distortion effects, which have volume set below zero

    No, we were not able to reproduce this. Be aware, that you can assign the same Rig Name multiple times, if you miss to edit the suggested original Rig Name. But it doesn't mean anything got overwritten. You can distinguish Rigs by author names (new Rig reflects your owner name as author) and by creation date.

    The last activity in this thread had been in April 2018. This doesn't seem to be a current issue.

    Here is my idea:

    One or more morph parameters can be assigned to each performance switch (2nd click). So it is possible to control delay with switch 1, gain with switch 2, rig volume with switch 3 etc. In Stomp and FX-Module we can assign several stomps to on switch (I-IIII). For me it would be nice to transfer this idea to morph. So there will be the possiblity to morph several parameters on one click. The parameters must be assigned to the switch like it is in Stompmodule.

    While Slot 1 is loaded, Rig Button 1 is ready for a second click, but the other four Rig Buttons 2-5 are ready for first clicks to load Slots 2-5. If these would switch parameters within Slot 1, how would you reach the other four Slots?

    The second click on Rig Button 1 does exactly what you describe "morph several parameters on one click", if Rig Button Morph is enabled. You can trigger Morphing via Rig Button or external momentary switches. Why do you need this functionality twice within one Rig?

    I don't understand the concrete "business case". Sometimes I have the impression people don't make effective use of the capability to memorize 625 complete signal chains in Performance Mode. If the target is to cover all possible sound permutations with just one to three Rigs, we might run out of buttons and pedals.

    So, please describe the scenario as concrete as possible for what you need a seperate (from Morphing) control of Delay Mix and Reverb Mix. And not from the perspective of how the feature should look like, but from the perspective of the need: "when this happens on stage I want to adjust Delay Mix and cannot use Morphing, because....". Based on this understanding we can consider the most effective approach to cover this need. Looper Volume is clear as this is not in scope of Morphing today.

    I agree. From what I've read, it seems that people ideally would like the morphing of delay and reverb to be akin to using the Lock function; switching between slots will ignore the base values and keep whatever the morphed values were at the time of switching.

    That could lead to a totally different solution. Something like Performance specific locking of effect modules e.g. DLY and REV. Global locking of effect modules does already exsist.

    mine's also freezing since the update. everything mostly lit up like normal but not the page, store, exit buttons etc. can't change patches via Rig Manager. tried power cycling. Will try reconnecting usb cable...

    This thread is originally about a screen problem. I see no relation to what you describe "also freezing"!?

    Narrow in. What if Rig Manager isn't connected?

    Be explicit. PAGE, STORE and EXIT buttons are only lit in specific situations. In which concrete situation do you expect the EXIT button to be lit and it isn't?

    Thanks for your feedback so far! Needs don't seem to be that congruent.

    I'd like to dig deeper into this Delay Mix Morphing approach. Our today's Morphing works like this - let's assume you have set up Slots in Performance Mode this way:

    Base Sound Morph Sound

    Slot 1 Delay Mix 0% 60%

    Slot 2 Delay Mix 10% 50%

    Slot 3 Delay Mix 20% 40%

    Slot 4 Delay Mix 30% 80%

    Slot 5 Delay Mix 40% 10%

    Each Slot gets loaded with the Base Sound values regardess of the current pedal position. As soon as the pedal gets moved it is soft catching the Delay Mix starting from these Base Sound values. Do you expect the same logical approach for a second Morphing layer or something else, and what would that be? From what I read before I got the impression, that people are looking for a way to adjust Delay Mix and Reverb Mix more permanently, than what Morphing does.

    We are considering a potential enhancement ideally adressing a whole family of feature requests and asking for your educated feedback.


    - another pedal controller primarily for Delay Mix and Reverb Mix leaving Morphing for other tasks by Rig,

    - another pedal controller for Looper Volume,

    - potentially integrating the existing pedal controller for Monitor Output Volume into a broader concept.

    - ...


    - Looper Volume and Monitor Output Volume are global parameters and don't fit with the concept of Morphing as it is today.

    - What is really the exact purpose, when people are requesting additional pedal controllers for Delay Mix and Reverb Mix? Morphing allows to control the Delay Mixes and Reverb Mixes within any delay and reverb effect within any effect module individually or combined. Ranges can vary by parameter. Each Rig change resets Morphing to its base sound. Is this, what's also needed for a second Morphing?

    - Otherwise - if the pedal level would be maintained during Rig changes and overwrite the stored Delay and Reverb Mixes in the Rigs, should this affect all delay/reverb effects in all modules? So, for example all delays would run at n% Mix? Or how should the fixed pedal level be applied as stored effect locations, types and settings could vary by Rig?

    - Perhaps it might be more useful to establish two global offsets for Delay Mix and Reverb Mix, which would allow to reduce or increase all delay and reverb mixes across all Rigs and effect modules by a specified amount? Imagine you had a global controller for example to increase Delay Mix by +10% and to lower Reverb Mix by -5% across all Rigs and effect modules. Would this help and is a pedal then even needed or is this an adjustment you do once per gig/event manually?


    Imagine such global offsets would exist and we would introduce another Morphing limited to global parameters. Today's Morphing is restricted to Rig parameters. So there would be no overlap between both Morphings. There would be a new Global Morphing Pedal. And you could configure global continuous parameters like Looper Volume, Monitor Output Volume, any other output volume, output EQ settings,.... and the Delay Mix and Reverb offsets mentioned above individually or combined with individual ranges to that new pedal controller the same way as you practice it with Rig-specific parameters to the existing Morph Pedal today. These assignments of global parameters to the Global Morphing Pedal would also be global and not be stored by Rig. Would that cover the needs?

    Please think through the consequences and let us know!

    According to the technical specs you are safe if you allow the unit to warm up to 10° C before switching it on - except if you cycle across the Mount Everest:

    ¨   Environmental Requirements

    Operating temperature: 10° to 35° C (50° to 95° F)

    Non-operating temperature: −20° to 47° C (−4° to 116° F)

    Relative humidity: 5% to 95% non-condensing

    Maximum altitude: 3000 m (10,000 feet)

    If you intend to use your expression pedal exclusively as Wah Pedal, never as Volume and never as Pitch Pedal, it is most logical and straight forward to deselect "WahPedal to Volume" and "WahPedal to Pitch". These are global settings. Within the wah effect select Pedal Mode "Bypass @ Toe".