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    Active Locking is constantly indicated by the LOCK button being lit.

    Locked modules are constantly indicated by a Lock symbols on the display.

    Most active locks will immediately lead to "E" as soon as you load another Rig as the Rig loaded isn't identical with the Rig stored.

    Not sure it adds value, if we exchange the "E" against an "L" in this scenario. Many users might be even more confused about what "L" means.

    Check, if you can suppress the noise via input Noise Gate.

    I had a similar issue in our rehearsal room depending on how I'm standing and in which direction my guitar pick ups point. It turned out that the origin is the internal power supply of a powered studio monitor in 6 feet distance. We own two of those studio monitors. One of those started to generate that noise a few weeks ago. If we shut that one down, the noise is gone.

    We have a new Public Beta. Please refer to the Addendum 8.6 manual for detailed descriptions of new features!

    Rig Manager 3.2.53 for Windows(R)/macOS(R) and Rig Manager 1.0.5 for iOS(R) required!

    All PROFILER Stage units can generally be upgraded in one step.

    All other PROFILER models running OS 7.3 and higher can be upgraded in one step, too. Check the OS version currently installed on the last page of System Settings.

    PROFILER Head, Rack, PowerHead and PowerRack models running OS versions before 7.3 need to be upgraded in two steps. First install OS 7.3, then upgrade to OS 8.5. If you need to do this, you can find OS 7.3 on the download page under “Older Software Versions”.


    added: Double Tracker - video tutorial here

    added: Mix and Volume controls for Acoustic Simulator

    changed: augmented sensitivity of Auto Swell

    User Interface

    added: manual entry of Wi-Fi SSID and password at PROFILER Stage

    fixed: cabinet set to empty accidentally while interacting with Rig Manager

    I understand the frustration, but how can you expect meaningful responses from a device, if you press any buttons accidentally? If you press the TUNER button while the option Mute Signal is selected, the signal gets muted. You can deactivate Mute Signal in Tuner Mode, but then the signal isn't muted while you tune your guitar. You can also disable the TUNER button in the System Settings completely, but then you cannot engage the tuner via foot button anymore.

    If you press Up and Down buttons "simultaneously", the first button rules and Performances step/scroll up- or downwards. However as soon as you release the buttons the scrolling stops.

    Unfortunately not with PROFILER Rack and Head models. If you opt for the stereo MONITOR OUT it acquires the DIRECT OUT/SEND for that purpose and you cannot use any effect loop simultaneously.

    No limits with PROFILER Stage. This model offers a dedicated stereo MONITOR OUTPUT plus you could even use two effect loops simultanously.

    Vielleicht bringst Du die beiden Modi durcheinander. Du versuchst anscheinend den Access Point Mode einzurichten und nicht den Home Network Mode, der ja funktioniert. Zum Access Point Mode steht in Das Große Handbuch:

    Diese Methode ist von Vorteil, wenn Sie sich an Standorten ohne WLAN befinden (z. B. im Proberaum) oder wenn ein öffentliches WLAN zwar vorhanden, aber nicht sicher oder stabil ist.

    Um den PROFILER Stage als WLAN-Hotspot einzurichten, gehen Sie folgendermaßen vor:

    ·      Drücken Sie den SYSTEM-Taster am PROFILER Stage und navigieren Sie mit den <PAGE>-Tastern zur Seite Wi-Fi Settings.

    ·      Aktivieren Sie Wi-Fi Enable sowie Access Point Mode Mode.

    ·      Scannen Sie den QR-Code mit der eingebauten Kamera des iPad®*, um automatisch zu verbinden. Alternativ können Sie manuell verbinden, indem Sie am iPAD®* die WLAN SSID des PROFILERs auswählen und das Passwort eingeben, welches unten im Display des PROFILERs angezeigt wird.

    ·      Sobald sich Ihr iPad®* mit dem PROFILER Stage Hotspot verbunden hat, können sie diesen mit Rig Manager für iOS®* steuern.

    You describe this as an input issue. That means the INPUT LED isn't reflecting your playing. Is that true? Otherwise is issue originates somewhere else in the signal chain.

    If you own a Head or Rack model, try the other input (ALTERNATIVE IN versus front INPUT) with Input Source set accordingly.

    If there is no volume pedal ... are there any other switches, pedals or MIDI connected?

    Ich besitze beides: Quicco mi.1 und Yamaha MD-BT01 und benutze die in Verbindung mit Bandhelper.

    Ich benötige keine separate App. In Bandhelper drücke ich auf das Symbol, welches wie eine 5-polige MIDI- Buchse aussieht. Dann wähle ich aus der Liste "Mit Bluetooth-Gerät verbinden". Dort werden mir die verfügbaren Bluetooth-Geräte angezeigt und ich kann die Verbindung herstellen.

    The current Rig Manager revision is 3.2. It will handle the PROFILER OS update automatically. If your current PROFILER OS is older than 7.3, it will perform a two step update of that OS. But first Rig Manager needs to be updated. This should also happen automatically. If it doesn't, reason might be that your PC OS is too old and doesn't support the current Rig Manager revision. Check compatibility on the KEMPER download page.

    You plug a patch or guitar cable between SEND and RETURN and perform a PROFILING. If you own a Stage model you plug the cable between SEND 1 and RETURN 1. In Profiler Mode you can select Clean and No Cabinet, but you don't need to. Anyhow, the result will be a Direct PROFILE of the cable. You can now open the amplifier module and store that Direct PROFILE as an amplifier preset. Give it a name like "Cable" or "Neutral Amp".You can use this amplifier preset as a sound neutral placeholder with an amplifier equalizer.

    Is something like an iPad with Bandhelper an option?

    It can be put on a micro stand.

    You move along a set list or you load your songs ad hoc with a finger tip.

    The iPad sends MIDI via Blutooth.

    The PROFILER receives MIDI via a Blutooth dongle like Yamaha MD-BT01 or Quicco Mi1 and loades the corresponding Performance.

    Bandhelper can show documents ....

    If you find the Rig Name in the dark box distracting, what is wrong about the other layout A without Rig Name and with Performance Name in the dark box?

    That's what I and many others do.

    I use a wireless blutooth MIDI adapter plugged into my PROFILER. And when I change a song in Bandhelper it loads the corresponding Performance via MIDI independent of its Performance location. My band mates share set-lists for concerts within Bandhelper. During the concert I just load the next song according to tha active set-list in Bandhelper and the PROFILER jumps to the corresponding Performance. I never reshuffle Performances.

    The RM is very useful, but still has a long way to go to be as intuitive to use as the Profiler’s front panel or any modern app. Copy/paste with the Stage is pretty clunky plus involves bending my almost 64 yo back and knees. I’m looking forward to lots of improvement in these areas.

    You can drag and drop effects in all Rig Manager versions including iOS amongst effect modules and between an effect module and a preset location.

    If you don't use Rig Manager, you need to knee down as the Stage is a floor device.

    I am working musician I use my kemper a lot live. I am very happy with the sounds I’m getting but I’m having problem with switching channels or rigs. Anyone have any issues with that?

    Could you be a bit more explicit, what the problem is? Otherwise the answer is: You press one of the Rig buttons in the lower row of your PROFILER Stage or Remote and this loads another Rig.

    Or is this related to Rig lopad via MIDI?

    Browser Mode or Performance Mode or both?