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    I'm from Italy, not that far. But it's something hurting to did a sort of thing for a software issue. Boot is almost ended (if it's loading midi library i guess most of base service are still running) and it should be during boot a way to read for example the kaos.bin from the USB device, reinstall everything, or maybe connect to a computer with network or USB and put firmware from there. A such complex peripheral need to have a recovery system, in my opinion, with an external unit or computer. Especially now that the software is not mature, this feature will be precious. I did a backup just for avoid this situation, not cause it...

    I hope some good news tomorrow, without shipping back my KPA.

    I tried but it's the same, doesn't work. If i keep pressed system i can see the write "initializating global settings" (leaving the finger as soon as the boot screen appear it won't so i don't know if it do something). Pushing rig it appears "initializating current rig". Pushing both "initializating global setting and current rig". In any case mi KPA can't boot...

    Something to do with a Midi sysex for the exp. pedal, do you have a midi controller connected?

    I imaged that, no i have any midi controller and i never connected any midi peripheral to my KPA. I just used an expression pedal and i try to unconnected, to connect to switch port 1 - 2, to leave various minute the KPA without power supply for some reset.

    Support say me to try a reset of rig and overall settings (pressing system and / or rig buttons during boot). It do the initialization of those things, because it wrote, but the crash is still here. Anyway my backup was the first one, so all was bundle i guess.

    support thanks me for the vid i posted (i use video because i wanted to show the fact that same action to swap forward and back in profiles did different tones) and they will check on, but i have any other info. I told them yesterday so maybe they still checking this (or maybe is just a my problem so it's difficult for them understand what's the bug). Anyway i've no any important data into Kemper and got a backup of all profile (mine and "yours" for the downloaded one) and the whole bundle system so i think i'll try to restore the system later, because it is hurting after a while. I want to profile other amps and i need to be sure i'm not profiling some damaged file because it will be a loss of time...

    I will post if i reach to solve or understand better this bug

    Did happen to anyone that their profile sometime were loaded with a strange "boxed" or metallic tone? It's a thing i noticed on last days, and it seem to hit profile i did but i noticed yesterday even in profiles i downloaded from other users here. And it seem to be something concern the cabinet emulation, because if i choose a different cabinet it seem ok.

    This thing happens when swapping between profiles. Maybe i charge the XYZ rig and it is "him" but with a strange boxed sound, a sort of mid enhancing or a small reflective room reverberation. If i swap other profiles and then back maybe it happens again, maybe it will be charged with the correct sound. It seem to hit just profile made by users, not the bundle ones.

    I'm thinking to do a restore of the backup i did at start. I contact support too and send a video about this bug (if someone interested video is here). I was curious to know if this did happen to someone else.

    See you

    This day i'm full of great ideas ! ;)

    A favorite check or button. We have hundreds (soon thousands) of profile, why don't use a free button somewhere to check a profile as favorite? So you can filter just favorite ones, and maybe from 5000 tones just 50 are shown. I think this would be very good, the searching / sorting of profiles now it's not as quick as it should be.

    As the KPA mount an ethernet port, why don't think to download the profiles (very small and easy to catch) directly from internet? Maybe users can register, upload their tones online like saving in USB, and then anyone can search for that tone from their Kemper Amp directly (a very good suggestion i read in the forum was an usb driver for keyboard, this will aid a lot). For launching more "extreme" ideas, you can sell a proper usb wifi card and put into kernel their drivers, so even far from router or in studio/live we can get our connection.

    It require some work, and a great improvement in the search tools (yet now it's not easy), anyway it will improve the brand fidelisation that can be a key for a success in time. For people interested in (i am and i guess many musician will be) you can offer with a year fee a full backup online, maybe a daily backup of all our setup, like a cloud service. We can use different Kemper synced, or go everywhere in tourneé and log in from a Kemper and catch our rigs.

    Ok stop with sci-fi, but it's not technically impossible i hope and will be (another) killing application for the Kemper Amp.

    Now we're at start and i'm yet loosing myself to find the right tone. it should be a great idea (and very easy to realize) a sort for model of amp, in my opinion useful than name, author or date. When i want to search for an Vox AC30 or a modern Mesa tone, i need to find it easily. I know that the bundle tones in Kemper can't use real brand, but user can and i guess the world will be full of amp profiles soon! It will be useful also order by kind of speaker.

    Thank you very much Mats, i post a video on Youtube with one of your profile (and i wrote obviously the author of the profile). I'm trying to cover various aspect on the KPA posting videos of different musical tones, i use your "MN T HTD HG2 57C Tyl". Compression lower the overall quality of tone, but for an idea it's ok. If you want to see, it's here. Bye!

    Hi, i'm posting some material with Kemper Amp on my youtube channel. A friend suggest me to post the link in this forum (usually i avoid to link my stuff, for netiquette). At the moment i put those videos:

    The profiling process step by step

    Test of all Kemper Amp knobs for amp and cabs, with a standard loop (for show changes for any parameter)

    Bogner Alchemist 212 and you can find profile here *** NEW ***

    Profile of Vox AC4TV (small amp but great dynamics, you can find the profile files i used CANCELED i will post again soon])

    Test of a Marshall profile from bundle

    Test of a Fender profile from bundle

    Test of a Traynor YCV-40 picked here with courtesy of Mats

    I count to upload other vids on the channel in next days, if anyone is interested.

    See you!

    I started profiling, and unfortunately i miss to put my name on that moment (and there are not a button to come back to next step and undo doesn't work). I opened the profile with a text editor and the author was clear, but modifying results is a bad crash for KPA (sometime importing, sometime after imported when recalled). I think the possibility to change not only name but other properties to a gig should be very useful

    my S/PDIF signal works but at fixed 44.100 Khz. The volume is very low, even putting master at max it's half of what should be and quality of the tone is very bad. The fact someone reach and someone not make me think it's a feature that need lot of work (and i hope big improvements)

    mine is older 6895

    i notice now in support page on Kemper site there are the 1.0.2122_svn6900, it seem newer to mine but older from yours. Where you find your firmware, there is a repository somewhere? Thank you very much!

    I would connect with S/PDIF my KPA to audio card, but just now it work just on 44.100 Khz (i don't know his work frequency, but i guess it's higher after some record try at different rate and loss at 44.100 are audible) and the output volume is very low, so i had to back to analog connection for a proper quality. Some feature at this level (Nova System for example has some setting to frequency rate and interpolation in digital connections) are needed in my opinion. Thanks!