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    Do you get a signal at all through your S/Pdif connection?
    I set the MV on 100% and the S/Pdif input on my soundcard on full - but I get no sound at all.
    So I figured it just was not available with the current firmware (6900) yet...

    :D :D :D

    It's the strangest thing... My neighbors keep stoping by telling me to turn the KPA down... once they are gone, I turn it up again, so back they are.
    So the MV is in constant motion! 8o

    Thanks. I watched your video - your prob is much more *dramatic* than the issue with my Master Volume pot. Mine happens randomly... then it works fine again for 5 to 10 turns and then a sudden jump (in the wrong direction) again.
    So my problem is a bit like your problem in the vid - just not as extreme, and mine happens much less frequent basis on the Master Volume pot. ?(
    Which is why I'm still keeping my fingers crossed that this is a software bug...

    Sorry, dunno - I haven't tried the monitor out yet.
    Only the master outputs through active speakers...

    So, when you try the master volume thingy, does this random jump happen with your MV pot? (Please note that you have to turn it a couple of times for the above to happen... and when it happens - it does so randomly)

    Yes, I know it reacts to turning speed.

    The prob is, that sometimes I turn it slowly from -11dB to -12dB (lower volume)... and BAM - it jumps to -2dB (even though I was slowly turning counter-clockwise)

    Hi guys,

    first post... with a possible bug :)
    If you play around with your master volume on your KPA's, does it sometimes jump around?
    Like every once in 5 or 10 turns?

    Try this: go to the maximum possible master volume level and slowly turn the knob counter-clock-wise to lower the master volume. If you reach the minimum level, very slowly turn it clock-wise again to go to the maximal output level (...and so forth).
    If you do this a couple of times - every once in while - you'll get a sharp jump (e.g. from -20dB straight to -3.7dB).
    Or sometimes it is e.g. at -15dB and you turn it clockwise slowly to -11dB - you keep turning clock-wise then *bam* it drops to -33, even though you were turning clockwise.