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    Wow - there are many nice to have ;)
    Could you explain why you use the Radial JDI. The KPA has all the functionality to do this, as I know.


    The main reason is that I want to be sure that I send a (mic level) signal to FOH that most sound guys know how to handle it, and the input of the mixer is not overloaded,in case that a PAD is not available.
    The KPA output can be very hot,I can of course adjust it with the master volume,but I don't want to "slave" the MV for this job.

    One of my friends that owns the rack version, had the same problem to the screen and I opened the top cover of the kpa and simply I touched GENTLY the contacts of the screen, with a plastic screwdriver, and the problem resolved.So far the screen works great,so it was a bad contact.Maybe it's the same for yours.

    For real protection,is better a voltage regulator than a power conditioner.
    I use this one (230v version) for all of my rigs:

    IMO is more safe to put a load to the unused channel. As long as you keep the volume of that channel to zero it's ok to run it without any load,but because there's not a dedicated standby switch or any other kind of protection, if the volume by mistake is raised up, you risk to damage the output transformer and tubes.
    This is a user error and if it will happens, Mesa doesn't pay the high expense to repair it.

    You can use a dummy load like this:

    or similar.

    Price: 75 Euro

    Inside of this box there's a resistance similar to this:…26sd%3D181513246533&rt=nc

    If you can use a soldering iron, solder the TIP of a MONO PLUG to one edge of this resistance,and the SLEEVE (Ground) to the other edge,using a speaker cable,and you'll have a dirty cheap, small and effective dummy load.

    It's better to keep the volume of the channel that's not in use to ZERO.

    You can find one cheap on Ebay or to make your own. Look at this old thread:…ecommendations/?pageNo=1&

    Strange! It works fine here.
    Ensure that:
    - you connected the dual footswitch to input 1 and the exp. pedal to input 2
    - to the system menu page 4/9, the pedal 1 is defined as "Switch (Stereo) Stomp A/B", and the pedal 2 as " Pedal (Type 1) Wah Wah" /

    If you can't enable/disable the effects with the dual footswitch, means that this footswitch isn't compatible to work with KPA. You need "momentary" ( "unlatch" - "no click") type of footswitch.

    Both Whammy and Wah sound together pressing the expression pedal !
    Switch 1 (left) switches off the Wah. But switch 2 (right) switches another fx off within the rig: the compressor (!) The Whammy stays on!

    Your exp. pedal will work:
    as WAH only, if the A slot is ON and B slot OFF
    as PITCH only, if the A slot is OFF and B slot ON
    as WHA & Pitch simultaneously,if both A&B slots are ON

    Switch ON/OFF the A/B slots manually If your footswitch doesn't work.

    If you want to control wah and/or whammy within a rig (or to different rigs) ,using a common expression pedal, and additionally to enable/disable these effects, using two foot switches, setup the KPA as follows:

    - Make a rig and place the wah into slot A, and pitch into slot B. (You can use any slot, but for this example let's use A & B slots).

    - Connect your footswitches to input 1, and expr. pedal to input 2.(both stereo cables)

    - Go to the SYSTEM menu, page 4/9 and set the Pedal 1 as
    "Switch (Stereo) Stomp A/B",
    and the Pedal 2 as
    " Pedal (Type 1) Wah Wah.(Choose type 2 if your pedal doesn't work properly)

    - Go to the page 6/9 of the same menu, and tick the "Wah pedal to Pitch" option.

    - Go to the Wah menu and adjust:

    - Manual 3,5
    - Peak 8
    - Pedal Range: 26%
    - Peak Range: 45%
    - Pedal mode: ON
    (You can choose different values, but start from here at the moment)

    - Go to the Pitch menu and adjust:

    Heel pitch 0
    Toe pitch +12
    ( again, you can choose different values)

    Now you're able to switch on/off the effects with the footswitches,and control with exp.pedal:
    Wah ( when slot A is On and slot B Off)
    Pitch ( when slot A is Off and slot B On)
    Both ( when both slots A and B are On)

    Have fun :)

    Put the FX LOOP in a slot, that's after the effect(s) you want, and before the AMP section. Use the SEND ( "DIRECT OUT") as your 2nd output.
    Go to the FX LOOP menu and adjust the "MIX" level to "0" (zero). You can use the "LEVEL" (into the same menu) to balance the levels between the MAIN and 2nd output to your taste.