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    several... midi shutdowns, a tweaking shutdown, import shutdowns... no way to get this thing live on stage... to use it professionally

    AND... there shouldn't be such many bugs and such many missing features on an amp that is being paid full for. if they gave one for free and asked for beta-testing... OK, but this product launch is quite bold... even more bold than apple does.

    they better should since the amp is beta at most at the moment. so many bugs and severe errors and shutdowns... i'm quite pi%$§d to be honest. the only thing that keeps me going is the idea behind the amp. and they have 18 more days to make it right before i return the amp.

    yeah, but for all who do not have midi-cc or don't want to sacrifice one of the precious post amp slots...

    Yeah, I saw (heard) that profile, but it doesn't really show Brian's sound. There's a lack of "schmatz" in the pick and the high's are missing when the guitar volume is rolled down (I got the May-Guitar, so it can't be a problem of the guitar, I use a metal pick, too). Damn.

    Anyone got a real Brian-May-Setup with Ac30 and Fryer Booster or Tb83? I always try rebuilding the sound but the full pick sound and the high cleans when reducing guitar volume I just cannot get... love Brian's live sound. Can Kemper send one to Brian please? ;)

    Like to see more functions for the switches esp. the stereo switch. it now has rig up/down. it would be nice to have individual functions for each "half"stereo-switch so you can realise a setup with switch: tuner and tap + wah-expression

    It would be better to be able to individually assign wah or volume to either expression pedal 1 or 2. Also it would be good to be able to assign parts of the fx to the expression like delay feedback swell or mix.

    would be cool if you could directly jump to the 2nd or 3rd etc. page of the thread when you're on the list of threads

    store amp from profiled rig to amp list:
    select a rig, hold "amp" for 1/2s, click "store", give name, click "store". now you have the amp in the amp list.

    select different amp:
    select a rig, hold "amp" for 1/2s, turn "browse" knob, it will change to the amp list.

    same with eqs or cabinets