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    would be cool if kemper implemented a boost without having to sacrifice a stomp or fx slot... no need for a button on the kpa but an on/off- function per cc (midi board) and a meter for 0-10db boost range.

    yes, if i use the boost, the output will clip. but are there other ways to implement the boost or just the mentioned ones?

    i'd like to be able to give every preset a boost on demand... that's why i'd like to switch something on while staying on the preset. otherwise i'd have to double all presets...

    Perhaps another dumb question :D , but how do you guys implement a boost (for solos) in your rigs?

    i use a diezel vh4 with a g-system. the g-system has a boost-button. that means that all preset levels are globally reduced by the amount the boost is set at.
    that means: regular presets at -6db, when hit boost at 0db (resulting in a 6db boost relaitvely for soloing).

    how do i implement such a function in the solely used kpa? my concept was to use a clean booster in the x-section. but in order to not overload the output i have to reduce the preset volume of all presets in advance.
    are there more elegant ways?

    Again, for the sake of clarity: "Browse" takes you through the saved PRESETS of the selected item, "TYPE" takes you through the list of available objects for that item.

    Somebody could add "RTFM"....but I'm the first one that do that only after a couple of weeks of exploration. .. 8):D

    I'm sorry, shame on me. The KPA just arrived and I had no time to read it, but had to get some tunes going.... :whistling:

    OK, I'm back aboard... powered... (all leds working ;) )

    Cannot find the pitch shifter fx (neither stomp nor fx section). What am I doing wrong?
    Firmware 2.1.1, Got 114 stomp boxes but none except the 3 loop thingies are white...

    Elfredo, I think we once briefly checked that I am the owner of the unit that you, as a first time buyer, sent back to Thomann.
    (Because I wasn't able to register my serial at first and I found out Thomann erroneously sent me a returned unit instead of a new one).

    In this case I can gladly inform you that
    1. this very unit was as ready as can be from day one and gets constant use as well live and in the studio.
    2. this very unit to this day has 100% working LED's.


    Cool! I was really careful. Very good to hear, it's still 100% working. :)

    I tend to find this question very manipulative (implying the Kemper has not been ready until recently).

    Help yourself by spending time on the boards -> reading the discussions in the various subcategories.
    Then make a decision based on your findings. What answers do you expect from people who use their units regularly anyway?

    This is the prototype question/post that will lead to heated discussions if people take it seriously.

    i don't think it's manipulative. it was not ready for sure when i tried it last year (i was one of the first (buying) users), but that's another story.
    i expect a better picture if also users with good experience (regarding leds) speak about it. if i had not asked this question i would only have the posts from "problems and troubleshooting"-threads to judge upon. i get a more even picture about that topic this way.
    it will only become a heated discussion if you take it personally, and i know that this forum is one of the better ones with kind people helping each other.

    The real problem is how big can you estimate that chance, without being cheated by the "complaint-on-internet magnifier effect"...

    How much people with failed led can you count on this forum ? 10 ? 20 ? 100 ? More ?
    How many people in the world with failed leds will come and relate it on this forum ? 10% ? 20% ? 50 % ? More ?
    How many units have been sold in the whole world ?
    Without this figures, how can you estimate a reliable chance to have failing leds, to the point you renounce to buy one of the greatest guitar gear of these last years ?
    Personaly, I can't, so I bought and 'alea jacta est' ;)

    exactly! that was the intent of this thread: to get to know those who's units are working and didn't fail. i'm more convinced now that it'll be ok than i was when reading the failure posts. thanks for that guys!

    i am once again surprised how forgiving and positive you guys are. it bothers me bying a product knowing that there is a big chance that those leds will fail... i already have a bad feeling when bying... :S ... so i have to think about it. i also cannot follow that bad led-batch explanation because the complaints are not limited to a short period of time but to a period of more than a year.

    but i don't wanna be misunderstood as troll... gotta sort that out for myself... after all it's 2100 € for this (powered) unit... but after all i love the concept. you guys are happy with it and it seems that actual functionality in sense of sound and software robustness is given. would love to see a solution to repair those leds by myself (after warranty expires) like knowing where to buy a pack of those leds and how to replace them. they are a big help in visualising your settings.

    so thank you for your response and not chasing me away for asking provocative questions. :whistling:
    this forum still got its spirit :D

    Best piece of kit ever and completely reliable. Love it and woulnt change it for the world :thumbup::thumbup:

    BUY, BUY, BUY!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

    already bought it when it came out (one and a half years ago), was disappointed (because of the many bugs) and gave it back. nobody knows why the leds are breaking?

    Hey guys! :D

    After one and a half years I thought I'd try the KPA again and see if all the early bigs (from february 2012) are gone. But while looking through all the posts in this forum I tend to think that there is still a high risk when bying. Still those led failing stories even with newer kpas (inheriting the power amp which indicates that it's not older than 6-8 months) and posts about still missing features (knobs or menus without function). ?(

    Is this true? How do you guys think and feel about it?

    Best, Chris

    kpa is also 100€ more in germany now... so nothing to do with exchange rates. is this because they finally succeeded in completing the amp (e.g. missing features/functions of the switches) or just because they can?

    Still returning KPAs at the music stores because of KPAs freezin in live-situations?? Come on, guys! I'm close to crying... ;(
    I always thought semiconductors were more reliable than tubes....

    @ stefherbuel

    i don't understand why you don't try to get to the origin of that. it would be easy: set up an amp and profile it. make one recording with the amp in this setting, and one with the kemper profile (a/b test like ck suggested). will there be a difference? if yes, then ck can investigate. it could also be a noise of your (or any) guitar since bending one string decreases strain on the other strings which could lead to that effect/noise. if you bend the string the distance to the pole piece of your pickup also increases.

    ps: "i'm really curious to see what christophe kemper and moderation think about your childish attitude" <-- THAT is childish.
    "It doesn't need to get any better. " <-- THAT is fanboy. ;)