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    Can you profile a signal that already contains a non-defeatable cab sim? I mean, I suppose you can, but just be aware that it won’t result in a “normal” DI or Direct Amp profile, as it has already lost a bunch of high frequencies do to the cab/EQ filter and roll-off. At least, that is my thinking on the matter.

    Lmao. Brilliant!

    I guess it depends on what you have you Master set to in the Output menu; Master mono or Master stereo

    Hi Sam,

    Did you mean the Monitor Output? In other words, ensure that "Monitor Stereo" has not accidentally been selected in the Ouput / Monitor settings. The default setting on all the classic KPA models (not sure about the Stage) is Monitor Mono..

    I don't think the Master Output settings have any effect, or are relevant to how the Kemper Kone (which is always connected to the Monitor/Speaker Output) reproduces a stereo playback signal connected to the Aux In.



    Also, try increasing the dedicated Compressor parameter that is found in the Amp Menu. This compressor does not act like typical stomp compressors. It should liven up your clean signal as you turn down the volume on your guitar. Check the KPA Reference Manual for more details on the function and advantages of the Amp-section Compressor.

    What you get from current FRFR solutions is the sound of a mic'd cabinet. IRs always include the response from the microphone along with the speaker. A speaker with a SM57 alone will sound different than one mic'd with a 57 and a ribbon mic, which will sound different if you add a room mic. They're all the same speaker, but you will get *wildly* different results.

    The Kone is meant to give you the sound of *just* the speaker in a cabinet. The same as you would with a regular amp and speaker.

    To me, the Kone makes direct profiles more valuable. You can remove the cabinet from a merged profile and it'll work great. But having an amp-only profile coupled with the Kone? That should be epic.

    Hello Ruefus,

    Assuming the Merged profile was properly made...i.e., the original author followed the correct procedure of making a Direct Amp profile as well as a Studio profile (with mic'd cabinet), and then initiated the "Merge" function...well, then turning off the Cabinet section on a Merged profile gives you an "amp-only" profile. That is exactly what a Merged Profile is intended for.

    We can assume all the top commercial profilers have done their due diligence, in this regards, when selling profile packs featuring Merged Profiles.

    « blanket over the speaker » is exactly what I’m hearing. Someone could please help us?

    I have a weird suspicion that somehow the Cab Sim has been enabled (even though you both have confirmed that you have enabled-checked Monitor Cab/Off). Sounds like two EQ filters in series, i.e., processing amp audio signal through a Cab Sim and then playing through a non-linear guitar speaker, presuming the KPA is also displaying that Kone mode is active. Possible software bug? Just spit-balling, here.

    Any SS amp is fine. Generally one with good headroom and transparent sound.

    Many people like the Matrix amps but they can be expensive.

    Someone else can comment on the Seymour power stage as I have no experience although it looks relatively low power for an SS amp...the amp in Kempers are 600 watt ( as a comparison).

    While the Seymour Duncan 170 Powerstage is a lower power rating then the amp module in the Kemper, they are both high quality modules designed and built by IcePower.

    With that said, the SD170 is crazy loud, and should be more than enough to power a guitar speaker or FRFR monitor to physically dangerous sound levels...including in a band context with a mutant drummer.

    Wheresthedug , I am using my Powered Kemper (Built in Power Amp) with the Interface. Would this not work in this case? I am still playing around with the settings to try and figure this out.

    Derek, the powered (amplified) signal on the powered Kempers only exists on the Kemper’s Speaker Out connection. You need to connect your Scarlett audio interface to your monitors. As the Scarlett is not an amplifier, you need powered (active) monitors. Or, you need to have an external amp to amplify output signals from the Scarlett, prior to going into a passive monitor.

    Wow 7.5!, Why the [email protected] are they allowing demos at this time. I'm looking forward to this feature.

    Hello RobT,

    I am not sure where CelticGibson got that piece of info. (i.e., Acoustic Sim will be released in "OS 7.5"). However, please keep in mind that this has absolutely no bearing to the future release date of a notional "OS 7.5"...nor, should one presume there will be multiple OS updates between the current OS and "OS 7.5". In other words, there might be multiple OS updates between current OS 7.1.19 and OS 7.5, or none at all. That is to say, it is possible that Kemper could deem the next update to have enough new features (rather than just bug fixes) to warrant a jump to a "7.5" designation.

    See attached history of KPA OS updates from the latest Addendum manual. Note the jump from 5.1 to 5.5, as one specific example of what I am talking about:

    [Blocked Image:]

    Hello guys, new to Kemper and was understanding these profiles. If i understand the differences correctly, I would want to push the "CAB" button so it's off when using an external cab (right now an evh 5150 cab)? I am waiting for the Kemper Kabinet to come out and when I get that one, I would leave the "CAB" light/simulation on at all times right?

    So for now using the 5150 cab as a guitar cab, I would want to use a Merged profile, but Studio is also possible but the KPA has to run cab function to remove the simulation aspect?

    Hello guitarguy316 ,

    I assume you are using a powered KPA and connected to the Speaker/Monitor Output (or, using an unpowered KPA, and using Monitor Output connected to external power amp, then to EVH cabinet). In either event, there is a "Global" setting/parameter that you can toggle, so that the Cabinet profile (Cab sim) is always disabled on the Speaker/Monitor Output.

    Please refer to page 87 of the KPA Reference Manual:


    Running a Guitar Speaker Cabinet from a Power Amplifier, “Monitor Cab Off”

    For the perfect on-stage setup, the PROFILER allows you to run a guitar cabinet through a power amp, and - at the same time - send a complete studio sound (amplifier plus cabinet and microphone) from the MAIN OUTPUT to the front-of-house mixing desk. Since your guitar cabinet doesn’t need to be picked up via microphone any more, it becomes your personal monitor on stage. The MONITOR OUTPUT features an independent volume control, as well as a dedicated Monitor Output Equalizer in the Output Section. These allow you to tailor the sound to your guitar cabinet, while the sound on the other outputs remains unaffected.

    For this setup, you need to bypass the Cabinet PROFILE for the MONITOR OUTPUT, to avoid running a guitar cabinet simulation through a physical guitar cabinet. The soft button labeled "Monitor Cab Off" in the Output Section will bypass the Cabinet PROFILE for the MONITOR OUTPUT, as well as for the built-in power amp of PowerHead and PowerRack. The Cabinet PROFILE stays active for the other outputs, including the MAIN OUTPUT. This is a global setting and is therefore applied to all Rigs. However, the signal from the MONITOR OUTPUT is processed according to the kind of PROFILE included in the Rig: for regular Studio PROFILEs, the CabDriver algorithm is activated, whereas Merged PROFILEs feed the direct amp sound to the MONITOR OUTPUT and built-in power amp.

    Use the optional built-in class D power amp of PowerHead/PowerRack or a separate solid-state power amp to drive your guitar cabinet. If the PROFILE you play is a Direct Amp PROFILE, the sound will be identical to the reference tube-amplifier! It is not necessary, and would be somewhat contradictory, to use a tube power amp, because you would have the effect of a tube power amp twice. This might add some pleasing low and high frequencies to the

    picture, but it won't be an authentic tone.




    Well, none of the other players (Fractal, Line6) have ever announced an editor, or charged for it. It was evident 7-8 years ago to have something to easily manage presets and "performances" or edit effects parameters without scrolling and page shifting. Although all of them provided the possibility to do that from the unit itself.

    It's a shrinking market, kemper needs to step up and widen it's possible consumer market by releasing an editor.

    The stage is 5-6 years late, but the company is catching up, but I still believe releasing the stage without the editor was a misfire.

    Kemper cone? Couldn't care less. Way too much resources wasted into a product, for a very narrow possible market and profit.

    Hello aftec1570,

    The Axe-FX and the Helix were designed and supplied, from the very beginning, with a computer-based Editor as part of the product's ecosystem.

    By contrast, one of the main features highlighted by the KPA, was its intuitive amp-like interface...with deeper editing parameters locally accessible through the amp-like physical knobs and tactile buttons. This was a source of pride for Kemper -- i.e., no complicated UI, nor any perceived need for a separate PC-based editor. It is difficult to shift attitudes and beliefs on points of pride, and in particular something that strikes at the foundational core of the Kemper "experience", at least as it was originally conceived and marketed.

    However, with that said, there is no question (at least in my mind, and in my opinion) that there has been a slow, evolutionary change in Kemper's attitude, in regards to an Editor. I believe this is due in part to the following factors:

    • Kemper GmbH's reaction and response to continued customer demands
    • The adoption and employment of the KPA system within both professional and home studio production/recording/engineering environments
    • The ongoing life-cycle feature upgrades, and in particular the introduction of advanced Delay and Reverb algorithms, as well as increased flexibility of routing/signal chain FX assignments/slots -- these enhanced features, functions and capabilities bring along increasing parameter complexity, making the need for a dedicated PC-based Editor all the more necessary and desirable.

    Tritium im a gear junkie that likes new equipment, i dont mean to sound rude or anything, but finally found a product i love, after many years of buying a lot of rack gear i came across the kemper which sounded amazing and my broother bought it me on finance, for me helping him over the years.

    im not saying anything disappointing about the kemper at all (or dont mean to sound like i am)

    im self taught at everything and honestly struggle with a lot of fine tweaking, im just asking advise on the toast me program because im struggling to get anything to work with my shit focusrite

    Hi Jwironmaiden,

    My post wasn't directed at you, Your comments are cordial, respectful and reasonable.



    I hear you, nevertheless I own two Kemper racks, unpowered in the studio and powered for shows... An editor was announce so even though there was never an intention before to produce one. That matters not, because they showed it off at NAMM and then we were told Summer, then we were told soon months ago... The frustration is warranted.

    Hello tron621. Understood. Respectful frustration, as you have politely expressed, is one thing.

    However, there are more than a few other comments within this thread...well, lets just say they are are quite another thing.

    IMHO, there is a vocal minority that are polluting this thread with negativity and ungrateful and immature peevishness. Some are newbies, many are the odd, one-off "drive-byes"(perhaps Fractal trolls?). In no way am I disparaging the Kemper User Forum regulars, who have contributed insightful and impassioned arguments for the editor, and have offered continued support and enthusiasm for its upcoming release.

    However, I have little sympathy for those who admit to buying a $2,000 piece of gear, having done little to zero research into the products features and capabilities...only to feign surprise and frustration when they later find out the KPA did not have an editor. Please. ???

    It also seems to me that some may have lost sight of the fact that no PC-based editor for the Kemper was ever touted, promoted, endorsed, or even discussed by Kemper GmbH, for the vast majority of the product's history. Frankly, I am of the opinion that Christoph Kemper had ZERO plans for an editor when he designed and launched the Profiler...and it was only after repeated and prolonged customer requests that the development of a full-blown PC-based editor was given the green light, with development resources mobilized.

    At the end of the day, we are being freely gifted with a major feature upgrade which will expand the utility of the KPA for many users. I just don't understand the griping, whining, ingratitude and general immaturity that has reared its ugly head numerous times during this long thread.

    Could you imagine the reaction of the KPA community if the Kemper team would be like: "Sorry guys!! Couldn't hack it!! So... the editor is not happening... but, here are 3 more reverbs so.... you're welcome! See you at NAMM!"

    Imagine people actually taking a friggin' chill pill ??

    Given prior statements from Kemper, the Kemper Kab will initially only be offered in a passive version...with a powered (active) version still in development.

    It will be able to do Bass profiles. It will also have ability to connect and use with keyboard (through suitable amplifier).

    No idea of pricing, as nothing has been announced.



    Thursday afternoon. The nervous sweat droplets fall from my furled brow as I anxiously pour over the last 4 pages of the editor thread. No new information. I give a heavy sigh as I close my browser and ask out loud how long a few more days actually is, to no one in particular. The tension in the air is palpable. The throws of owners are becoming restless. I pray that the constant patches and bugfix releases are enough to satiate the wild animals for another night. The bug of being unable to use Rig Manager to change patches while the Rack unit is in tuner mode has reared it's ugly head again. The sun begins to fall below the horizon as the anxiety takes hold of me once again. The morning will bring hope.

    Thank you Mr. Hemingway!....I mean McBarfson;)

    Simply put, we don't know what's going into it. What was shown at NAMM certainly didn't have such a function, but the hope is that it was a preview that will be expanded by the full release. Given how much time it's taken, including delay, let's hope it is much more comprehensive because it would be very helpful in all the ways you spelled out.

    But... none of us will know until the beta is released.

    MM, the only way you could know that, is if you not only visited the booth, but directly asked that question. Otherwise, we would just be going on video clips showing very small snippets of RM 3.0's functionality. That fact that such functionality wasn't shown in such short, out-of-context demonstrations, does not imply the presence or the absence (one way or the other) of any given function/feature.