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    The single biggest “selling point” to me, for the Quad Cortex”, is the ability to virtually adjust the microphone(s) on the built-in QC modeled cabs so as to position the axial and radial distance.

    If Kemper could somehow implement this feature on their next device (i.e KPA 2), that would be huge…particularly if we are talking about user profiles of mic’d cabinets.

    Love the concept of the PRS, love their looks, and love their attention to detail and quality. Alas, I personally have never found a PRS with a neck profile that felt very comfortable in my hand, and inspired me to play. Nevertheless, I absolutely admire the company, and their products, even if they are not for me. That, plus it is nigh impossible to find a PRS with a maple fretboard, in stock at a music shop.

    You Kemper super fans are a riot lol.

    There is no way to tell diddly squat from two amps with the gain on 1 Billion.

    Those sounds, regardless of where they come from, are completely lacking in dynamics.

    Did you watch the video, or at least the ending when the results are tallied? There were two different score categories. One was for tone. However, the other was for feel. The KPA won, unanimously, in both metrics. A 3rd-party listener doesn't have to be able to discern between tones. The testers, who are all gigging guitarists, unanimously scored the KPA the winner in terms of dynamics/feel in this non-biased, blind A/B test.

    I have a different question on the locking stuff. Back in ancient times I had the Kahler locking nut system, which was a mixed blessing when you break a string. However, the PRS I just got is my first foray into guitars with locking tuners.

    If you have locking tuners, would you still need a locking nut? Seems like they cover the same ground, and fewer hassles when you break a string, but I'm just guessing here to be honest.

    Hi Chris,

    Locking tuners are fine and helpful if one is conservatively using a tremolo, say, for simple vibrato effects. However, if you doing more extreme whammy actions, major pitch effects, etc., and have a fully floating tremolo, such as a Floyd Rose (or Kahler) which is neutrally set floating (so as to be able to both dive as well pull up) of the main sources/culprits for the guitar not returning to tune is string binding at the nut. This is eliminated with a locking nut.

    Indeed it has the best neck I've ever played on a guitar. The combination of scale,neck,pickups, fret access because of the heel and LOOKS, rocks hard. What do you think of the pickups? If you can't find an official floyd rose, buy the schaller lockmeister. Same thing as the OFR but with schaller's stamp on it (schaller makes the OFR). Be sure to order it with R3 nut and 32mm block

    Agreed. I don’t have Paul Gilbert size paws, and the HM Strat’s 25.1” scale, combined with the flat, thin (but rock solid) neck, as well as full access to 24 jumbo frets, makes this a joy and inspiration to play.

    I have been considering the Schaller Floyd (Lockmeister) as well.

    Question on the locking nut. Not sure if this is available from Schaller, but wouldn’t we need an R10 locking nut, due to the radius? The R10 is 15” radius, which is closest to the neck’s 17”. I will have to measure the width of existing nut/shelf.

    I love mine. It is an original model from 1990. I replaced the neck humbucker with a Bill Lawrence way back when. I didn't want to ditch the original Kahler Spyder, but it broke in an unfixable way, so I had to put on an FR, which is not stock on these first models.

    Not sure if the image will show. I see it in the preview, but then see "blocked" text in the actual post with a link to the pic, so sorry if that happens again. Maybe it is because I am new, but I assure it is a safe link on well known image hosting site (imgbb). Regardless, here is mine in black, the one color they decided not to do in the reissues.

    [Blocked Image:]

    Beautiful guitar, drkato .

    Cool to see there are a few fans, here, of the Fender HM Strat.

    2020 Fender HM Strat. Effortless playability and VERY light. Will replace the floyd special with a german one soon

    Awesome, CrazyShred. These are amazing guitars, with the most comfortable, thin, flat and fast necks I have ever played. I absolutely love the 25.1" scale length with 24 frets. I had my Flash Yellow HM Strat PLEK'd by Sweetwater. Plays like a dream.

    I guess I also will eventually replace the stock FR Special with an Original Floyd Rose, whenever these can be found in the wild, again.

    By the way, I loved it so much, I ran to Guitar Center and picked up a second HM Strat. Grabbed the Ice Blue with Rosewood.

    Now, I just have to sell some of my other guitars.

    I talked to Jarrod (ToneWars) a little while ago about his new video do over. He’s pretty humbled by the explanations he received about refining and pure cab.

    I watched his video and their is a big difference

    Jarrod is a class act. His humble and honest explanation, as well as mature openness to constructive criticism is a gosh darn breath of fresh air in this otherwise toxic wasteland of social media narcissists and "influencers" . Where does he get off, acting so adult, humble and charitable. :thumbup:

    I requested a feature which received some traction awhile back. It'd be nice if we could reject the refining process and start back at the captured profile, to either refine again or save the original. I've gotten gun-shy about refining because I tend to be disappointed with the results.

    That makes so much practical sense, that, to be honest, I am not sure why this feature has not been already implemented. In fact, it seems like such a “no-brainer” that I have to wonder if there is some constraint or limitation pertaining to the specific amount/address/pool of non-volatile memory that the KPA has access to, when operating in Profiler Mode. Of course, this is pure speculation on my part. The more likely explanation is that this feature request either slipped the cracks, or is not considered a useful option.

    Can you profile a signal that already contains a non-defeatable cab sim? I mean, I suppose you can, but just be aware that it won’t result in a “normal” DI or Direct Amp profile, as it has already lost a bunch of high frequencies do to the cab/EQ filter and roll-off. At least, that is my thinking on the matter.

    Lmao. Brilliant!

    I guess it depends on what you have you Master set to in the Output menu; Master mono or Master stereo

    Hi Sam,

    Did you mean the Monitor Output? In other words, ensure that "Monitor Stereo" has not accidentally been selected in the Ouput / Monitor settings. The default setting on all the classic KPA models (not sure about the Stage) is Monitor Mono..

    I don't think the Master Output settings have any effect, or are relevant to how the Kemper Kone (which is always connected to the Monitor/Speaker Output) reproduces a stereo playback signal connected to the Aux In.



    Also, try increasing the dedicated Compressor parameter that is found in the Amp Menu. This compressor does not act like typical stomp compressors. It should liven up your clean signal as you turn down the volume on your guitar. Check the KPA Reference Manual for more details on the function and advantages of the Amp-section Compressor.

    What you get from current FRFR solutions is the sound of a mic'd cabinet. IRs always include the response from the microphone along with the speaker. A speaker with a SM57 alone will sound different than one mic'd with a 57 and a ribbon mic, which will sound different if you add a room mic. They're all the same speaker, but you will get *wildly* different results.

    The Kone is meant to give you the sound of *just* the speaker in a cabinet. The same as you would with a regular amp and speaker.

    To me, the Kone makes direct profiles more valuable. You can remove the cabinet from a merged profile and it'll work great. But having an amp-only profile coupled with the Kone? That should be epic.

    Hello Ruefus,

    Assuming the Merged profile was properly made...i.e., the original author followed the correct procedure of making a Direct Amp profile as well as a Studio profile (with mic'd cabinet), and then initiated the "Merge" function...well, then turning off the Cabinet section on a Merged profile gives you an "amp-only" profile. That is exactly what a Merged Profile is intended for.

    We can assume all the top commercial profilers have done their due diligence, in this regards, when selling profile packs featuring Merged Profiles.

    « blanket over the speaker » is exactly what I’m hearing. Someone could please help us?

    I have a weird suspicion that somehow the Cab Sim has been enabled (even though you both have confirmed that you have enabled-checked Monitor Cab/Off). Sounds like two EQ filters in series, i.e., processing amp audio signal through a Cab Sim and then playing through a non-linear guitar speaker, presuming the KPA is also displaying that Kone mode is active. Possible software bug? Just spit-balling, here.

    Any SS amp is fine. Generally one with good headroom and transparent sound.

    Many people like the Matrix amps but they can be expensive.

    Someone else can comment on the Seymour power stage as I have no experience although it looks relatively low power for an SS amp...the amp in Kempers are 600 watt ( as a comparison).

    While the Seymour Duncan 170 Powerstage is a lower power rating then the amp module in the Kemper, they are both high quality modules designed and built by IcePower.

    With that said, the SD170 is crazy loud, and should be more than enough to power a guitar speaker or FRFR monitor to physically dangerous sound levels...including in a band context with a mutant drummer.

    Wheresthedug , I am using my Powered Kemper (Built in Power Amp) with the Interface. Would this not work in this case? I am still playing around with the settings to try and figure this out.

    Derek, the powered (amplified) signal on the powered Kempers only exists on the Kemper’s Speaker Out connection. You need to connect your Scarlett audio interface to your monitors. As the Scarlett is not an amplifier, you need powered (active) monitors. Or, you need to have an external amp to amplify output signals from the Scarlett, prior to going into a passive monitor.

    Wow 7.5!, Why the [email protected] are they allowing demos at this time. I'm looking forward to this feature.

    Hello RobT,

    I am not sure where CelticGibson got that piece of info. (i.e., Acoustic Sim will be released in "OS 7.5"). However, please keep in mind that this has absolutely no bearing to the future release date of a notional "OS 7.5"...nor, should one presume there will be multiple OS updates between the current OS and "OS 7.5". In other words, there might be multiple OS updates between current OS 7.1.19 and OS 7.5, or none at all. That is to say, it is possible that Kemper could deem the next update to have enough new features (rather than just bug fixes) to warrant a jump to a "7.5" designation.

    See attached history of KPA OS updates from the latest Addendum manual. Note the jump from 5.1 to 5.5, as one specific example of what I am talking about:

    [Blocked Image:]