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    This lack of this feature makes the remote useless to me. If my rigs have a mod or delay in it, I should be able to hit the "mod" or delay button to turn them on/off. Does any other floorboard act this way. My MFC, FC12, Atomic 12, and Line 6 floorboards know when a type of FX is in that preset.

    Remember, I said "to me."

    1. Remote Effect Button assignment: As far as I can tell there is no way to lock or copy remote effect button settings from one rig to another. You can lock almost everything and carry it from rig to rig, but not the remote settings. So if you want to set up a family of profiles with the same button settings, the only method is to manually punch them in using the remote (or the assign page in the Rig setting). Seems a bit clunky and not in keeping with the rest of the Kemper workflow. I think it would be nice to be able to bundle up all effects and stomp settings - including remote button assignments - and transfer them easily (cut and paste?) from one rig to another.

    I have the same problem with my KPA. This all be the third time I have to send it in for repairs. The first two times, LEDs were out on many of kmbs. Sent it for repair, worked fora while and then more LEDs went out. Sent in for repair and came back. Now, the KPA works from anywhere from 5 minutes to 20 before the screen goes white and as the OP says, the only way to reset is pulling the AC chord out. I finally installed a Bluetooth switch so I don't have to reach behind the KPA where the AC plug is a PITA to reach.

    My unit was one from the first batch back in Feb 2012. So, slightly out of warranty.

    Has anyone got a definitive answer of what is causing this and how to repair. I'm not going to ship it again for repair.

    If you use a Tele, then you have to play Gates of Delirium, Sound Chaser and To Be Over! Also, some of Drama was Tele, Parallels was his Red Strat

    Also, on Yessongs, he tried to use the same guitars as on the albums. But I'm not sure on the Close to the Edge tour he took out his Gibson ES-5 Switch for Roundabout CTTE tour) or Long Distance Runaround/Fish from the Fragile Tour with Bruford)

    Perpetual Change was from the Fragile Tour with Bruford, so probably the the ES-175D [i have the Steve Howe Custom - it is a special guitar).

    Close to the Edge - his ES-345 stereo converted to mono and his Coral Sitar.
    And U and I - Gibson 1275 Doubleneck, Fender Table Steel.

    Starship Trooper - have to check the Yessong movie - there are snippets at the end of them playing that.

    Siberian and Heart of the Sunrise (assuming those were played back to back - the 175 on Siberian and i'll have to check if he used the Switchmaster on Heart. Those, like most of Yessongs were cobbled together from 7 gigs recorded during the Tour [Progeny]. Some songs have sections taken from different shows.

    BTW - Siberian and HOTS are on my list of death-bed songs. When seeing ARW last year, they played HOTS and during that i thought that that might be the last time I hear Jon sing that live. It was a special listening. I think I could listen to HOTS on Yessongs everyday for the rest of my life and not get tired of it.

    Plus, those versions - YES were on fire. Steve had the best tone he ever had.

    So, back to getting that tone - there is a video of YIND on Youtube from 1971 - you can see what Steve's rig was. Basically a cranked Fender Dual Showman, wah, FZ-1 and talent.

    Yeah - I'm a prog rocker.

    Now, if you need Tony Banks equipment, let me know.

    On The Yes Album, Steve used his ES-175d guitar into Fender Dual Showman Head and 15 in speaker cabinet. The distorted lead tone is a Meastro FZ-1 - the same fuzz box as Keef used on Satisfaction (not the FZ-1a that came out later. Don't forget the wah for middle Dm7 section.

    On Yessongs, pretty much the same setup, but he used the newer Maestro FZ1B which was more like a Univox Fuzz box.

    My Kemper was purchased from Thomann's soon after release (was it Feb 2012??). I've had to send it in for repair twice for Knob LEDs going out. Each time, support was really accommodating, quickly replaced the blown components and shipped the unit back.

    For several months, I've had the screen go blank after being powered on and working for about 10 minutes or so. Even turning the knob to off, does not shut down the unit. I then have to remove the AC plug to turn it off.

    I've upgraded to all the latest firmware and RM releases. I had 999 profiles on it and removed a few to get under the maximum. Any suggestions besides sending it in for repair? I assume it is WAAAAY out of warranty at this point.

    Merry belated X-Mass & Holidays and Happy New Year. Please say a prayer for the U.S. - three more years of insanity to go.

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