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    I have alread half of the amps but the other one I want to experiment with only with their high gain, good move Guido!! my pack has been purchased :)

    I have a big problem in my unit, from some weeks ago until now it is getting more a more steady every time I use the Kemper. After a while of playing the sound dissappears, just the sound, the unit remains powered on and the tuner shows it receives it keeps receiving the guitar signal, too. The only way to get sound back is to restart the unit. That happened during the past live gig and it was a bless (because you have to wait 40-50 seconds to get ready) and if it happens during a song.... :S

    Well, I have tried all for trying to solve that: keep un the unit less than 1000 profiles (now 800), I updated to 1.8 version, and after seeing this didn't fix the problem I did a flash memory recovery, but even that did not work :cursing:

    Please, can you share if someone else have suffered same problem and how to fix it (if possible)....I'm starting to think I will have to send it to Kemper headquarters and live without my loving unit for weeks ;( ;( ;( ;(

    Best regards,

    Thanks for the tips guys, I have configured the tuner in every patch preset as secondary switch, it works great!!

    I programmed it with the LG-FCB software:


    For every patch, use Control Change (CC) option: press toggle and select 1 and 2.

    CC 1: write first the number of the patch you are editing - values 127 and 0
    CC 2: write here the cc# of the tuner, 31 - values 0 and 127

    That means, first switch on the patch, you select the sound on the Kemper....I you hit it again, the tuner comes out, hitting again, sound available.


    Did you know that you can assign a secondary function to any switch which you use for program changes on the FCB?
    So you can e.g. set them up in a way that first press selects the corresponding patch and all further presses from then on are used for tap tempo.
    I use this secondary function on my FCB to activate tuner and it works like a charm!
    Hope this helps!?


    That is a good idea, dude! I'm gonna try it. So the problem of the tuner will be solve, and it was the most urgent one. Thanks a lot :thumbsup:

    Hi folks,

    I use a modified Behringuer FCB1010 with UNO chip, I do program all with the FCB/UNo control center, which works efficiently. I do have yet assigned all the buttons for controlling usefull FX like delays, reverbs, mods, etc... and finally I have no place for controlling in real time parameters like TAP TEMPO and TUNER, which are important when gigging live.

    My question is next, is it possible to connect an external switch like the Behringuer AB200 in order to assign to the buttons the tuner and tap?

    [Blocked Image:]

    If the answer is YES, how do I have to program them on the FCB/control center? I assume that in the picture below, the parameter CC1 and CC2 refer to the external switches, right? in this case I should work just mapping there the CC number for tuner and tap tempo (latch mode in the AB200 for this).

    [Blocked Image:]

    Will this idea work for me? has anyone the same set up?

    Many thanks for the help guys!!

    someone can share the complete list of midi CC's.

    There's one in the forum but I don't find the CC's for controling parameters like MOD depth, MOD mix, etc...

    This is what I have:

    UPDATED Complete list of MIDI control change numbers
    (CC#s) incl. 1.5.0. Public Beta

    #1 Wah Pedal#7 Volume
    #16 All
    Stomps Invert
    #17 Stomp A
    #18 Stomp B
    #19 Stomp C
    #20 Stomp D
    #22 Stomp X
    #24 Stomp MOD
    #26 Delay
    on/off (cuts tail)
    #27 Delay
    on/off (keeps tail)
    #28 Reverb
    on/off (cuts tail)
    #29 Reverb
    on/off (keeps tail)
    #30 Tap#31 Tuner
    #33 Rotary
    Speaker (slow/fast)
    #68 Delay
    #69 Delay
    #70 Reverb
    #71 Reverb
    #72 Gain*

    Yeah, it sounds so massive I can't believe this comes out of a tiny 1x12 amp, like it a lot!

    Dude, your profiles are simply TOP! keep uploading more please, thounsands of people are enjoying :thumbsup:

    Hi people,

    I have get the answer from the people of Kemper, very nice and quick :thumbup:

    With this trick it seems you conserve the profiles that you got in the memory.
    there are some KPA's having problems after installing 1.0.5, I suggest to downgrade to 1.0.4 in a simple way.
    Copy the 1.0.4 Kaos.bin file to the USB stick and don't place it in the OS Update folder, leave it solo on the stick.

    Connect the stick to the KPA an hold Exit during startup, the KPA now boots from the USB stick,

    after rebooting you will be asked to install the new firmware, wich in this case is the 1.0.4.

    Hope that helps, we're working to get the problem fixed.
    I did follow the instruction of Armin and worked well, but I let this text here for the people with the same problem. Please tell if you conserve so the profiles.

    Amazing! this amp really rocks. Casually I was yesterday thinking about having a profile of a Laboga after seeing Pain Of Salvation live. They did use a Laboga, I think one was a Hector and the other a Alligator.....I'm not pretty sure, but both rocked the scene! :thumbsup: