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    Try the Profilers Lead Booster before the AMP.

    A cool harmonizer on his guitar. Great tracking!

    I suspect you are already very aware of this ( auto refine debate, presets etc.) and I think the KPA strikes a great balance.

    There are perhaps some minor improvements e.g. being able to put in what you want to do in a wizard/workflow type approach ( this would be an option not the only way) as opposed to really understanding what each setting does e.g. set up my KPA for SPIDF recording ( set outputs, mono or stereo, typical signal strength etc, or live setting using kabinet and FOH ( output -12db on, imprints on, unlink relevent volumes etc. Is it weorth the development for what are often one time setups? Not fully convinced myself but the forum has quite a few " can;t understand how to set this up"....

    Just a thought :)

    Sure we are aware of that.

    You can take a very complex digital foto camera and just click and make wonderfull pictures. No need to dig through all the myriads of options a professional camera provides. But you can if you want. But you need some skills.

    Same with the Profiler.

    Unbox it ( you can simulate it by "Init Globals").

    Plug in your guitar and play. Chose rigs to your liking. About all factory rigs are hand-selected rigs from professional makers like Michal Britt, TAF etc.

    Set Master Volume for the appropriate loudness.

    Make recordings and reampings easily through the analog IOs.

    Connect your guitar speaker to the power amp output. It will work right away, for every Rig.

    No high-level digital guitar amp allows this.

    For connecting a Kone/Kabinet however, you have to engage Kemper Kone mode. This simple workflow is printed on a single flyer that comes with the Kone/Kabinet.

    No more options are needed to make good music and to connect to speakers or FOH. Everything is set up for instant use.

    Can you point out options that are crucial, but hard to understand?

    I found the addition of Kones to add a layer of configurability where the amount of options overwhelmed the ability to easily get good tone. That’s where all this came from.

    But full stop, as much as I love Kemper, and I absolutely do, their interfaces are not good. Not the profiler or the rig manager.

    To put the Kone into the mode that you need, is about as complicated as setting up an alarm clock on an iPhone.

    On the Kone page activate "Kemper Kone".

    Also set "MonitorCabOff", as you would do with a real guitar speaker.

    Select an Imprint to your liking (Vintage 30) is predialed or default.

    The only two sound option for this workflow is the "Directivity" control that controls the high frequency aspect of the Imprints, and the Bass Boost to adapt to the way you use the Kone. We could have skipped this option for sure.

    There is no other options needed to control the sound of the Kone. They are all on one display site. How could the interface be improved for this purpose?

    How would a different interface on the Profiler or Rig Manager improve the setup for the Kone?

    Regarding presets, I don’t know man sure eight years ago maybe, but it seems as if these days Kemper comes with a lot of pretty basic rigs, all those free rig packs etc. And even way back when all those years ago, I actually purchased a handful of TAF profiles of amps I already knew well and loved, and loaded them up before ever auditioning presets ... and gigged those tones two or three nights later. Still using those. Just saying, historically gear bonding happens relatively immediately or I move on. ymmv

    Let me add that our factory content is almost exlusively handpicked Profiles from known vendors such as Michael Britt, TAF etc.

    There are often threads about noise.

    There is a simple rule of thump for this:

    1. Turn down the volume of your guitar. If the noise disappears, then it was the guitar catching electromagnetic noise by the pickups.

    It is not caused by the Profiler and the only way for it to prevent it is the noise gate.

    2. I fhe noise stays, then unplug the guitar cable from the Profiler. If the noise disappears, then it was still the guitar, but more likely the guitar cable.

    Proof with another guitar, if possible, but definetely try another guitar cable.

    3. If the noise stays even with no guitar cable connected, and it sounds like deep hum, then it's a ground loop (or in other words, hum loop).

    Some advertisement from my part, maybe not applicable for the original poster:

    You can your playback track fullrange to the Kabinet, while you play along with your guitar amp-in-the-room with an Imprint.

    Only the Kabinet does this trick! :)

    Guys, you are right.

    This was an oversight of mine!

    The Power Kabinet deserves the same „Power Amp Boost“ Parameter that we have already for the internal Power Amp, allowing a boost of up to 12 dB.

    It has been implemented into the code last week and we will have a new beta software this week.

    Sorry for that!

    As a workaround for today, boost your rigs with the Rig Volume parameter, which has the very same result.

    These are all presets using the very same algorithm Kemper Fuzz.

    The "smart drive" Preset is not based on a true circuit.

    The "made after original" Presets range from "Red Germanium" to "Dark Blue Silicon", plus "Mayer" and "Tyco".

    It took a lot of effort to make these "made after original" Presets, as they were the authenticity proof of concept and promise for Kemper Fuzz.

    However, the other presets took me only 20 minutes to make. I am not telling that because those presets are superficial, but because everyone will be able to create or modify Fuzz sounds serving your own needs, in a short time.

    Every setting you create, represents a real analog circuit, that could exist out there, but nobody has made it yet.

    are you sure it does not come from your guitar?
    all volume knobs players (as I am too) install a treble bleed in their guitars to keep the treble when you roll off the volume.
    « normal » configuration without treble bleed darken the tone with volume rolled off

    Sorry, I am late to the party.

    Many say, that with digital amps rolling down the guitars volume pot does not clean down as well as on a real tube amp.

    The Profiler is an open book in this manner, because the authenticiy of cleaning down can easily be checked in every A/B comparison and thus is an aspect in many profiling videos, with success.

    If someone states, that the Profiler does not clean down authenticly, without comparing side by side, he is comparing an apple in front of him, to an orange he has in mind.

    If we don't talk about dedicated fuzz pedals, this whole cleaning down is not an impedance topic.

    Tube amps have typical input impedances of 1 MegaOhm. So has the Profiler. The guitars volume pot does not interact too much with such high input impedance, and if so, in the same way.

    This is different with certain fuzz devices that feature an input impedance lower than 10 kOhm, less than a 1/100 of the amp.

    This is not a property of germanium fuzz only, silicon fuzz do it equally.

    You have seen our new beta software that features our new Kemper Fuzz . For the Profiler Stage it provides a real input resistor switchable by the fuzz effect, and doing the special clean down trick.

    I know this isn't really helping but I was playing my 8ohm oversize 1x12 downstairs and felt like cranking it up. I had the wattage about halfway across the meter (about 28watts) It was SUPER loud. Things were shaking across table tops and amp racks. It was so loud my wife came down to yell at me and she never usually complains even when I'm cranking up my old 2204 Marshalls. Honestly I just cannot believe that that is only about 14 watts, that just cannot be?

    My power amp boost is on 2.5

    Yes, it is astounishing.

    I made some tests yesterday night with a new beta software. We will add the PowerAmp Boost even for the use with the Power Cabinet, to achive maximum wattage.

    I was stunned how few watts make so much noise, again.

    I felt the need to make true voltage measurements again at the power amp output to check again if the Wattage Meter is calibrated correctly, or if I have made a mistake.

    But it is spot on!

    There is no bad thing about your review.

    I believe it is not just an impression that you had, but maybe a wrong setting that caused an unpleasant sound.

    To mention the setting on the Kone Page in the display:

    Kone Mode highlighted.

    MonitorCabOff highlighted.

    Imprints set to your liking, eg. Vintage 30

    Directivity typically in noon setting.

    When Directivity set to max, the Kone is as bright as the V30 on axis (which is very bright).

    Off axis the Kone is even a bit brighter than the original, when Directivity is set to the right half. Opposite of blanket.

    Could be I was trying to force a stereo rig with a radial cab-link? Mismatch in Watts or ohms?

    Do you use the serial or parallel input of the cab-link?

    Please try to run just one of your cabs, without the cab-link.

    That take it out of the equation for the test.

    That is quite a long time, with a blanket over the sound.

    Something must have gone wrong.

    Thousands of users use the Kone as a replacement for their guitar speakers or their fullrange system, or both.

    You will not find a similar report elsewhere.

    You will, however find comparison tests, that replacing guitar speakers with the Kones and chosing the respective Imprint (e.g. V30) will bring you back the same sound. Hard to tell it apart. No blanket!

    Are you sure that you have made all settings for the Kone in the right way?

    If you like, post a phone picture of the Kone screen of your Profiler.

    We are now leaving the latency topic by a bit.

    Your aliasing test is valid, and you can make clips of it.

    I did the test with a sine sweep, as you instructed. I only got a tiny bit of aliasing.

    When you play guitar, you have a hard time to produce audible aliasing, as widely known and shown by numerous of clips on the internet.
    How do we solve this discrepancy?

    Christoph you better start to understand the psyche of guitar players:Religious minds.Glowing shiny tubes being the "holy grail" of sound and old germanium or whatever cheap transistors & fets in colorful stomp boxes fit perfectly into this myth.This is hard to fight.Myths are hard to fight.

    I suggest patience.;)

    Sure, I know.

    I am studying guitarists since more than two decades.

    A good start would be a Profiler without the Pure Booster but another booster with secret sauce.

    And SPDIF that would only deliver 96 kHz.

    That would totally relax me. There is so many ideas :)