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    You are the guitarist of your band?

    Have you tried such an installation before, or is it just theory?

    Why do you plan such installation just for the guitar amp, and not for the other instruments?

    Wouldn't it make sense to include other instruments into this big picture?

    Why do you think a HPF at 150 Hz would have an impact on the Haas effect?

    You hit a sore point. Here are some general words about the Delay Widener.

    I have published the Delay Widener quite late in time, only by the frequent request of users.

    Still I am aware that the side effects of using delayed channels are not well understood by the majority.

    When being used in recordings, it sounds nice, nearly as a double tracking. But you lose the mono compatibility and risk comp filter when mixed down to mono.

    And we have users critically noticing the sound leaning towards the non-delayed sound. But this is the Haas effect that they are creating.

    In a live venue some FOH mixers do not take into acount the different positions of the audience, in relation to the PA. Once you walk away a few meters from the centerline only, you lose the phase coherence and have a natural "Delay Widener" effect, that you cannot avoid.

    You are aware of all this.

    My question is however: how would you benefit from a non-delayed center channel, making the signal drifting back to the middle (Haas effect) for the audience positioned around the center line. And how would the audience positioned to the left and right benefit from mostly listening to the delayed side channels?

    Why didn‘t you put the AC into the stereo section.

    It has a nice stereo effect on it already.

    Too much?

    The hiss happens when you engage the Stack. I initially tried it with a Bert Meulendijk acoustic preamp profile and th hiss was terrible. CK confirmed this would be normal and that the AS was not designed to be used in this way.

    ... And when the hiss was that terrible, then the resulting AC sound must have been terrible and treble loaded as well. The emphasis of high frequencies both affect the guitar and hiss. Both are affected by the amount of Bronze and Sparkle.

    are there factory preset for the acoustic sim? Or will there be?

    No, and it is not planned so far.

    Settings are individual, as you see, and Presets would suggest that there is general setting that work.

    It‘s four parameters only, and every parameter has a clear and comprehensive dedication IMHO.

    Presets would only make sense if they were made for specific guitars and pickup choice.

    We don‘t have all guitars of the world in our office to make that happen.

    But that reminds me: You users as a group have all the guitars in the world.

    It would be very valuable if you would post some settings that work great for specific guitars.

    So far we read more advices of profiles that should be used in combination with the AC, rather than AC settings that meet the target. We don‘t recommend to use profiles in addition, because you easily stack up sound aspects with the same purpose. It‘s like amplifying a tube power amp simulation through a tube power amp.

    Post settings!


    Decided to record a mashup between the following:

    • Taylor 310 CE L7 with a 2004 Expression System (two contact mics and under-neck pickup)
    • Patrick Eggle Berlin with coil tapped Seymour Duncan humbuckers
    • Fender ‘Partscaster’ Tele with Bare Knuckle ‘Yardbird’ pickups
    • Fender American Professional Strat 2017 with factory pickups

    I’m very pleased with the AS - I’m having much more success than I was with the Boss AC-3 I once owned. Particularly like the Tele, despite it still being obviously a Tele when digging in. Although I had an 8kHz noise at one point, it seems to have been external interference that is no longer in effect, or my ears have gone again. Free from hiss over here, as far as I can hear...! If not, don't tell me...

    Now that sounds better than I have imagined.

    Can you tell us about the signal flow in the Profiler and the pickup and Acoustic Simulator settings?

    Have you used additional equalizers?

    Thanks for mentioning at Youtube the dilemma of using additional profiles.

    Interesting to see that some of you use the AC in combination with an acoustic guitar profile as a matter of course, and now discussing the shortcomings of introducing hiss into the game.

    Please be aware that acoustic guitar profiles and their sources (such as Fishman or Tonedexter) are tailored to tame some nastiness created by piezo pickups, and push that sound towards a mic‘ed acoustic guitar sound.

    Our Acoustic Simulator goes the same route, but while having the same goal, it starts at magnetic pickups and directly aims at the acoustic guitar sound (with more or less success, depending in the type of acoustic guitar and pickup). No piezo pickup problem or solution lays on this path.

    Thus taking the detour through an additional acoustic guitar profile dedicated for piezo guitar is not wise, as it does not target a known problem (?), but for sure it can produce all those unpredictable side effects that you describe.

    ckemper I don’t believe that magnetic pickups necessarily create high frequency hiss though. I understand their tendency to capture electrical noise like hum etc but not hiss. Is it not just a function of amplifying the noise floor of the amp input and conversation itself?

    I have proposed that simple test already.

    Turn down the volume pot of your guitar. If the hiss disappears, then it came from the pickup, being attenuated by the volume pot.

    I have tried several profiles, including the Morgan AC20, Liquid Neve 1073, Fishman Aura, Chandler Germanium, Venue DI, The Zoom Simulator, Tonedexter (I know, some of these are piezo designed. The Morgan AC20 actually sounds the worst of the bunch, at least with my PRS! I'm actually getting the best result using the ToneDexter along with the new AC Sim (from Djmass, tweaked) and keeping both amp and cab ON (I know this contradicts your recommendations, but it simply sounds the best... so far!).

    So you are using our AC with a piezo guitar.

    This is what the Acoustic Simulator explicitly NOT made for.

    It is made for electric guitars with magnetic pickups.

    Don‘t expect valuable results with piezo guitars.

    I did lower the sparkle, it’s at -1.8 and Bronze is at 4. It might be because I am mixing in a piezo that I was still getting way too much high end.

    Mixing in a piezo is something that would never work.

    If you have a piezo "on tap" you don't need our acoustic simulator.

    So I had my first band rehearsal using the new AC Sim. We did things that included "Pinball Wizard" - and I swear the "acoustic" sound was far worse than my NON - AC Sim acoustic presets. Disappointed. Still love the Kemper, but this isn't useful to me... so far.

    What presets is it about? For piezo guitars?

    ckemper are you saying that it’s pickup specific? I definitely don’t get any hiss with my PRS. I definitely find the PRS piezo far superior to the acoustic sim sound wise but I don’t get any hiss.

    For sure it's pickup specific.

    A piezo captures the full frequency response of the strings right on the bridge, representing pretty much how the strings truly sound (mostly without the body).

    An electric pickup taps the sound more towards the middle of the string, inducing certain comp filter effects.

    But the most significant difference is a resonance peak, followed by a steep high end frequency cut around 3 to 4 kHz, that creates the typical mid hump sound of electric guitars.

    The Acoustic Simulator is mainly an approach to restore the high frequency content of the strings by a set of well positioned, and partially adjustable filters, that boost the high frequencies by dozens of decibels.

    On the one hand, this is not a deterministic approach, because the Acoustic Simulator can not anticipate the exact character of your pickup. This is why we would never promise to exceed the sound quality of a piezo pickup.

    On the other hand the Acoustic Simulator will, due to its nature, amplify high frequency hiss catched by the electro magnetic pickups. This unavoidable property depends in the pickups. Humbuckers, by nature and by name, will suppress hum as well as noise, thus they will be much more gentle with the Acoustic Simulator in terms of hiss.

    Our AC is a very thought out effect. Still it has to fight the odds like every existing acoustic simulator.

    This is why we recommend it for those two or three songs in a band setup.

    Been playing around with the AcSim and finally have a really good acoustic sound. I am using a guitar that has a piezo that I can blend in with the regular pickup and that helps a lot.

    Some things I did were... ACSim in slot C, EQ in slot D. Raised my clean sense for more volume (I don’t lock it and save it per rig). I found that I had to use the high and low cuts in the EQ to filter out any boominess and to get rid of the shrill from the sparkle effect. I set it for around 5400khz.

    I also ended up turning on the amp section but not the amp EQ or Cab. Then I mixed in some direct sound and played with the definition

    I strongly advice not to use the Lowcut/Highcut for this purpose.

    Have you tried the controls of the Acoustic Simulator?

    Didn't you succeed to tame the shrillness by bringing down "Bronze" and "Sparkle" ?

    All that hiss that you hear can not be avoided by the acoustic simulator, as the hiss is produced by the pickups.

    When you turn the noise gate to the left then the hiss is constant.

    When you turn down the volume pot of your guitar, then the hiss is gone. That's the proof.

    You should check then if your favorite clean amp sounds are too week as well, compared to gainy sounds.

    In this case you should readjust Clean Sense accordingly for your guitar. This will also affect Acoustic Simulator Rigs.

    Okay luckily, I can still switch to the magnetic pickups on my Variax

    Anyway, your acoustic simulating variax should sound good on its own, and maybe should produce better acoustic sounds than our acoustic simulator with an e-guitar, as the circumstances are more beneficial.

    How is the Variax sound?

    so i should not try the acoustic sim with an acoustic profile on my Variax?

    Presumably not, because you might double up two acoustic simulator approaches.

    Doubling it will not work for sure.

    Our Acoustic Simulator is made for turning the sound of an electric guitar into an acoustic guitar.