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    Read my thread "found the boxed-tone bug"

    The thing is, when you change something in the cabs and save the rig, there will be a different sound when you go back to the sound.
    I already sent this bug to the kemper-helpline. They answered that they tried it and also realized this bug. They are working to fix it.
    Till then, try to zero everything in the cabs-section. This should solve the problem so far.

    Got a reply and they said, that they can reproduce this bug and they are working on it.
    So boxed-sound has nothing to do with hex-editors written in other threads (but by the way...please do not use a hex-editor, it causes other problems).

    Hope it will be fixed soon.

    Problem sent to Kemper-support. Now waiting for an answer.

    Perhaps someone can try this. I could imagine this happens to every Kemper.
    Just take a rig. change something in the cabinet-section. For example high shift +4 and low shift -4.
    Save the rig. Assign it to your favourite midi-number. And then change with your midi-controller from this rig to another one several times.
    There should be a sound that is not correctly loaded.

    Try it

    Ok guys, I am very sure that I have found the bitter bug that let some rigs sound very false when you load them once or twice.
    I discovered, that this thing only affects rigs where I did change something in the cabinet, for example "low shift" or "high shift".
    I tried this with different rigs and it happend to every rig I changed. When I set the Controllers to zero, everything is OK again.
    So I think the bug is, that the controls of the cabinet are not loaded in the right way when you change from rig to another rig.

    Sorry for my English, but I am German.



    I tried a lot and found out, that this problem only is there when I change from or to the rigs of "Bad kitty clean" and the Engel-rigs, that were posted here. WHY???

    Ja, ich benutze die neueste beta-Software.
    Hab ansonsten keine Probleme mit meinem KPA und würde ihn daher sehr ungern zurückschicken.

    Yes, i´m using the newest beta-version.
    There are no crashes or something and only little probs like other users have. But those are not so bad and hopefully solved soon.
    So I would be very sad sending the Kemper back.

    Please there has to be a solution soon.

    P.S. The sound of this machine is incredible!!!