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    Up for sale is my used Palmer pdi 03.
    Now that I pretty much no amps (thanks to the kemper) I have little use for the palmer.
    I have used it to silently profile some amps and it worked very well.

    Offering to uk first.
    £200 + £15 postage.

    Any questions please PM me.

    For sale my license for Altiverb 7

    Important: no box or iLok included.

    You must have an iLok account I can transfer to.
    $400 (inclusive of $25 iLok transfer fee)
    Payment by paypal.
    I'll then transfer the iLok license and authorise with Audioease.
    PM me with any questions.

    Do a search for the outshined cover by that TGP Fractal guy. It's tone and playing aint good.

    Is anyone surprised the thread was deleted?
    TGP's digital modelling section has for a long time been a PR outlet for certain companies.
    All dressed up as "honest folk talking about the gear that works for them". To the point where sane grown ups give nonsensical excuses for things sounding bad, just to belong to the status quo.

    Imo the Metallica grammy's performance was not great, the piano idea, the tuning, the playing.
    It can happen. But the guitar sounds were also not great. When it came to the pro / real / world stage they got found out.

    I actually owned an afx1 & 2.
    While I really liked them for what they were, they never sounded 'real' to me.
    And that's what I got from the mettalica gig. You could tell it was recorded direct using software amp sims.

    Regarding the performance, my hands wouldn't work well in that cold either.

    Well that was interesting.
    Has been very funny reading the posts on the manufacturers forum.

    It went from major horn tooting on initial announcement to multiple excuses when the videos came out.
    Along the lines of:
    Youtube made the sound bad.
    It was mixed wrong.
    It was too cold.
    Mettalica are suddenly rubbish.
    It was a live mix, so what do you expect.
    They didn't have 6 months tweaking experience.
    Their live rig sounds bad, so tone-match worked perfectly.

    I was pleased how it came out.
    The L, Plexi is quite bright and the R, Fender is a bit more distorted, but together they seemed to match up nicely. Crunchy and clear but with beef underneath.

    I own one and use it with the Kemper and Reaper at home.


    Sounds best for hooked up with spdif IMO. Need to use Kemper as the master, that limits it to 44.1khz.
    You can run higher and get the apollo to "convert" the signal but it leads to pops and clicks for me. With everything synced it sounds great.
    If you do need to go higher can always use the analog outs/ins

    Very easy to reamp with when using spdif as there is no AD/DA conversion happening. You send dry guitar signal (via GIT output in K) through spdif L and can record/monitor on sdpif R. In the console you have a track for each L & R so can mute the L and center the R.

    Tracking with effects works well. You can monitor with but record dry if you want. Then tweak your plugin settings after. eg I have a bad habit of tracking my guitars too loud and putting on too much reverb.

    I like the plugins. I don't have much experience with other native plugins, but they sound good to me. With guitar I only use a few anyways, maybe compressor, EQ, reverb, delay - sometimes a channel strip.

    It's expensive as are the plugins
    Routing is a bit limited. I struggle to get a stereo tape delay going if I want to pretend to be the Edge. But I can always use the delay in the kemper which is fine anyways.

    I bought the new pack.
    Best Marshall Plexi profiles I've played. That includes the "other' commercial ones.

    Been playing around with the greenback versions. Wonderful sound, haven't even gotten to the other amps in the pack yet.
    Keep up the work Armin.

    Yay I can finally login and post in the private forum

    Recorded 2 quick passes with my Les Paul of the intro to this song.
    Left: profile of 1959 HW Plexi profile with Greenbacks
    Right: profile of 52 Fender Deluxe with Kemper's tubescreamer added in front. This carries into the 1st verse where it shouldn't [Blocked Image:]

    Panned 10 o' clock and 2 o' clock.

    Tracked using UAD Apollo using Spdif.
    Used UAD's Neve 1081 EQ with simple Highcut and Lowcut, 1176 Rev E compressor and a slight UAD Lexicon room reverb. All effects were tracked in realtime and applied on each take.

    Big shout out to Armin at I really love his profiles. To me they are the best commercial profiles available for the Kemper. Alot of effort goes in I can tell. I can't get enough of the new Plexi 1959 HW.

    Uploaded some more profiles of the Decatone.
    Available via the rig exchange and as part of the dropbox zip in original.
    Did the lead channel and
    included direct profiles ie with no cabinet on the Palmer.
    Plan on doing some more with flat EQs and possibly with different gain settings.
    The Palmer is working really well for me.
    I really wish I could post this stuff in the provate area.

    I uploaded those to the rig exchange. But can't post in the private area.
    I think you made the AFD profiles ? One of my favs.
    I plan on doing a more comprehensive set of profiles of the Decatone and will do direct ones also with the Palmer.
    I would sell it afterwards but might keep it only 'cos it's cool having an amp that actually goes to 11.
    Hope you like the profiles and they prove useful. I am a direct to PC + headphones kinda player. I hope they work well when hooked up to a power amp / PA
    Only thing needed is probably a 3db boost on the volume knob. When recording I usually have to do that with most profiles.

    Many thanks for the profiles.
    They are some great rigs.
    However I do need to add, the JTM clean sounds great but there is some noise embedded in the tone. With the noise gate up or down when you play a note and let it ring you hear a definite digital fizz right in the middle of it.
    Is a shame because the amp tone is great clean blues tone.

    I happily was recording using spdif to record to my Presonus Firebox in 1.0.2
    This is now not working in 1.0.3 - in fixing m-box other devices are now not working it seems.
    I tried back-grading to 1.0.2 but then my Kemper wouldn't boot properly.
    I am stuck on 1.0.3 with no spdif.