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    You can have more than just one usb-stick where you store different timepoints or different setups of your system and that you can restore to the kpa if needed. One with your own rigs, one with the rigs that you still need to try, one with the bought rigs....whatever you want.

    I tried both, the 69 and the 59. To me te strat sounds are worse on the 59, the les pauls are worse on the 69. No surprise. I even considered about buying the 59 too, but the main reason to buy a variax is to have one guitar for all purposes, so playing a 69 and a 59 would make no sense.

    Press and hold the button of that stomp, so it's parameters get displayed and you could edit it's settings. Now hit store to start storing it, display will lead you through. Once stored you can always select it.

    The JTV69 is my main guitar. Most of the guitarmodels don't feel and sound like the real thing, ok, some are decent. I needed to tweak everything new with the work bench, to get more highs and less bass and get them all balanced well. Even though most of the time I don't use the models and use the mag PU, they are still more natural to me. The cause why this is my most important guitar is the quality of the acoustic models. This is not just another average solution, for stage use this is the best solution I ever had. I f I didn't need to play acoustic sounds I would also think about the music man game changer or the firebird-x or something alike.

    Update with 1664 rigs on it....
    After I started the update I left the room for a little Franzikaner Dark Weizenbeer. When I came back the display was dark also. Funny! How did it know? :thumbup:
    No reaction on any knob, not powering on again. So I unplugged it for some minutes, then plugged again and turned on and it finalized the update. Yessss!
    BTW: There are so many contents in the backup files besides the rigs like cabs, fxs and more, so I guess the number of rigs alone isn't the information where anyone can see if the memory is at it's limit, right?

    Hi there,
    what I do is simple and maybe a way for you too. When I assign a midi number to a preset I also add the number to the name of the preset. 'JCM800' assigned to midi pc #13 I do rename to '13 JCM 800' and so on. That way all midi assigned presets are in a sequence when I sort by name. Even when the midiboard would brake, I could still recall the presets at once without searching. And it helps keeping the overview, I see what presets are mine and whats not auditioned or not selected to use.

    Had corrupted rigs too a while back...after I got rid of them I didn't have issues again. Download the shareware total commander when you have a windows pc and open a backup file and look closely for files that are weird. I bet you find some!

    When a frequency is dead on a speaker there might be no way to iron that out. Mainly frequencies that are too loud can be reduced until they are as loud as the weak frequencies. But this might end in an unsufficient volume and pressure. Speakers and cabs have their physical footprint and that's something that you can't dial away. Like when you try eq a womans voice into a mans voice, eqs alone can't do that.

    To chase a sound that you know from records is almost impossible with conventinal amps. You got to make tries, buy and resell stuff and search for weeks or even longer. Far easier with the kemper, you just need to load and audition rigs, that's all. Searching a certain sound you also find some more well known classics on the way. Fast, cheap and funny.