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    Hi, owning both units I can say that the kpa could do almost any sound that the axeII can. I have profiled some sounds of my axeII and I find the profiles pretty close to the source. The problem is how to find your sounds. With the axe you can create everything on your own...or let's say you must create everything. There are advantages and drawbacks to it. With the kpa you have to search in the endless ballpark, wich takes time too. There might be no clear and simple answer to your question. If you worry if you could do it faster and better with the other unit, I'd say no, it's not that easy, you got to tweak or got to search and it'll take some time anyway. It would be different when you don't look for a special sound, good sounds of every kind are easier to find.

    When you normalize any record the point where the highest volume is defines how much the volume can get increased to reach 0 db at that point. Wich means at the other side that everything else is not as loud. The more difference you have in your frequencies the less they can be at same volume after the normalizing. Very different sounds depending on the curve, depending on the point where the highest volume is and if the highs or the mids or lows are louder. It's impossible to have the same volume for everything, except you take a compressor and bring all frequencies to the same volume. OK, that's what they do with final mixes at least when they get played on air, radioprograms are compressed to death. Nothing that would make sence with the kpa. It's uncompressed and therefore must be unequal.

    The leds show the presets volume. To be able to balance out the volume of presets it must still be possible to set a basic volume even when using an expression pedal. To me it seems alright the way it works as you described.

    You are the one back then? Surprise! :thumbsup: I just thought it to be another good profile of a good amp and now it is a profile of a modeller.
    Btw I don't play metal, I guess I don't play the rig in the original version.

    I cannot imagine that you will use 8 buttons for effects and a boost in a single rig.

    What I usually do is that I have the same button for the same effect. That's important for me to keep the overview.

    I have one button for the chorus,
    one for the autowah,
    one for a phaser (for intros and outros),
    one booster that makes just louder without adding gain (for gain I play with the volpot),
    and one booster that adds treble and cuts bass, wich I have to get able to use the fater or muddier PU positions.

    (You see, 4 buttons are not that much.)

    For some songs I need special delays, for some tremolo, for some longer reverbs, then I have to store additional rigs for these songs.

    The drawback about these xtra presets is, that whenever I maintain my basic presets I need to make the same changes on the copies with the special effects to keep them all the same.

    The less buttons there are, the more presets are needed and the more work it is to keep every basic sound mirrored on the copies.

    Less important for bands with a certain own sound, but more important for coverbands.

    In the thread about the footcontroller CK told about his idea of a boost that also contains a postamp volume boost. Now he didn't say if that will be part of a coming FW or only a function of the FC. I hope it'll be in an upcoming FW because I believe that I'm not the only one that would love that feature.

    1:05 with 1.350 rigs and 204 cabs, pretty fast now. :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:

    Someone out there with even more on it?
    Guess the total number of uploaded rigs in the forum and the database must have reached 2k, right? And still increasing, awesome! :thumbup:

    If that the case, Then i hope the controller will be with rig on the bottum row.
    Just my 2 cent. :)

    Rigs on the bottom row, that's what I like too, for sure...... on a 6 button design.
    But with a 5 button design it would cause the tap button to be placed in the second row. Maybe not the best place for it.

    Both ways have advantages and disadvantages.

    It can be difficult to hit the right preset button on stage, when it's a great moment and they turn off the lights and you're blind for a moment (or they ignite the blinders and you're blind too). Rigs in the second row can be a problem then, you need to place your foot in front of the button some seconds before the big moment and then hit it without any additional eye contact.

    At the other side tapping something without beeing able to put your heel on the ground is difficult too, so the tap on the second row is not that nice.

    Maybe the rigs on the bottom row and an addtional connection for an external tap button if needed (also for the ones that want to tap with the left)?
    I then would use the onboard tap for the rehearse and so on, but could make it better accessilbe if needed for gigs.

    can't these preset-nerds just buy an axe fx and programm their mfc to 15 p/c's? just kidding of course (!)... :P
    it is a testament to the kpa, that folks want to use it like a pedalboard -> amp setup. you don't need 20 sounds per song, if your preset doesn't suck after some seconds...
    so, to feature the ingenious multi-stomp-in-one-switch-control ck came up with, it should be prominent and on the bottom... hope this makes sense 8|

    Stompsetups are usually a good way when you have a great clean amp and have some stomps that can cover all the kinds of overdrive and distortion that you need. But to me the KPA isn't that thing, it's the thing where you change amps and don't need stomps that much. We have thousands of amps in there, but not as many stomps.

    I guess the first row and the second row can both be reached very good. I wonder if it would be good to have these coloured lights on the first row...not as good visible when they are under a foot, maybe they are better in the second row, where you switch with the tip, not with the whole foot?

    Everybody who's talking about axe-edit should know that it never really has been out of beta. It's still. So, people should not glorify it. I have no clue how many hours of work went into the development, they are working since long and they will for a while. Did you ever think about the costs, I guess it's a lot? For the axe-fx the editor is really needed since presets can get very complex. Another point is that since the editor exists the FAS team must hold back FW updates until the editor is updated for that FW too. There are downsides.

    What about connecting an exp pedal as volume and use the volume post fx (rig menu)?

    That's what I already have. But a volume pedal is more to find a certain volume for a whole song or a sequence of similar songs. I don't use the pedal for short boosts. That would drive the FOH people crazy...when they found a balance of the signals that works, they don't like someone always changing his basic volume. A static boostlevel and something to switch on and off instead of finding the position again and again is far easier to use. Imho, ymmv.