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    Old school engineering would have it mono and dry, just the basic building block. Also old school is if it sounds right it is right. Since we're now in new school dystopia I recommend stereo effects to the max and recording only that which doesn't sound right at all.

    Hey folks,

    I'm selling this speaker unit. I had planned to use it for a series of gigs but circumstances changed and they never materialised. I'm mostly a recording player/songwriter so the next live appearance might be in a decade. :-)

    It's had only a few hours use and only in a couple of domestic environments so it's as new.

    Looking for £450. It's parked in Aberdeen, Scotland. I'll cover the first £10 of shipping. You can see it *link below* with an added bonus banana for scale, it really is dinky! Powerful, though, a fine 300 watts of clean grunt. I managed to frighten almost everyone who was nearby, which is always a plus, I find. :-D



    I bought these around a year ago thinking I'd get fancy with some footwork but I've discovered I'm resolutely old school and use only one patch on the Kemper when playing live! :-) Consequently they've never been used outside of home use so are as new condition.

    Comes with all the bits - two long MIDI cables, soft bag, boxes, and I'll include two short MIDI cables and one short USB cable so it's up and running from the off.

    UK based. New price for both is around £360. I'm looking for £260 including shipping.

    When you profile are you doing it as a distorted amp or a clean amp? I've had different results with each.

    Clean sound with the clean algorithm, distorted for all the rest. I've tried using the clean for crunch sounds but it defaults to distorted algo as intended.

    I'm back to some truly terrible post refined profiles today. My toaster may be toast.

    It seems to me that your Fender clone has some multiple gain stages which Kemper can't reproduce well. How much gain did you use?

    It's a Headstrong Princeton clone, and very lovely it is indeed, but only one volume control and that's it! Any gain stage issues will be at the mic pre/Kemper return and although The Kemper will alert me as to too low or too high a return level I'd much prefer a meter I can read.

    My levels are lower now but I can't quite get my head around that being the issue if the pre refined profile sounds pretty much as it should.

    It's still Mrs. Gremlin, her doctors have her on some pretty robust drugs but I suspect she mixes them with her son's MDMA for added fun. Her dancing isn't what it once was.

    Yeah, I refine alright, lots of chords and widdles, lots of dynamics, and since it was disintegrating I just kept going. It got worse and worse.

    The good news is I probably don't have to inconvenience you folks by erasing the internet since I rebooted, redid gains and it seems to be OK now so I'm blaming Mrs. Gremlin from next door.

    Hi Paul, I am storing pre refined profiles but I feel cheated! :-)

    And for sure this shouldn't be happening but I can't see where I'm getting it wrong.

    And so to the fix all, switch everything off and on again and reconfigure my gain structures.

    More later...

    (unless it's far too embarrassing in which case I will delete the internet not just my account)

    Hi there,

    Kind of strange.

    I'm profiling a Fender clone. All my gain structures are fine, the profile sounds about right post profiling but as I play and refine it disintegrates into a nasty muddy mess and that's what gets saved if I save it.

    The clean profiles seem to function OK, it's just showing up during crunh/distortion profiling

    Any ideas?

    I'm on the latest beta OS.



    command delete works in RM too! :-)
    Also my "objection" was directed towards the remark - that "no other Mac app works that way".

    I found command delete worked maybe once and then just didn't any more, making it all feel somewhat flakey. Even right click/delete only works some of the time, I've had to quit and reboot to get it working again.

    Objection your honor!
    Finder ?!!! RM mimics Finder - I select, right-click, delete (move to trash) all the time on my Mac!

    Delete, command delete, and dragging are finder routines, too, so Kemper only partially mimics the finder.

    And only the routine I rarely use.

    It's a conspiracy.

    When you right-click on them, is the option to remove / delete them not there, greyed-out or just non-functional?

    Now why didn't I think of that before asking? Probably because no other Mac app works that way!

    Of course I could have let my eye wander down the list when I was making new folders but no, I had to pretend I knew what I was doing because I'm an expert. :-)


    skoczy. There should be places where we can pay to throw broken computers against walls as a kind of 21st century therapy.

    Mac El Cap, latest revision of Rig Manager.

    I've made some new folders in my local library but can't delete them.

    Renaming them seems pretty flakey, too.

    Any clues?