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    Every time I have had an issue with crackling over a digital connector it related to clock settings... whether you can set them on your geat (or for that matter on the Kemper) I cant advise... but worth maybe looking in that area. Hope it helps.

    I recently did an inside and out review of the Kemper DI box... Hope some of you find it at least interesting.... if you don't like it no problem... but don't harass me... or I might think I'm on some other forum ;-)

    BTW it was on 4.0.6



    I have a 'Jazz' pickup in the neck and an EVO2 in the bridge. The 'Jazz' pickup for rock will clean up that flubby bass side of the tones and make it very useable when driven pretty hard. Not sure if anyone else has done that before but it does make an incredible difference to the neck tones in rock. Guitar is an Ibanez RG550LTD kicked to hell and back...

    This track sounded very cool... the sort of 'phase thing' going on at the start was really (I thought) very well suited to giving a feeling to the track that enhanced it and changed the overall ambience (it suited the video).
    Great stuff. :)

    I was demoing the Kemper to someone... and did exactly the same... as I looked and looked... he pointed it out :) No doubt he's on here somewhere and will save me the embarrassment of confirming it :)

    It's an awesome box of tricks...but, I never had the guts to take it out on a gig, only used for recording and rehearsals. My Marshall JMD102 was my final rehearsal choice due to being more reliable. It was during rehearsals that bugs presented themselves like sound cutting-out completely, tuner activation, volume drops etc that put me off. This was
    1 1/2yrs ago though.

    I am surprised that no one mentioned using a voltage UPS stabiliser / regulator / spike remover like used on other computing equipment when its out on the road? (Maybe I missed it?). Lets face it, the Kemper is a computer and all those chips ARE sensitive to spikes and bad variable voltages even with the Kemper internal bits to help stop it... especially when on tour in some countries. I have seen crashing of the Kemper through that sort of thing and using one of those devices that is a uninterruptable power supply does help. They cost really little money and will often resolve that sort of thing. Just thought I would mention it.

    That's a fair overview of the position I think... however, you will know that just one customer that is 'frustrated' or not handled correctly or disappointed (as they see it) will tell up to 50 other people how cr*p (that would be his view at the time) the gear or service is. I'm not suggesting BTW that the leader of this thread is remotely like this, I've just had a bit of customer management myself.

    So maybe a little flexibility somewhere is sometimes good and maybe some forethought about managing the problems when they arise (as they always will) is really the best option all around from the perspective of keeping customers satisfied. Without customers there is no company no matter where you sell.

    Just a thought...

    Not so sure they are coming Europe first? Mine was ordered early January and they said ship end March... but not processed either..

    I registered for the Early Bird. I got the 'shipping note for early birds' email as you guys did but at that point I hadn't ordered. It says I've got until 6th March to order and still get the early bird shipment.

    So I just ordered and got the confirmation but it does not say I'm an early bird.... Same email address 100% so not sure what's going on there? No panic of course but figured I'd have the early bird wording in my order confirmation.

    I ordered without my email from the shop... and later had to email them about that. They then 'tied' the order to my account in the shop... but I did contact them twice re that and then they did it... I would check with them if you don't see your order in the 'shop' account you have...

    Order placed Jan 14th... result is (if you're in Europe)

    'Thank you for ordering Remote. We will start shipping next week and your Remote is scheduled to ship on Calendar Week 14: From March 30th onwards. Depending on your choice of payment the following three options apply: '

    Seems that some guys in the USA get the remote quicker... but who cares... I'm looking forward to getting mine...

    Just noticed in the store that delivery time for the Remote is 'Delivery time 105 business days'

    So it seems that maybe 3 1/2 months is the wait time now for new orders.

    Thanks... and once I get the Remote pedal (come on Kemper where are they?) I'll be reviewing that AND this modified amp will be recorded so guys will hear if it's in some way inferior to the regular rack powered version... but it sounds perfectly fine to me to date - indeed no more faffing about with external stuff.

    A really good idea would be that Kemper make the holes in the back of the amp at manufacture time and cover those with the backing (as indeed they partially did) but leave the semi pressed holes there to reduce maybe interference at the CE/FCC testing point. Maybe the one that's there, plus three for the bigger speak-on connectors like I did and a mains connector somewhere near where I fitted it. There should be no cost difference really because the case is stamped out in the first place. Lets face it, when its out of warranty... that could be a great option as this mod did not involve ANY Kemper amplifier mods (to the electronics) at all.

    Maybe Kemper might just then sell an 'amp' kit to fit to the unit by a regular user... after all, with those holes it would be very simple indeed.

    In any case, Kemper have their own methodology and don't need me to tell them....

    Here's a little video I did of converting a Kemper unpowered rack to a Kemper powered rack... if you do this you might well lose your warranty...

    BTW its all on the video so please don't harass me with questions on here. If you want to do that then put them on the video on my channel...

    Please note I did say the amp was a 290w unit which is incorrect... it is actually 2 x 90w in stereo or 180w bridged..


    I Hope it helps someone but please note that the video remains my copyright...


    I ordered one too... and Ill be checking it out very closely indeed when I get it ;-)

    Oh and I have another little ditty that should be interesting for some rack users... which is a few weeks from arriving too.

    I sincerely hope that this remote pedal is better than what I already have... (G-Lab 3) we shall see.

    Always nice to have a level head around, Nightlight. :thumbup:

    PS - Im really enjoying the ability to block out rabid fan boys and sad obnoxious folks who hide behind the anonymity the internet affords them. Suddenly...they do not exist :)

    You are exactly right! I've heard and seen those guys many times (not necessarily the same ones) who are never prepared to put a REAL name to their often ridiculous comments - I put it down to the fact that they have little spine and can't afford to be sued.

    Welcome to the world of the internet... just ignore them... they don't go away, but it infuriates them no end.... :)

    I won't bother re the products you use... that's your business ;)

    Enjoy... or not... now stop twiddling those knobs LOL.