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    FW 7.1.4 is mainly addressing boot problems with some Stages. The clock issue *may* be related to it, and *maybe* not.

    your scenario:

    is exact the same as described by AlexVaca .. this is actually a good hint I think.

    unfortunately none of the multiple test-units over here shows that behaviour. We're waiting for some more units to arrive here in order to be able to reproduce it. Indeed at this moment it looks like the problem has started to occur right at the time that the feature 'Stage-remembers-standby-state' was implemented.

    There is a new firmware version on it's way. This new version mainly has a fix for Stages which don't start up at all (which was reproduce-able with a RMA unit over here) This version could also fix the date/clock problems (which still isn't reproduce-able here). I'll check with support and ask where and when the version is available in the pipe-line.

    warlus1   DamianGreda : the KPA's THRU function works as it should. So if you purely want the KPA to behave as THRU there should be no problems, and you will not nees a merger.

    (note that in that case none of the KPA's out functions can be used on the THRU i.e. no progchg out)

    like that, yes. but no, it doesn't work with editors...

    so you claim that if the KPA is set to THRU (= case1 in my overview = device a+b both are not using THRU) --> the editor of the Strymon is not working?

    really ?

    can you confirm ?

    so the situation is as follows:

    - set the KPA into 'perform' mode (note that this settings can only be done in perform mode)

    - open the system menu page 14/18: there are the 2 important settings

    when at least one of both is set to 'THRU' the THRU port will in fact be function as OUT2 ! --> so in your case please verify that both are set to either 'OUT' or '-' (= case1, see below) because you want it to behave as THRU function.

    the other thing that maybe a bit confusing is the fact that in your case the MIDI Clock is received by your external equipment. This is because regardless of the THRU port function mode, when 'Send MIDI clock' is enabled there will be a clock on the THRU port, when a MIDI clock is received!

    A: port
    B: port
    KPA's THRU port function
    MIDI clock on THRU port
    1 MIDI OUT or '-'
    MIDI OUT or '-'
    THRU clock coming from MIDI IN only
    ('Send MIDI Clock' has no effect for the THRU port in this case!)
    MIDI OUT or '-'
    OUT2 (A)
    I) clock synced to MIDI IN's clock (when available)
    II) clock from KPA's internal tempo generator
    ('Send MIDI Clock' has to be enabled !)
    3 MIDI OUT or '-'
    OUT2 (B)
    same as case 2
    OUT2 (A+B)
    same as case 2

    a) so only in case '1' the THRU port really is THRU function (!)

    b) when a MIDI clock is applied to KPA's IN, and 'Send MIDI Clock' is enabled => the MIDI clock is output from KPA's THRU port

    OK: it's kind of heavy going :) but I just verified it: and the KPA with 7.1.3 works correctly like we designed it to do.

    BTW a quick question: is there a way to set the MIDI output on a Stage to THRU (since the Stage doesn't have a physical THRU port)? Not that this is really an important requirement - I guess the Stage is typically more a MIDI sender than a forwarder...

    no, this isn't possible.

    Interesting observation: in the System menu of the Stage, it is still possible to select THRU for MIDI Device A and B, even though the Stage doesn't have a THRU port - maybe something to be fixed in a future OS update for the stage...

    AFAIK: this is because it is possible to restore a backup from the head/rack onto the Stage, and this indicates & retains/keeps the 'impossible' setting in that case.

    yes: exactly this! (you described it more clearly I think :-)

    and you're right: it would be a good addition to the KPA to have a 'merged-out' of some kind: this is a good feature request !

    midi THRU is midi THRU, and it works as it should: as midi THRU !

    1. PC[OUT] ---> [IN] KPA [THRU] ---> [IN] Strymon [OUT] --+
    2. |
    3. PC[IN] <-----------------------------------------------+

    should have no problems at all: did you connect it that way?

    when set to OUT mode, the KPA will not merge incoming MIDI into it's out.

    when set to THRU, it will be a THRU port (=an exact forward of all INcoming data)

    so what you want to achieve can't be done with the KPA directly, you will need a MIDI merger for that.