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    leuk om ook eens Nederlands te lezen hier. Ik volg het forum met veel interesse, en zelf ben ik vooral geïnteresseerd in de techniek van de KPA :-) Verder ben ik ook benieuwd naar de ervaringen van andere landgenoten.

    Guys: reinstalling the firmware won't change this bug behaviour. In order to really help development finding this bug in stead of ghost hunting: please find a way to reproduce the erratic behaviour. Is it always caused by MIDI switching? Does it happen in performance mode only? etc. etc.
    This way the developers can check out themselves and hunt it down.

    Could you please send a backup to support and try to describe the way to reproduce the crash (MIDI pedal connected? USB connected? Browsing filters etc.)
    By the way: this probably is a general software bug, *not* a hardware issue with your machine.

    just to be sure:

    - put kaos.bin in the rootdir of a USB stick
    - hold 2 buttons: "PAGE<" and "PAGE>" (both buttons below 'exit') while powering up the KPA

    is there a message in the display like 'burn-and-boot'? (It should be displayed within a couple of seconds after power-up, even when the USB stick can't be recognized) When the unit doesn't react at all to this there is something more seriously going on and it could be a CPU board issue.

    This can happen in very rare circumstances during update. Doesn't have to be a big problem to solve. You can contact me by PM and I can explain to fix (burn-and-boot procedure)

    Edit: you already held down both <> buttons while switching on? Did you actually:
    - see a message like 'burn and boot'
    - put a usb stick in, with kaos.bin at the rootdir?


    albert . When I short Tip + Ring -> fixed MAX, but the problem occurs when everything is supposed to be fixed to 0. When I short Tip + Sleeve -> seems like it wants to be at 0 but it's very unstable and the value fluctuates between 0 and MAX constantly. Thanks for the advice though.

    hm.. OK

    is there any difference in behaviour between the pedal inputs ?

    would you mind to test a bit more?

    - please connect a TS (instrument / guitar / MONO) cable to the pedal input and leave the other side unconnected
    - select 'Switch (MONO) Tuner' on the KPA

    can you reliably switch the tuner mode by shorting TIP + SLEEVE now? (you should be able to toggle tuner mode between 'on' and 'off')

    when this doesn't work as expected: maybe your KPA has a hardware issue indeed, please contact support or PM me
    when it works as expected: your TRS cable may have a grounding/wire issue; did you try different TRS cable already ?



    Hi Laurent,

    looks like a slightly different issue although. Your pedal seems to work on a hardware level, and your question is on a functional level. Dirt's questions seems to be further down into the hardware level.

    type1 = sensing on TIP (Roland)
    type2 = sensing on RING (Yamaha)

    a simple little test for the people who have problems with their pedals (DirtStyler / Laker)
    - connect a MONO cable (i.e. your guitar instruments cable) to the pedal input of the KPA, and select 'type 2' on the KPA

    is the input still jumping around? (it should be fixed '0')

    for the dexterous people (don't be afraid: you will not break anything here, and it is not dangerous)
    - connect a STEREO cable to the pedal input of the KPA, and select 'type 1'
    - short-circuit TIP + SLEEVE on other side of the cable (paperclip) -> input should be fixed '0'
    - short-circuit TIP + RING on the other side -> input should be fixed 'MAX'


    according to the manual of the FV-500H it should be compatible to a EV-5, when using the 'EXP' output (like you did already).


    - connect with a full stereo (TRS) cable to EXP output of FV-500H (see manual of FV-500H)
    - set 'minimum volume' knob on FV-500H to 'minimum' (see manual of FV-500H)
    - set pedal type on KPA to 'type1' (= sensing on TIP)

    it should work then, when not: please contact support because it might be a hardware fault.


    JFYI: holding '<' *and* '>' together will actually burn the firmware into flash memory. Holding '<' or 'exit' only will boot the firmware without burning it into the flash memory. And by the way: indeed, this functionality is there as a last resort only. Normally one would update from within a fully booted system, and there is no need for 'boot-and-burn', so try to avoid using it when possible.