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    Also, judging by the size of this thread, I think its fair to say there is a lot of demand. and yeah your right, I don't think there was a promise, but no release date is ever a promise, and people are still going to get bothered when it doesn't arrive when they said it would.

    That would be misleading. It’s mostly 6 guys going back and forth about why it’s not needed, and why it is. Mostly content free. Of course it’s just passing time while the editor slowly weeps.

    Perhaps you might want to step away from the pipe and let people voice their opinions. Just a suggestion. We all know yours by now. Nobody is slamming Kemper. This is an own goal for them. They announce after years of requests, creating lots of buzz, then the year goes by with no release. Yes that’s enough to create frustration. It’s not the end of the world. Will not deter me from making use of the kit. Still admire the genius of the device. Its just annoying that it’s still not here. There could be all kinds of reasons for the delay including, I suspect , a lack of in house sw expertise.

    Lets review. Announced and shown at NAMM in Jan. Here we are coming up on the next NAMM where I assume we will see another demo. Pretty weak sauce if you ask me. No I’m not bashing Kemper. But this makes them look incompetent in developing sw.

    RM alerted me when it booted that there was an RM update and it required 7.07 firmware. So I updated rig manager then did a software update search and it brought up the 7.07 and asked if I wanted to update. Yes. After a few minutes it was done. Fairly painless on my end.

    I own an Axe II XL+ and will probably be buying a Kemper soon to add to my arsenal.

    All I can say is, when top artists and engineers are using both units in their studio and on the road, it says something about the accuracy and authenticity thereof.

    That said, I haven't used a Kemper heretofore, but my impression is that the amp models may sound slightly more accurate / authentic right out of the gate, though that isn't to say the XL+ can't be made to sound practically indistinguishable with a little (or a lot) of tweaking. I don't know and won't know until I get my hands on a Kemper. My plan at this point is to run the Kemper into the Axe in order to use the XL's effects with the Kemper's amps, though that isn't to say I'll be abandoning the Axe's amp and cab sims. I won't. It's mainly because Axe-Edit is awesome, and will simplify adding effects regardless which amps I use.

    I have all three units (KPA, AxeFX XL+, and Helix) I love each of them! I use them separately and all three sometimes together mixed into a single tone. I have not liked the KPA "profiled" tones of the Axe, nor do I like the tone matched amp tones from the Axe. Its like they sound best doing what they do and sound worse trying to sound like the other. Neither sounds as good as a real amp to me if I'm being honest. All 3 sound good and can be made to sound great in the service of music making. In the service of anal-lytic tone surgery, each has their own rabbit hole. But the true test of value is which one would I keep if I only had one. I would choose the Axe Fx. Why? Because it does more things well than the other 3. It doesn't do Amp tones as well as the KPA, nor does not have the ease of use, or all the routing options of the Helix. As raw amp tones are most visible in isolation, that is the probably the only situation where one might prefer the more natural tones of the KPA. In every other situation, the Axe does it and does it extremely well. If I had to choose between the KPA, Axe8 and the Helix, I would choose the KPA. But if the Axe2 is one of the choices I would take it over the others. I have come to this realization after many years of owning Fractal (Ultra, Axe2 and now XL+) and almost 2 years of owning the KPA, and about 6 months of owning the Helix. They are each very capable devices and not likely to be the weak link in your music making. JMO and YMMV etc.

    are you in touch with kemper support by email? please reply with the ticket number and i'll have a look.
    thanks, gs

    G, I just emailed support today (just now). So I will wait to see what they say. Hopefully its an easy solution. I can talk to the Kemper fine, but not online.

    Do you run any additional firewall preventing applications to "phone home" etc.? Since that is exactly what RM does.
    If the connection test fails, the application is obviously not allowed to communicate.
    Are you using other browsers than Internet Explorer? Can you log in with Internet Explorer to the web based RE? Any chances you are using a passwort with special characters or a space?

    Timo, I'm running Win7 64bit and have Norton360 virus support running my firewall. It fails even with the FW off. I never user Internet Explorer. I use either Firefox or Chrome. I just logged in using IE and it works fine. My password uses letters and numbers. Very confusing.

    Well, I still can't seem to login to RIgEx from RigMgr. What gives? When it comes up it says connection failed. All connection tests in 'preferences' fail as well. Of course I can log into RigEx from the web but RigManager does not work. I'm just tired of fucking with it. Good news is that some 39xx rigs were included in the Beta#2 install so I got a snapshot of whats on RigEx. But any kind of real-time access is not happening. Kept hoping that it would just work and every new beta does the same shit. Who do I call to help with this?

    Sooo, still unable to connect to RigEX. I left it to do its connected/request dance for several hours and came back and it had stopped responding. Had to restart to the computer to get back up. Task manager would not kill it. Oh well, I think its got to be something stupid cause when I try to test connection, it always fails. Whats up wt that? Yet I log in everyday to the Kemper site with no problems. ?( I guess I will wait for the next revision to try again. Glad at least some of you are getting it to work correctly.


    as for the Profiler driver you don't have to worry about the port. nevertheless, if you keep having troubles with a certain USB3 port, contact support and send some details.
    thanks, gs

    Thanks GS. The thing is it installed the driver on a usb3 port, and it shows up in RigMgr. It just would not download anything. When I tried the usb2 port it began downloading From the profiler right away. Just nothing from RigEx.

    After the dusk of the Gods, it was the time for Humans!


    Use your Kemper site EMAIL ADDRESS and password.

    I am using my kemper site email address and password. It's not complicated. It just fails to connect. I'm baffled.

    After the dusk of the Gods, it was the time for Humans!

    Tried again this morning using a USB 2.0 port on my PC. Worked a charm, have sent info to kemper. Not an expert on this is can't say its a USB 3.0 issue, just wanted to share the info. Rig manager rocks. So easy to preview and manage profiles !

    Wow, that was the issue for me as well. It never occurred to me that in 2014 I would have to worry about which USB port to plug it into.
    Especially for a device that was released well after USB3 was adopted by the industry. USB3 is supposed to be backward compatible but we all know that is not always true. It was your post that made me try it. Thanks! :thumbsup:
    I still can't access the rig ex.It just keeps jacking off at the bottom of the screen with its 'requesting, connecting' with no rigs being captured. And when testing connection, it fails everytime. Don't know whats up with that. Not sure why it fails since its just my Kemper site ID and password. Oh well, at least I have access to my own stuff.

    Fortunately its not a critical app for me since I long ago scrubbed my KPA of all but around 50 profiles. But it would be nice if it just worked. Still the effort is much appreciated and I'm sure it all will be sorted in time. Thanks K-team!


    Do you see your Profiler? Have you imported the rigs you got on your HH to a newly created folder in RM?

    Yes my profiler shows up as 'my profiler' . What's a HH?

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    Can't seem to see any profiles. None. Nada. Zilch. Driver installed fine with 2.3. My kpa shows up but no profiles. When testing the exchange it says test failed. Ok fine. But where are my profiles? Oh well. Another day in the life of new sw. ;)

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