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    Hi guys,

    Long time I haven't been posting in here.. :(
    I'm just about to upgrade to the new firmware 1.6.0 from 1.0.8 released about April2012. I was wondering whether I will get all the factory rigs added since 1.0.8 or just the ones added specifically in the latest firmware release.


    A DSP error is usually a software error and not a hardware error ?(
    Did you try all the resetting?

    I would disagree with that. It is an hardware problem (it means the DSP board is faulty). I went through exactly the same. No 'magic' combination of buttons to save the KPA.

    Sorry to hear that!I've had the Dsp board faulty !Hope it's not your case but hey!!!Shit happens! And Kemper will fix it so hope you'll have the unit fully functional soon!--I think for such an expensive unit like this... I would have imagined hardware problems would not exist ...anyway...that doesn't seem to be the case......Good Luck! :thumbsup:

    Had DSP ERROR too some time ago and the only way to sort out the problem was to send the unit back to Kemper. I really hope that's not the case and that you've been able to sort this out yourself. In case not suggest you get in touch with support as that might be a faulty DSP .Hope everything will get sorted out soon for you


    since you cant profile a profile it is not possible. Even if it was, i believe it has something to do with the way the profiling works. The KPA doenst seem to like extremely scooped sounds. But i will investigate a little further.

    Maybe this would be possible with 2 KPAs one of which is loaded with the 'starting block' profile and the second one profiling the whole signal chain?
    It's getting crazy in here !(in a good way ) :wacko: this thread is terrific!

    Well I'd like to play guitar, hence I'm for the idea of iPad control over the Kemper. Just as I'm for the PC and Mac librarians too, because I'd rather not waste time fiddling with USB memory sticks and trawling through the vast list of rigs and cabs with the very slow methods available from the Kempers own interface.

    I see your point.It's about different people working in a different way and having their own point of view.So for me playing guitar means not to have to mess around with an iPad .That's just me though!

    I'm glad hearing that.
    I've also sent mine to my dealer (very helpful I should say) and hope to get mine back as soon as possible.

    Surely if it breaks again in 3 months time I will sell it and probably will get an AXE FX2 and see how it goes with that one.

    You should try to walk in the same shoes the OP is wearing at moment.
    Not everybody here has the luck of having his/her Mummy buying the KPA for his/her birthday. For some people it's an investment . It's a tool. And it's natural to compare how it performs in terms of reliability with other (even crap-sounding) devices.
    I'm realising that 90% of the posts are against Radley !Actually I think what he's trying to say it's absolutely resonable .Not sure whay people get so weird about it. I really hope that Chris will keep an eye on those type of unpleasant threads and will improve the QC of both hardware and software of its products.

    Yep it's a software product and few weeks back I used to think exactly the way you do now.However I had the DSP board broken after only 3 months though. It's now hard for me to think of other similar products on the market as unreliable as the Kemper. Probably it's just me being upset but that's my opinion at the moment.

    Yep it's annoying when something breaks down especially if you're working on a project that costs you lots of sacrifices (short hours sleep and heavily reduced social life) and especially if you've just bought the unit.But shit happens so no one to blame for it.
    The dealer turned out to be cool -probably they didn't know what Kemper return policy was..
    So I'm sending the KPA tomorrow to the store and will receive from them a brand new one as soon as Kemper dispatches a replacement unit to them. The "funny" thing is that Kemper want me to include the emails I've been having with them regarding my fault?It should be clear to them by now that the DSP board melted after 3 months of life.

    Can you believe the world is such a funny place to be?Someone (Sheguitarplayer) mentioned his dealer had no problem with replacing the unit just for a software issue.I've bought it from exactly the same dealer who also told me they've never delt with a refund before!
    I don't care as long as I get my bloody replacement.

    Cheers now and hope nobody here will have the same sort of issue.


    Yes that's what the dealer (in UK) has told to me too.
    However I contacted Kemper support and they've told me they are not able to deal directly with users. Everything needs to go through the dealer.

    My dealer has actually contacted Kemper. There's a clumsy procedure that needs to be followed (i.e. I'm supposed to fill out a form on an external website in order to make the system generate a 'Return Number' which the dealer will use to proceed with the return. Ironically the PHP script on that webpage is buggy too..and won't allow me to send such information ...)

    Regarding the dealer ..they've turned out to be quite helpful and today they're showing they're taking initiative to go and talk to Kemper.
    So I see this problem getting solved pretty soon.Potentially in a month or so will have a new working KPA (which hopefully will work for more than 3 months.. ;) )

    The problem is that the dealer doesn't have any KPA in stock at the moment. However I still believe I shouldn't be dealing with Kemper but with the shop who sold the unit to me in the first place. Also stock levels is not a customer problem but the dealer's.Not sure what the law says regarding this.
    I live in the UK and the only reason not to get the Kpa from Thomann was that in case the unit would brake down would be easier to deal with a UK based dealer rather than one located abroad.

    Concerning the name of the shop ...will see how it goes during these days and in case their behaviour is awkward will be more than happy to PM its name to anybody who wants to get informed.


    Hi there..the topic is not fun unfortunately...

    After having few problems with the Kpa ,support has advised to get it replaced from the dealer.I phoned up the dealer (who is probably an active member of this forum) and was told that I need to deal directly with Kemper and get the unit replaced by them instead.

    Has anybody had to go through the process of having his/her unit replaced?
    And how did that go?

    Thanks ...

    Frankly I didn't understand any of it.

    You're not alone. My unit is dead as well. DSP error. I've contacted support already but at the moment they can't figure it out!WIll wait next week -probably will need to send the unit back. Shit happens! :cursing: