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    Anybody has found a fix to that?
    I've got the soft button on with DSP ERROR written above it..

    The knobs don't work.
    This happened while running 1.04.
    I've updated to the 1.08beta (last one) but still get the same.I've also got a system error message.

    Any help would be really appreciated.


    You can find information about tube shape in the profiling manual. They say that, sometimes, it's difficult to profile some amps because both preamp and power amps are distorting and, in that case, you can try to set tube shape to the higher values to emulate the power amp distorting.

    About sag: Is a power droop that affects higher transients resulting in something like compression and affecting dynamics. If you set a high value, clean notes can sound as high as distorted ones. I think... ?(


    Paco, gracias for the information. Yes the manual says what the parameters 'Tube Shape' and 'Power Sagging' do (or are supposed to do), but it doesn't say why if I tweak them nothing happens to the sound coming from the KPA..
    Have you tried to tweak the power sagging ?Mine doesn't do anything. I can't hear any difference at all.
    The tube shape also doesn't do anything. But that's probably because is effective only in circumstances as the one you've mentioned above.

    Muchas Gracias :D

    Now you're talking my language :thumbsup:

    As far as I know Radley's posts are genuine and not directed to manipulate any sort of argument and clearly few people here are getting so weird about it.The only 'thing' it can't get better is the beauty of those smiling happy girls .If you probably spoke to their parents and explained to them how their daughters could be improved..well probably you would get a kick on the back side immediately and probably you would be told 'If you don't like them then go and look for some other girls'. Fair enough!But here we're talking about a tool that helps musicians do a better job than they would with an amp. So it's perfectly fine (in my opinion) to be unsatisfied with the KPA and pointing out potential issues to its creator. I personally don't like the argument 'Ok -- if you don't like it then sell it' or 'You don't like it??Then use your 30 years old boss pedal".
    I hope there will be still room for improvement for the KPA.I deleted several profiles as I could hear some sort of 'staticity' as well. However I'm quite happy with what I've got and I still need to learn how to tweak those parameters in the amp section Mr Kemper (entrepreneur and genius) was kindly talking about . So all I do I keep what sounds good, I delete what doesn't sound good. Easy like that.Personally I'm enjoying the unit and very happy about it.


    I have found that the more preamp gain your amp has, the lower the amp's master level should be set to get the best profile - too much power amp distortion seems to confuse the KPA, resulting in a less satisfying profile.

    That's a very good point. Will try profiling with less power amp distortion.
    Thanks for your tip.

    Well after dipping my toes in and buying an axefx2 for a second time (I returned the first one) Ive put it up for sale.
    My original intention was to keep it until the amp matching on the axefx2 came out and to give it a whirl. I got it at a good price on ebay and figured I could always sell it on if I didn't like it.
    Just spent a week with it (spent 2 weeks last time) on firmware 5 and I just can't get on with it. Its been bugging me since it arrived. Spent 3-4 hours a day just using the amp block out to my atomic power amp and guitar cabs and frankly I thought it just sounded flat and lacklustre compared to my real amps reamped through the same rig or my KPA. I thought it sounded much better through the atomic as an frfr unit, but I dislike IRs. They always sound and feel a bit fake to me and irritate my ears after about 10 to 15 minutes.
    The difference was enough for me to just give up on it. I can't see that amp matching on the axefx2 will make that much difference for my use as Im just not that keen on the core sound of it.
    So there ya go, its up for sale.

    Well I've got the Axe on pre-order...was supposed to come in my room few months back but they're playing being 'The very precious' guys (hence the long wait perhaps ) --not for much longer I'm afraid.......will probably cancel the pre order and give it to someone's a lot of money just for some effects I can achieve anyway using some good DAW sequencer crazy thing. From the reviews I've read KPA wins big time over the AXE for sound quality ..and that's all I'm concerned with :thumbdown:

    Oh Yeah, that's a Big one leaving.Very important to me and especially to my mom and to me as a child!Probably non-Italians don't know him but yes...he has been definitely extremely crucial to the Italian music development --and a great man as well ,addio Lucio!!!What a shock!!!

    Oh Yeah, that's a Big one leaving.Very important to me and especially to my mom and to me as a child!Probably non-Italians don't know him but yes...he has been definitely extremely crucial to the Italian music development,addio Lucio!!!What a shock!!