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    I have that type of noisy unpleasant sound when using a compressor. Whether it is with Bass, passive pickups Guitar,or really hot active pickups Guitar I keep hearing it. It's not cipping it's just a 'geee' type of noise(surely I've tried my best to describe it :D ). To avoid the problem I now use the compressor available in the amp section.Without compressor I don't hear any noise (apart if I stand too close to the KPA display )

    I'm holding on to both the AXE II and KPA, the KPA has a lot of good things, I like how easy it is to profile, and the results are excellent when the amp is miced properly, i like having all the knows to quickly edit, i like being able to save and load patches with USB etc, BUT the AXE II wins for me in pretty much all effects, i think it will be very hard for KPA to compete on the effects side of things, i like that is also a rack format, and the support from Fractal is incredible, I like how Cliff spends time on the forums and is very responsive to people's feedback, this isn't happening here yet from KPA, but it could change, also I think if Fractal does add their own type of profiling, and if it works as good as the KPA, with the power inside the AXE II, it will be a very very hard device to beat, like i said i own both, and i'm no fanboy on either side, just have my opinions and obviously will choose to use whatever sounds and works better for me, since this is how i make my living.

    Hey yours is a great response! Thanks!If you don't mind might PM you in the future to ask more (don't want to cause the 3rd World War as some visitor is always there waiting to drop his bombs...).

    Is he paying for the coffee ?? :D

    Picked up a second (yes a second, I sent the first one back) axefx2 on evil bay. My curiosity got the better of me re their upcoming profiling and I got it at a good price. Not interested in modelling, to me its old hat and nowhere near the 'real thing', but profiling is another ballgame. Will be interesting to see how the 2 units progress, although I have to say the KPA is seriously very good indeed and the axefx2 has a lot of its own self-imposed hype to live up to.

    +1. Would definitely be interesting to hear from you how the Axe performs regarding the Amp-Matching feature. I'm still on the waiting list for the Axe and I was 95% sure to cancel my order (and get a new guitar maybe??) . However in case the AXE will be as good as the KPA then will probably keep (indefinitely) waiting. Thanks for doing that!

    I think the feature that set KPA apart from the mass of simulators available out there is the built in A/B comparisons switch which allows to compare the profiled sound with the one of the original amp. Arguably no one has ever dared that before.
    Today I was just watching (by pure chance) this video where 'this guy' is being interview.
    Just skip to 6.10 if you don't want to watch the whole thing ..

    Apogee is not a good example. OSX only in an era when even apple computers are dual boot, not to mention their continuing drive away from pro audio into iPad trinkets and stuff designed to be sold at apple stores first and foremost. And this is coming from an Apogee user.

    RME also don't make a good example as their units are increasingly bloating away from just being dedicated converters, the UFX for instance has not just inboard effects, but an inbuilt sampler!

    If you then factor in the cost, and the pain of SPDIF, especially if you have other SPDIF equipment so you need to daisy chain, and the fact that most guitarists, even the ones with Apogee or RME converters dont actually have SPDIF inputs (theyRe not on Babyface, Duet, MBox Mini etc) then it really does make more sense to allow normal guitarists who don't own a studio to be allowed to use USB in order to quickly and conveniently track their stuff with a digital signal path.

    Thank you professor for enlightening my path.I disagree with every single thing you've written (and that's included the full stops you've used ). Also when you say "Apogee or RME converters dont actually have SPDIF inputs " you clearly show you don't know what you're talking about.
    And when you say "the UFX for instance has not just inboard effects, but an inbuilt sampler!" . Seriuosly I really I think you've got a talent ! Don't waste it in here!You're way ahead man :thumbsup:

    Very disappointing. I cancelled my pre-order today. :thumbdown:

    I wish you would reconsider this - the Eleven Rack is a good model of DAW integration and I expected with the history of the Virus TI that you would be ahead of the curve in this regard.

    Fair enough. It sounds actually very encouraging to me the fact they won't be turning the KPA into a "can do it all" type of unit. That means Kemper will focus exclusively on profiling and refining algorhythms + effects and other cool revolutionary features. Besides I would consider good models of DAW integretation Apogee or RME rather than an 11 rack or other kind of devices "I'll do it all" type of thing. I think a dedicated soundcard will be a more reliable and better choice for DAW interface. Let a proper soundcard do the job and let the Kemper do their job. That's my opinion at least. If there is a recording feature via USB I would really like then actually would be cool to add USB direct recording (i.e. record to usb stick to capture those rare moments of inspiration). Not sure if Kemper can do that or are willing to do that though.
    Cheers now

    I haven't posted anything about any of this anywhere.

    Check your facts before you let fly with the accusations. A) You are wrong; B) Back it up with fact.

    This sort of post doesn't shine well on the forum, Kemper or guitarists for that matter.

    Scott do you know whether the AXE will be able to profile its fan noise as well?Aahh if I could only get that noise on my KPA 8o one day!
    Ok ..everything happens for a reason Scott. I believe you get what you give. What goes around comes around..Hey don't get me wrong honestly I don't care about the politics and marketing strategies of FAS or Kemper. I began following the FAS forum 7 months ago( just when I ordered my AXE FXII unit but still queing ..probably will receive an AXE 11 )and I was impressed by the nature of some the one about the fan noise (in which I was interested actually). Basically the guy who was mentioning the (noisy) problem ended up being told he needed a eardrums transplant or something similar on that line...Absolutely nothing wrong with the bloody fan! If I own a Ferrari I'm gonna say that Ferrari is better than Porsche (and actually it is!) . You're gonna be biased. You can't help it. And that's fair.However in my opinion the bias level on the FAS sometimes is so so over the top that some people are going to react in a certain way towards (maybe) you and other guys who post their noise in there . Probably Guitartone and others 'infaming the FAS FORUM' was told he needed a new set of eardrums or something on that line. There was an action somewhere and that action has been followed by a reaction.Easy like that (besides are you the only one named Scott in the States? ) This is the Other Gear section so would be good (at least for me) to know what you like about the AXE and what are your thoughts so far about the unit. That would be very much appreciated. But politics and other crap? No thanks man.That's my point of view at least. I'm now going to play is too short...

    I'm the opposite, I've had the KPA ordered since early June (before the Axe waiting list started) and received an AxeII in September. While I'm happy with the AxeII to the point I'm selling off other gear, I know I won't be satisfied until I give the KPA a chance and had both for long enough to see which one I plug into most, if not all, of the time. I don't care about realness or accuracy, my criteria is which one do I enjoy playing - when I wake up in the middle of the night, which one gets me out of bed to play. If it's both, I'll keep both.

    The announcement by FAS just makes me wan't both even more. I'll have a ring-side seat to the web-hype smack-down AND be able to evaluate and enjoy the technological advances myself.

    +1 on this!
    I would be interested to know in which department the Axe FXII (from a subjective point of view) complements the KPA (apart from yeah the effects but that's objective isn't it). I think a spoiled kid like me would enjoy (sex with) both the units, why not :) . So lucky bast!rds who own both of them let me know what you like of the AXE and what you like of the KPA (and also which position they perform better --just silly jokes had a tough day apologies if that offended anybody). Thank you very much!

    Anybody tried it straight into a PA? (mixer, speakers active or passive)

    I played the KPA through a pair of old worn out PA speakers as the rehearsal room near my place can offer just that.
    Had to slightly adjust the eq on the mixer (nothing on the KPA) and how to explain this's like dialling in a number on the phone basically. Once you got the right number you can speak whom you want to. Same here.Once I got my ideal settings it was like if I locked in a great tone through all the rigs I tried afterwars.I.e. not having to mess arouind with global mixer setting depending on the rig used. I mean all the above crap I've written can be summarised as 'Yes man I've tried the KPA through a bad PA but to me still sounded unbelievably goood.'