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    ??? ok, I think that I've probably completely misunderstood your post...??? What I meant is that is "nice" and not "funny" that here everybody is entitled to his own opinion with the respect from the other members.... I think I did misread your post.... ?(

    No you didn't misunderstand anything.It's just me being in a rude mood. Afterall I've been away for about 10 hours from my KPA. If I don't dose myself with some of it every few hours I get like that. That's the only real big issue with the unit and I wonder what the guys at Kemper have put in it to make the KPA so badly unprudently addictive :wacko: .

    thanks for the freud :D nice one!
    funny forum...i'm looking forward to coming back... one day.

    I would add to 'funny' the fact that in this forum everybody is entitled to his own opinions whether fellow users/non users like them or not . Nothing scientific about what I say so just stay relaxed!

    I would agree that if you just play with it without too much fiddling then yes the KPA is absolutely stable. For example at the moment tweaking the cab section might get you some problems.. (it's a known issue which will be sorted soon I believe).Hi own some other "hi end" hardware and I've never seen such a superior support (i.e. they are rapidly putting the FW in good shape by releasing several FW version and also their support is always prompt ). That's what makes me confident about this product. I played with it all Saturday and Sunday (unit on about 14 hours each day) and (without tweaking the cab section) I can say never had a single glitch. I'm happy with it and would never send it back. Even though there are minor bugs I still think it's the best purchase I've ever made for guitar and bass and I would with no problem bring it with me to a gig. Some people have what's called 'buyer's remorse' so after buying something (newly introduced) around this price range they would panick after a couple of weeks and decide to find a reason or more to send it back. Some of them would also try to persuade others to stay away from the product as that would reinforce their choice to renounce to the unit. That's obviously just my opinion.

    No problem man. I just wanted see/read info from a reliable source. Btw, my question came after reading reading the 1st post from the thread that indeed mentions IRs for the cab block, so it was not off topic at all, but anyway lets leave it there.

    :love: :love:

    So sorry to hear that my post has somehow misled you.All I did was to try to say that the KPA doesn't use IRs (was quite an hard task as you're difficult to convince). Besides if you haven't noticed yet the out of topic it's yours as this Thread is named... (well I guess you can read the title yourself ) .That's why replies don't go in your direction!They simply follow the Thread direction :P . I think someone else opened another post about whether the KPA uses IRs. Was that you by any chance??

    Bless you!!

    I don't get why you are glad. Are you protecting those secrets? :D . Anyway, could you give me the link to any of those threads where Kemper people say that? I tried using the search but it did not work for me. Thanks.

    Don't worry about why I'm glad. Besides I don't need to make any search for you since many people have already tried to explain to you that the KPA doesn't use IRs (I've tried to tell you this as well but no luck..). Also why you're getting so fossy about it? My KPA sounds great. Doesn't yours?Just play guitar with it!!Easy like that! Also some PC/MAc software will support your precious IRs so no need to panick about losing them!!Just Google..-- I don't mean to be rude or to lack of any respect for you're definitely so Persistent :cursing: !!

    Just trying to get an answer man :D !!! I really don't care about any secrets. I just want to know if I will be able to use my cab IRs or not at some point.

    I'm glad you don't care about any "secrets".Just play guitar man.About your IRs?In several threads it has been specified that the KPA does not use any of that!Save them and use them with "your other gear".Cheers now and have fun with the Kemper!!

    I wouldn't exclude the fact that in this (private) forum (specifically in this thread) there is someone that's trying to know few secrets. Why bother so much? If it works, if it sounds great who cares which originally-intelligent-revolutionary-great-mindblowing Idea Mr Kemper came up with ? I don't think how the engine of my car works when I'm driving . I just drive that's all.I bet the insistent guy must be stopping every 5 minutes with his car and disassembling the whole damn thing everytime.That's obviously just my personal opinion. I'm just enjoying the ride which is even better considering the passion for its customers this company has (just saying that so that Mr Kemper after reading those compliments will probably reveal to me the secrets ! -- Just KIDDING :D ).

    I have the same problem.The guys from Kemper have been able to replicate the problem and are now looking into it. I've received an email about that.

    --Nothing scientific from this side sowever what I've noticed is that the issue occurs whenever you select a Rig which has been profiled directly from the DI of the amp (i.e. no cab miking involved) and then you try to tweak its cab parameters. That's what I think it's happening to me at least...

    don´t know, but i think i´ll let the matter rest. tell me , if you find a better one

    Will surely do ;)

    Gallien Krueger bass amps were very well known for the fantastic speaker emulation incorporated in to the DI. Lots of pros have been gigging regularly without miking the cab anymore. Cannot try it now (no bass here, at rehearsal) but it should be good keeping the emulation..

    Didn't know that! Thanks for your precious input I really appreciate it :)

    i think the kemper response is quite low at the moment. it's all bug fixing... things that shouldn't be in the first place... we will see if any user inputs will be implemented

    What do you expect?The KPA has been launched not even a month ago! To be perfectly honest (and I don't mean to sound polemic or what so ever)I've always receive responsive feedback form their support.

    Thanks Armin and others for being the BETA testers for us USA people! ;) Make sure you guys find all the bugs and report to KPA, so we get the bug free USA versions.. when they finally arrive :)

    We're not beta testing it for you, we're just having (a lot of) fun with it (actually I know people are gigging all over the places with it already) .To be fair in the States people should get themself in a line on their knees and then after months of begging finally provided we can assess that afterall in some way you've behaved properly maybe then you could get one (but people from Europe will still have priority) :D
    --Heey I'm just joking!!You know... I've got a very bad sense of humour :thumbup: