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    I don't know if there is enough memory in the KPA to give us a long looper - but even a short one (20 seconds) would be fine to playback a loop and select profiles/tweak EQ's and so on without the need for external stuff.

    I guess there is a USB port on the back of the what if you plugged in an usb-stick and voila' your loops can be as long as you want.The length of a loop will be only limited by the size of your SD card....--hold on am I dreaming ?Time to go to bed .

    Are you too lazy to play?!? Just kidding now :D , but I would never tweak with a loop, the feeling under my fingers and in my guts is what fine tunes my patches...sorry, I mean rigs.. :thumbup:

    With longer loops you would have the potential to direct rr RRR rrr -sorry can't get it right .Ment to say you wake up one day you're feeling your strings with your teeth you're playing better than Hendrix (I feel them with my toes actually -but that's only because I can't play very well :P )
    --sorry ...and by chance you've got the best riff of your life. You touch a button and the KPA records directly to USB stick? You can let your teeth rolling through the neck for an even larger amount of time. I think that's called direct recording. Some manufacturer are already implementing it (RME). Obviously after that you might want to invite a bass player to play something on top of that. After that just import in your favourite DAW your freshly captured loops. No loss of inspiration. Not even a second.Hope all that will be called KPA one day. Thanks for reading all this...

    Feel embarassed to say so in here but I've placed just an SM57 on axis just looking at the cone of my cab. I was amused by the results..

    Basically that's what happened to me......I got the refining wrong... :love:
    I was playing with an ESP with EMG active pickups and during the profiling instead of playing the full spectrum of chords/strings I was just doing power chords.The result was quite scary...
    Tried to do some solo with the profiled version on my amp (ENGL Gigmaster 15 + its ENGL matched cab) and on the higher pitch strings the sound was weird, I would say not usable honestly far from being good (it sounded actually crap). That's surely because that was my first attempt to profiling and I had played only drop D power chords while refining.
    However...when I play power chords now... the sound it's just unbelievably massive .It's great and honestly I never could get or hear such an amazing scooped present scary metal grinding insane distorsion. Sincerely I don't know how to describe it.The word 'great' it's probably not enough. (by the way who said somewhere in some other forum that the Kemper sounds crap for metal tones??)
    So I was thinking that this refining tool being sensitive to what you play and which guitar you use is (maybe) more of a feature than a bug. Probably once you've profiled your amp you can make several refining and store them in different rigs and use them at your will .Just speculating though nothing scientific ...
    Will share the profile probably this weekend..
    Cheers now!

    Hi there,
    After you've finished profiling your amp/cab you have the option to refine the captured profile.
    Basically the KPA requires you to play on your guitar-bass and will do the its tricks in the background while you're playing.
    Now that's the question. Does what you play have an influence on the resulting profile ?
    So for instance playing big power chords will lead to a different profile than for example playing a solo instead?

    I second that. I assume that you have a guitar with rather low output pickup like a single coil. When you play trough your amp normally, the sound remains clean. But if the "clean sense" is set too low, the KPA will compensate for that when profiling and produce a profiling test signal that a considerably louder than the output of your guitar.

    Thanks for your answers. I've got a pair of EMG Humbuckers active pickups. So the output should be quite high .I've adjusted already the clean sense to avoid any possible distortion on clean sounds but that didn't help. Also I thought distorsion sense setting would affect distorted sound and not the clean one. I will have a go anyway next week-end and let you know if that does the trick..

    Thanks again

    Man you're getting so angry about it!

    I only thought you went a bit outside the main topic of this 'tips and tricks' section .I don't have any intention either to patronize anybody (you included) or to mislead the people of this forum about the history of TAR files. Manipulating the file system of the KPA in an non-tested way can be dangerous and I won't consider it as a topic for the 'tips and tricks' section. That's only my opinion. Nothing personal.

    If there is anything I said that offended you please do accept my apologies and also keep in mind that I never ment to do so.Sorry again!

    So maybe I was imprecise here: The tar-format was introduced as an archive format by Unix and later standardized by POSIX.1-1988 and POSIX.1-2001.

    Yes, I do that myself because I'm using Windows. But I guess that no OS knows from scratch that *.kpabackup files are tar files, does yours? DrTT

    Yes mine does. An experienced Unix user like you should know how that can be done under Windows. Frankly I suggest you to go and look on some other forum if you wish to discuss this further.Here we are Guitar Players with a passion for music and the KPA .Who cares about POSIX.1-1988 and POSIX.1-2001 after all ?

    Hi there,
    That's my problem.
    I plug my guitar into the Kemper. The direct out of the Kemper goes into my tube amp (clean channel). Now even if the gain setting on the tube amp wouldn't normally push the sound into distorsion it actually does.
    Result : What was supposed to be a profile of a clean sound is actually a profile of a considerably distorted sound (exactly as the one being pushed into th amp).
    There is a way of controlling the amount of signal gain sent from the KPA to the amp?
    Has anybody experienced the problem?
    I really hope the above makes sense.
    Thank you for you time

    the backup files seem to be Unix-tar-files (tarballs).
    E.g. tar -t xxx.kpabackup shows the list of all files in the xxx.kpabackup file.

    There isn't such a thing on earth as what you described being a "Unix-tar file" !! Besides if you really want know it Tar archives can be opened with any OS you want :P ! I really appreciate your good intentions but read quite few posts about not to mess with the internal files. This revolutionary unit is also based on the idea of sharing a profile . Hypotetically if you compromise your unit by putting your undisputed Unix skills at work the other users who have got your corrupted profiles will be screwed as well! That's why I think it's worthy to play safe and make good use of what Kemper have already provided us (the best thing I've ever plugged electric guitar to in the last 20 years )

    I didn't profile the bass... it was hoss. I guess it's DI.
    I profiled the EDEN (DI too) ... gonna upload it this evening (toaster is sitting in my car already).

    Well if it was Hoss' then 'Hoss thank you for your great Genz upload :D '.
    Can't wait to check out your Eden though the way any suggestion on the cabinet to be used for such DI-ed profiles?

    You said profiling an EDEN?My God please go ahead....I think will have a go with your Genz_Benz. BTW which mike do you use for profiling bass?
    Thank you