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    My wishlist feature few quality Bass amps profiles...(I know somebody has already shared a couple...)
    --Orange Bass Terror head (+ Isobaric bass cab)
    --Tc Electronic RH450
    --A Trace Elliot would be also sweet..

    Hi there,
    I'm not sure whether this can be achieved already with the (great) set of effects available in the Kemper.
    In my opinion would be good to have an LFO which can modulate pitch. This can then be used to create digital dive-bombs (--just to better explain my idea something like the Ibanez flanger airplane AF2 )
    Catch you later

    Hi there,

    In my opinion would be great to have an area to discuss about other gear owned by Kemper users.I think that would please gear-junkies (perhaps me?) and alike.
    I see this already implemented in other hi-end equipment forum (i.e. ELEKTRON for example) and I personally think that is a good idea.
    Also having this area would help organizing the forum's content a bit better by keeping discussions about the Kemper and other gear separated.

    If you would like to find out what a forum originally was please follow this link (probably not the first prototype) just in case you want to immediately fall asleep :D

    Catch you later